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Boston Public Library                                                                                                  1988

          "One Hundred Works by Fifty Living Boston Artists"

Boston University Art Gallery                                                                                       1987

          "Illusion in Art: Perception, Description, Deception"

Newton Arts Center, Newton, MA                                                                                 1987

          "Teacher's Pets: Four Former Students of Henry Schwartz"

Brockton Art Museum, Brockton, MA                                                                           1987

          "Fifth Triennial"

Decorclova Museum, Lincoln, MA                                                                                1987

          "Drawings from Boston"

Portland Museum of Art, Portland, ME                                                                          1987

        "Skowhegan, A Ten Year Retrospective 1975-1985"

Leo Castelli, New York, NY                                                                                         1986

        "Skowhegan: A Ten Year Retrospective 1975-1985"

Symphony Hall, Boston                                                                                               1986

          "Henry Schwartz and Ken Beck"

The Esplanade Boston                                                                                                1984

          "14th Boston Arts Festival"

Gallery at the Piano Factory, Boston                                                                            1983

          "Three of Us: Beck, Browne and Hayes"

Boston University Art Gallery                                                                                       1981

          "Boston Artists: Works on Paper"

Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA                                                                            1981

          "Art of the State"

Boston Visual Artists Union                                                                                         1979

          "Drawing Now"






Bank of Boston

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Boston Public Library

Decordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

Fidelity Management and Research, Boston, MA

General Electric Company, Fairfield, CT

Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, F1

IDX Corporation, Cambridge MA

Pepsi‑Cola Company, Purchase, NY





Books, Catalogues, Prints



Ken Beck Official and Authentic: A Portfolio of 10 Lithographs.

Boston, January 1999.


The Art Connection Portfolio. 9 Artist's Lithographs with an Introduction by Lloyd Schwartz.

Boston 1998.


New American Paintings: February 1998. The Open Studios Press. Wellesley, MA.

Ken Beck‑A Retrospective of Drawings: Artist's Talk. The Boston Public Library and The Sun Hill Press



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