Beyond the Farthest Star

Asuka's Star Trek : Voyager Fan-Fiction



"The Darkness has No Armor"
  • J&P : Tom confronts his demons after the brief encounter
    with his father (episode "Pathfinder") and finds a kindred
    spirit in his Captain
  • J/P : When Kathryn's sick of Romeo, she finds a
    friend in Paris
"Miracle in the Delta Quadrant"
  • J/P : Tom helps Kathryn find her faith again; a Christmas
    story featuring Erin Janeway, the Borg Baby
1, 2, 3, 4
  • J/P despite P/T: Tom has second thoughts about
    marrying B'Elanna
"For the Record"
  • J&P : a young Tom Paris helps Kathryn get thru her
    father's memorial service
"The Captain's Valentine"
  • J/P (C/T) : Tom's Valentine may go a little too far...


"I Love Somebody"
  • K&7, J/7 : Harry and Seven discuss her "match"
    with suprising results...did you ever love somebody?
"On a Clear Day You Can See Forever"
  • K/7 : Harry shares his special place with Seven
    via the holodeck
"If Only..."
  • K/K : Harry wishes he'd told Kes the truth before she left,
    not a story so much as a wish (much angst in few words)
"Sweet Dreams Series"
Part 1:
  • K/K : Harry's having trouble sleeping...
"The Night the Sky Fell Down"
  • C&T : a look into B'Elanna's heart; Chakotay helps
    an almost sequel to "The Darkness Has No Armor"


Kathryn is Lonely Series
Who can save Kathryn from herself?





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