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Still Life Painting in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Karen Esielonis.

Boston. 1994


Ken Beck: Artist's Talk, 1994. Folder published by the Boston Public Library.


Approaches to Still Life: Maya Faber, Ken Beck, Anne Silber. America House. Munich, Germany. 1991


Ilusion in Art: Perception, Description, Ilusion. Arlette Klaric. Boston University Art Gallery. 1987.


Skowhegan: A Ten-Year Retrospective 1975-1985. Leo Castelli New York, Portland Museum of Art, Portland, Maine. 1986-1987.



Articles, Reviews



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                      Eggplant and Erotic Fruit -The Whimsy of Ken Beck," September 21,1994

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Pollock-Krasner Foundation: Artist's Grant                                                                              1991

Massachusetts Artists' Foundation Fellowship Competition in Painting: Finalist             1989

14th Boston Arts Festival: Highest Prize for Artistic Excellence                                           1985

Massachusetts Artists' Foundation Fellowship Competition in Painting: Finalist             1981








1990                                Boston Public Library: "The Drawings of Arthur Polonsky"

1990                                Newton Arts Center: "Art, Photography and Censorship:  

                                        The Photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe"


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