D'arcy Wretsky-Brown


Also: Background vocals, lead vocals,

co-owns Scratchie Records (with James


Born: 1st May 1968, Michigan

Guitar used: Fender P Bass

Other instruments: oboe, violin,

double bass

Other projects: Starchildren, Catherine

(See Discography Related Artists for

more info)

Hairstyle: Short, platinum-blonde

Quirks: Intelligence, sarcasm,

aggressiveness, red lipstick, doesn't

use last name

Musical Career: Classical violin and

oboe player

Musical tastes: Alternapop,

Rock Musical influences: "people i


Favorite musicians: Beatles, Pussy

Galore, Nirvana, Stooges, Queen,

Rolling Stones, Chainsaw Kittens, Red

Red Meat

Favorite albums: Beatles "White

Album", Jesus and Mary Chain "Psycho

Candy", Nirvana "Bleach"

Favorite single: Flaming Lips

"Everyone Wants To Live Forever"

Favorite songewriters: Billy Corgan,

Syd Barrett, Lennon/McCartney, Kurt


Favorite films/TV shows: Star Trek,

any bad b-movies up to the 70s.

Marital status: Married to Kerry Brown

(drummer for Catherine)


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