Lance Bass
Full Name: James Lance Bass
May 4, 1979
Birth Place:
Laurel, Mississippi
Mom-Diane, Dad-Jim, Sister-Stacy (23ish), Brother-in-Law-Ford
Eye Color:
  Green with a little bit of yellow
Hair Color:
Shoe Size:
5' 11"
Favorite Color:
  Candy apple red, and Royal Blue
Favorite Food:
  French toast and mexican
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Movie Stars:
Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Rosie O'Donnell, and Lucille Ball
Favorite Movie:
Clue and Armagedden
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Sport:
Favorite T.V. Shows:
I Love Lucy and Friends
Favorite Bands:
  Brian McKnight and Garth Brooks
Favorite Childhood Toy:
  A Mickey Mouse that he carried around untill he was five. 'Mik Mouse', as he called him, got lost once and Lance cried himself to sleep. But, don't worry, Mik Mouse  was found the next day and is still around. I think I'm going to cry.
Favorite Drink:
  Dr. Pepper
Favorite 'N Sync Song:
  "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You"
  The Quiet One, Scoop, and Lansten
What Kinda Car He Drives:
A Toyota 4-runner
What He Collects:   Pictures, old comics, stamps, antique guns, and knives
What He Looks For In A Girl:
A good girl, someone who is very innocent
Musical Influences:
Just about everyone
  Horse back riding and jet sking
Most People Are Suprised To Learn:
He has a beanie baby collection of about 60
How The Others Descride Him:
  Shy (Joey), Very prefessional (Chris), A businessman (Justin), All Bussiness (J.C.)
First Crush:
Bethany Dukes, they were girlfriend and boyfriend from age 5 to 8. She was also his first kiss.
Role Modles:
  His family
Most Embarrassing Moment:
"My most embarrassing moment was also my scariest- Joey and I went to a bullfight in Cancun, and I ended up having to fight a really big bull."
(We think he was trying to prove how macho he was.  It didn't work.)

If He Had Any Free Time He Would Spend It
: With his family
Most Daring Thing He Has Ever Done:
  Searched for a murder in a forest
Greatest Fear:
Things that buzz
If He Could Sing With Anyone It Would Be:
  LeAnn Rimes and Garth Brooks
What He Wanted To Be When He Was Little:
  Someone involved in the space program
First Job:
He dressed up as Poo-Fu the dog and promoted his books
First Pet:
Goldie the Cocker Spaniel when he was in the first grade
What He Would Want On A Desert Island:
"Do you have cable on the island? Can we take people? I would definitley take my family, my best friends and cable T.V.!"
Bad Habbits:
He bites his nails and says "Umm" and "Like" a lot
Best Family Vacation:
"We went to Perdido Key, which is near Pensacola FL, and hurricane Erin went through it. I was in the 9th grade, I think."
  The beach
  His hair
Best Thing About Being In The Band:
  Being on stage
Previous Credits:
He sang with the Mississippi Show Stoppers, a state wide touring group

Written By
  James Lance Bass, 22, from Laurel, Mississippi got his first taste of show business by joining the Mississippi Show Stoppers when he was in the 7th grade. "I always wanted to sing professionally." he confesses. After an orignal 'N Sync member left, the group needed a fifth singer. Lance heard about the oppening from a vocal coach he shared with Justin. After they, auditioned him it wasn't easy for Lance to join 'N Sync. He was a senior in high school and was looking foward to college because he wanted to become involved in the space program. Eventually he joined the group (Duhh!!), and  we're all glad he did!

Written By
This is Lance (of course), Dax ('N Sync's ex-keyboardest), and Lance's sister Stacy.
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