fan fic by Asuka Jenius
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Author's Note : This was written in response to a challenge made to the JuPiter2Point1 Mailing List; to write a story that begins with the words "Kiss Me"....The Romeo and Juliet idea had been haunting me, but i needed those two words to get it going!


"Kiss me."

The boy was incorrigible. The day, which had started out with the Admiral's convenient emergency (convenient for him anyway, in one fell swoop he got out of his advisory meeting and sitting through the junior school's interminable performance of Romeo and Juliet), had gone better than it honestly should have. The kid was actually good company and the play wasn't that bad. But now she was being propositioned by a 12 year old. - and her Starfllet Advisor's son at that!


"Why not?" He actually had the audacity to look hurt and even a little surprised. What did he take her for?

"Because Mr. Paris I'm not in the habit of kissing young men when it's past their bedtimes."

"Ha! I bet you're not even ten years older than me." She simply glared at him. "Oh well, I guess you'll never know then."

Damn him! How did this kid get to her so easily? Her curiosity got the better of her, "Never know what?"

"If Romeo or Paris is the better kisser." He smiled, he knew he had her now...just had to reel her in.

"As I don't plan on kissing your little friend Romeo either I don't see what I could compare it to." This was leading somewhere and she'd learned already she had to think quickly with this one.

"I bet you already have."

"Tom! I am ten years older than you and I do not go around seducing little boys." Where did he get these ideas?

"Oh, maybe not this Romeo, but a Romeo. You're the type." She looked at him warily, but he knew, he had her.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know, you're the kind of girl who always falls for the wrong guy...the most impossible...the one who can't treat her right even if he does love her. You fall for the hero, never the good guy. And so you're always hurt. Always alone. You'll always be Juliet...and look what happened to her." He said every word very simply; the little Seducer was gone. She knew his trap had sprung with his words but somehow it didn't matter. Maybe because he was right. She hadn't had very many relationships in her young life but she had already developed a pattern and he had described it precisely.

"I guess I better steer clear of you then, huh? I don't think anyone could be more wrong for me." She said the words lightly, but a part of her was saddened. It was the absolute truth, but that little part of her was sorry; there was something about this boy. Something special.

"You're wrong, Kathryn. I'm not your Romeo. You'll see." And he leaned over and kissed her quickly before she could pull away.


"Captain? What are you doing up?" His voice startled her. For a moment she couldn't place who was there. She blinked away the tears that had been threatening to fall as she stared out at the streaking stars. Her Captain's Mask was in place before he reached her.

"I couldn't sleep, Tom. Sometimes it helps me to watch the stars."

"I remember."

"What?" He'd spoken so softly, she almost thought she'd mis-heard him.

"I remember." He said again. He held her gaze. He'd watched her a moment before he spoke and he knew she was in need of a friend. There had been a lot of pressure on the Captain lately and she didn't talk to anybody anymore, not even Chakotay or Tuvok. She isolated herself from everyone even as she tried to reach out to them. They were worried; he was worried. And he'd decided to try and do something about it. "You told me once. You probably don't remember, but my Dad somehow tricked you into going to my school play with me."

"Romeo and Juliet." She spoke so softly it was almost a whisper. But he heard, he smiled.

"Right. When we were walking home you said you thought the word "star-crossed" was funny because the stars made you feel better when you were troubled."

"I did?"

"Yes, you did." She hadn't noticed he was coming closer but now she could feel his breath as he spoke. It was like magic, she couldn't stop the tears from flowing. She tried to pull away but he wouldn't let her go; he pulled her to him and her resolve failed. She fell into his arms and let herself cry. Time seemed to come to a standstill as the Captain wept years of tears. When she had none left she pulled away; Kathryn found herself on the floor of the mess hall in the arms of her least likely savior.

"Don't worry, " he said, " I locked the door when I came in. I was hoping this would happen. You needed it." He let her go. She tried to collect herself and he waited, quietly.

Finally she spoke, "Tom, I - "she shook her head, "I...don't know what to say..."

"Shhh, you don't have to say anything. You can't be strong all the time. I promise I won't tell anyone. I just want you to promise you won't let yourself get to this point again. Okay?" He smiled his famous smile and she couldn't help but smile back.

"Okay." She looked down and began to brush away the remaining tears, but Tom stayed her hand and gently did it for her.

"'Poor Soul, your face is much abused with tears...'" He smiled at her questioning glance, "Count Paris to Juliet, Act 4 Scene 1. My favorite line. Everybody always wants to be Romeo, even me most of the time, but Paris...well, I'm probably biased but if Juliet had married him maybe the play would have a happier ending." He realized he was still holding her hand and moved to let her go, but she held on.

"Thank you, Tom. For being my Paris today."

"You're welcome, Kathryn." And he leaned over and kissed her, before she could pull away.




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