The brief history of Quorn, Iowa
found in "A Century of Memories, Kingsley, Iowa  1884 - 1994"
published by Miller Printing & Publishing, Odebolt, Iowa  ( currently out of Print )
On Septemer 18, 1880 the Close Brothers, recorded and platted the Village of Quorn.
It was their plan to buy many thousands of acres of virgin land, at least partly develope it and in turn sell it to settlers moving west.   The Village was buildt to make it conveniant for these buyers and to provide a location for their future real estate transactions. 

By 1882 it was a bustling frontier town of 300 - 400 persons.   It also was the location of many businesses. General Merchindise stores where owned by Gaspar Brothers, Rathburn & Ireland, and a Mr.Varner; Two Drug stores operated by Doctors Miller and Hipple; Also along a Main street there was a Blacksmith Shop, a Saloon, and at the end of main street along the banks of the West Fork Branch of the Little Sioux River the Heacock Brothers' Mill.   The town also provided a school, taught by Mrs. Sarah Twogood, nee Sarah Penney, and a Newspaper 'The Plymouth County Lynx", was published by Farnk Calhoun.  This growing community also had a Post office with one postmaster, and according to "A list if discountinued and Renamed Post Offices" by Guy Reed Ramsey, this postmaster was Christopher E. Ireland.

The Close brothers simple start grew into a exspectation more then they could of hoped for  but in order for this town to strive and grow further they had promised local businesses the railroad.  Why the railroad descided on Kingsley is not real known, but most widely excepted one is , though the Close Brothers would pay any amount and do anything to establish the rail line into Quorn, a quarrel or disagreement between the railroad and the brothers doomed the village if Quorn. And then Mr. Blair's fast move to buy land from the Smyths and quickly set up a Town ( Kingsley ) took the trumpet card away fron the Close Brothers.  With a loss of the promise many of the Businesses moved to Kingsley. 

The Heacock Brothers' Mill still operated and well as a few other businesses in Quorn. A road from Quorn to Kingsley was established and Quorn stayed a legal town of Plymouth County untill 1920. 

due to the protection of any possibly copyright , I have not  written this word for word from the book.
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I can not tell you about Quorn with out telling you briefly about the Close Brothers.

William and Fredrick Close.  Came to Iowa in 1876 on a tour provided by a Land speculator Daniel Paulin.   Mr Paulin told them and showed them how he became wealthy on buying virgin land, developing it by breaking the praire land, building a house and barn then suppling imigrates tools and starting seed , they worked the land and then when crop income  came in it was divided for rental dues.  This week long tour was enough to convience the Close brothers to invest money into farmland.

The first actual land Fredrick and William bought and developed was in Crawford County.  They made a 54% return on this investment and inturn bought more land with a rentel agreement of the Renter would supply the work, the horses and machinery and they would supply housing, and the seed to get started with. And when crops came in the income was divided equally.

Now Fredrick and William had two brothers still living in England , John and James Close who were both bankers and James didn't like his indoor job to well so he joined his brother in America  bringing with him a good sum of money to invest with, not only for himself but for his English friends.

Anyhow.... getting to the time they invested in what soon would be Quorn.   The Close Brothers  made there way to the Lemars area ( year ?? ) and began there search for good fertile land to buy  and develope.. 

Through out the Close brothers operations , with the exception of one, never took steps to plan or promote any towns. However in the autumn of 1880, James and Fred platted a town near there farm in southwestern part of Plymouth county the village of Quorn.

Quorn got it's name through Fred Close who enjoyed hunting in fox hunts in Quorn(don), Leicestershire, England during many holiday get aways. 

This story in the Kingsley Book, also gives how the Close brothers taught young men the ways of stock farming.  Folks called these pupils "Pups".  And they learned to drive cattle, plow and perforn every sort of farm labor.  At a end of a year, they were supposed to be educated to the ways of American farming and able to start up their own farm.  The Close brothers used the land located in section 24 of Elkhorn twp. which is now ( 1984 ) owned by Louis Hager.
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