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1988-1991                        Newton Arts Center

                                       Faculty member in Visual Arts:

                                       - Advanced Painting from the Figure (2 semesters)

                                       - Drawing Workshop (3 semesters)

                                       - Advanced Studio Painting (4 semesters)

                                       - Studio Seminar for Working Artists (4 semesters)

                                       - One-week Workshop in Outdoor Landscape Painting



1984-1986                      Boston Architectural Center

                                       Freehand Drawing Workshop





Born: November 7, 1943. Educated Danvers, MA public schools. Began studying painting at age 12 with Francis Matsubara. Entered Peace Corps 1963 for two years in Philippine Islands (Elementary Education). Following B.A., worked as management consultant in organizational behavior and development at Arthur D. Little, Inc. with extensive experience in public and private sector organizations. Continuing study in Sensory Awareness Training with Charlotte Selver. Travel to Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, England & Mexico. Interests in motorcycling, cooking, skin diving, fashion. Languages: English, mediocre French, minimal Italian, negligible Greek.



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