Billy Corgan


Also writes, composes, arranges,

Produces, and mixes. 

Born: 17th March 1968 in Elk Grove,

Illinois Chicago  

Attended: Glenbard North

High School

Guitars used: Gibson ES 335

(for "Bullet"),

Gibson Hummingbird, Rigole

TTO, Fender Stratocaster.

Other instruments: Rhythm

Guitar, Bass

Guitar, Piano, Mellotron   

Other projects: The Marked,

(Pre Pumpkins) Starchildren,

Movie Soundtracks (Ransom),

Marilyn Manson

(Mechanical Animals, Hole (Celeberty Skin)

Hairstyle: Shaved head

Quirks: Intelligence, sarcasm,

perfectionism, tall, long fingers.

Previous Careers: Poet, Philosopher,

 Box Maker, Brick Layer, Worked

in Record Store,

Pizza Baking. Musical influences:

Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Pink Floyd 

Biggest Influences on Career :Pain,

violence, love. Favorite musicians:

My Bloody Valentine,

Chainsaw Kittens, Skunk,

Mercury Rev, Thin Lizzy, The Frogs ,

Nirvana, Cheap Trick, Ozzy Osborn

(Black Sabbath)

Favorite albums: Beatles "Rubber Soul",       

Black Sabbath "Master of Reality"

Favorite singles: The Sweet "Action",

Gene Clark "So You Say You've Lost Your

Baby", Santo & Johnny "Sleepwalk"

Favorite songwriters: David Bowie,

Marc Bolan, Phil Lynott , Kurt Cobain

Favorite films/TV ch shows: Citizen Kane,

8 1/2. "I don't watch television"

Marital status: Was Married to Chris

Fabian - Now Divorced










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