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Updated: March 2007
© Arthur Radburn

THIS is an alphabetical compilation of information about the South African honours system. It contains entries for the following:
  • each order, decoration, medal and emblem instituted by a South African government since 1894;
  • authorised post-nominal letters
  • each category of award, i.e. gallantry decorations, orders, merit decorations, campaign medals, commemorative medals, long service medals, and shooting medals;
  • each organisation which has issued awards, e.g. SA Defence Force, National Intelligence Service;
  • specific events which have generated ten or more decorations;
  • the first recipients (where I have been able to identify them) of orders and the higher-ranking decorations;
  • other information which I think may be of interest.

My sources of information are:

  • official warrants and regulations, as published in the Government Gazette;
  • general information acquired in the course of nearly thirty years interest in the subject;
  • published secondary sources:

    • Abbott PE & Tamplin JMR: British Gallantry Awards (1969);
    • Alexander EGM, Barron GK, Bateman AJ: South African Orders, Decorations and Medals (1985);
    • Monick, S: Awards of the South African Uniformed Public Services 1922-1987 (1988)
    • Monick, S: South African Civil Awards 1910-1990 (1990)
    • Monick, S: South African Military Awards 1912-1987 (1988)
    • Uys IS: Cross of Honour (1992)
    • Various articles in the Military Medal Society of South Africa Journal, and in Commando (later Paratus, then Salut, and now SA Soldier).

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