James Iha



Also: vocals, songwriting, (co-owns

Scratchie Records with D’arcy )

Born: 26th March 1968, Chicago, IL

Attended: Elk Grove Village High

School, Chicago, IL

Guitar used: Gibson, Marshall

Other instruments: trombone

Other projects: Starchildren,

Catherine, The Feds, Astro and the Go

Go Girls, Snake Train, James Iha (solo)

Other interests: Graphic design,

runway modeling (most recently at an

Anna Sui show)

Hairstyle: Mid Length, Black with white

strips at front.

Quirks: Intelligence, sarcasm, makeup

& fingernail polish, dog named Bugg


Musical tastes: Alternative Rock,Punk

Musical influences: Syd Barrett, Big

Star, Rolling Stones, Gram Parsons,

Neil Young, Morricone, and The Cure

Favorite musicians: Beatles, Pussy

Galore, Nirvana, Stooges, Queen,

Rolling Stones, Chainsaw Kittens, Red

Red Meat

Favorite albums: The Beatles "White

Album", Pussy Galore "Sugar Spit

Sharp", My Bloody Valentine "Isn't


Favorite singles: Courtney Love

"Highlights", Rolling Stones "Tumbling

Dice", The Byrds "Chestnut Mare", Sonic

Youth "Starpower"

Favorite songwriters: Kurt Cobain,Kevin

Shields/Belinda Butcher, Gram Parsons,

Neil Young,Lennon/McCartney

Marital status: unknown






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