A few (a very few) of the 260 or so columns I wrote over a five and a half year period for the Dunedin Star Midweeker in the early 1990s.   I'm aiming to put them all online in due course, just for the record (since the DSM isn't likely to want to reprint them at any stage in the new future!)

Fourth Column and
      What constitutes a Taxman'sColumn
On Artists' responsibilities
      On Books One & Two or Graphology                   
On Beards or Clothes
On Dinosaurs
On Vicars and belief/doubt - and Nuns
On Exercise
On Being a Techno-Freak
Columns on Words and Word play:-
Cant is my Wont!
Flabbergastation, Generation X (and a
few other generations)
Large Bird Mangled with a Weapon
A short course in new Maori
A Bit Sinister

Index to the online project.  

And now some new off-the-cuff columns -

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