Act as a Noble in a Noble's Court
Family in Ta'Nalfein
A Lady's Guide to Servants
H'daina and Touh Daosh, Communications of the Court
Donning the Black, Elven Mourning
House Sovyn's Healing Etiquette Guide
How to Properly Court a Lady *
How to Insult With Style *
Song written for the Coven
An interview with Arianiss Winterfox
The Thirteen Col'amni
The Half-Elven Solution - Translation

Some Notes on Vrisca, my Grandmother
How I came to speak Faendryl
A Note on My Names
My Fortune, as Told by Carmelina
Profile for Sovyn, dated 5100

* indicates that research is still in progress and that the piece will be updated. Some of the others may be updated as well.

"The writings here that were created by me list no author. Use them as and where you wish for the advancement of knowledge for yourself and others, but put your name on any of mine and I will have to construe it as an act of war. If I include the writings of others their name will appear beside their work. Forgive the haphazard placing of some works, and the incompleteness of others. A few works in this library are just lying about so I will not forget where they are." ~ Viria

The Realms of Others:

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