Michel Thomas

Michel Thomas
February 3, 1914 - January 8, 2005

This site contains transcripts of Michel Thomas' popular audio language courses (see here for his official site).

There were courses in four languages - French, German, Spanish and Italian.  For each language, there were three courses: the 8-CD Basic edition for absolute beginners, followed by the 2-CD Builder edition and finally the 4-CD Advanced edition.  (The courses were also available on cassette.)

Here you will find approximate transcripts of the courses.  Michel often changed his mind in the middle of a translation, or adapted his sentences in response to his students.  The booklets that accompanied Michel's courses were wholly inadequate (except for the Builder courses, which were sold with full transcripts), so I decided to write some myself. I have found them useful, so maybe other people will, too.

Naturally, it would be foolish to study the language using these transcripts, without first buying the recordings.  However, you might find them useful for quickly revising what you have learned: with the "English only" pages, try to translate the English sentences into the target language, and then use the other page to check your answers.

English is my native language, and there are probably lots of spelling and grammar errors in the French, German, Spanish and Italian parts of my transcripts.  If you find an error, please tell me by signing my guestbook (view guestbook)

Attention Internet Explorer users! These are .xhtml files, and your browser may have trouble displaying them. Until I find a solution to this problem, you should use a better browser (such as the free Mozilla Firefox) to read the transcripts.

French Basic - French Basic (English only)
French Builder - French Builder (English only)
French Advanced - French Advanced (English only)

German Basic - German Basic (English only)
German Builder - German Builder (English only)
German Advanced - German Advanced (English only)

Spanish Basic - Spanish Basic (English only)
Spanish Builder - Spanish Builder (English only)
Spanish Advanced - Spanish Advanced (English only)

Italian Basic - Italian Basic (English only)
Italian Builder - Italian Builder (English only)
Italian Advanced - Italian Advanced (English only)

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