Justin Timberlake
Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake
January 31, 1981
Birth Place:
Memphis, Tennessee
Mom- Lynn Harless, Stepdad- Paul Harless, Dad- Randy Timberlake, Stepmom- Lisa Timberlake, Brothers- Jonathan Harless (7) and Steven Robert Timberlake (Born in August 1998)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Shoe Size:
12, 12 1/2, 13- Depends on the shoe
165 Lb.
A dog (Ozzie) and a cat (Alley)
Favorite Color:
Baby blue
Favorite Food:
Cereal (Apple Jacks) and pasta
Favorite Basketball Team:
North Carolina
Favorite Movie Stars:
Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt
Favorite Movie:
Scream, The Usual Suspects, and Tweleve Monkeys
Favorite Ride At Disney World:
Space Mountain
Favorite T.V. Shows:
Seinfeld and Friends
Favorite Snack Food:
Favorite Candy:
Runts and Sprees
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Sport:
The Favorites are getting kinda monnotonous, huh?

Favorite Author:
John Grisham
Favorite Animal:
A dog
Favorite Subjects In School:
Math and physics
Favorite Spice Girl:
Mel B. (Scary Spice)
Favorite Word:
Crunk (It means crazy)
Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream:
"Daiquiri ice cream from Baskin Robbins-that's my new favorite."
Favorite Modles:
Tyra Banks and Naomi Cambell
Favorite Bands:
Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, and Take 6
Favorite Childhood Toys:
Different guitars that he was always dragging around
Favorite 'N Sync Song:
"God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You"
His curly hair, fake people, and snakes
Best Physical Feature:
"My hair, because it is the feature that most people notice about me.  I guess I can't get rid of it, so I have to like it."
What Kinda Car He Drives:
A Mercedes M Class and a BMW Roadster among others.
Nicknames: Curly, Bounce, Mr. Smooth, and The Cute One
Musical Influences:
Brian McKnight and Take 6
If He Had Free Time He Would Spend It Doing:
"It depends, man. Lately, quiet evenings at home because I'm tired; but normaly night on the town because I like to PAR-TAY!"
Singing, dancing, playing basketball, shopping, playing video games, and watching the Orlando Magic
First Crush:
His uncle's girlfriend
Best Gift From A Fan:
"Ya know what's cool?  When they send us videos where they're dancing to our music or mimicking us, acting like us."
Most People Are Suprised To Learn:
He is the youngest of the group
Is His Alarm Clock Set To Beep Or Play Music:
What He Looks For In A Girl:
Cofidence and a sence of humor
Beeper Or Cell Phone:
He has a cell phone with caller I.D.
How The Others Describe Him:
Athletic (Joey and Chris), Really well rounded (J.C.), and Sporty (Lance)
Role Modles:
His parents and Micheal Jordan
Most Daring Thing He Has Ever Done:
Bungee Jumped
What Makes Him Blush:
Greatest Fear:
Dying unloved
What He Would Want On A Desert Insland:
"Music, those new Oreo O's cereal and the milk to eat it with, plus utensils."
Best Family Vacation:
"Christmastime is always the best vacation time. My family and I always spend that time together, and this year we went skiing."
Bad Habbits:
Burping and constantly clearing his throat
Worst Thing He Has Ever Done:
Lied to his mom
Most Embarrissing Moment:
When he broke his thumb on stage
Boxers Or Breifs:
Boxers (White Tommy Hilfigers)
Dislikes About Girls:
Mood swings
First Pet:
A mutt named Scooter
Previous Credits:
He sang and acted on the Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 untill 1995

Written By
   Justin Randall Timberlake, 20, claims Memphis, Tennessee as his home town.  His first time in the spotlight (besides singing in church and preforming at local talent shows) was when he preformed on Star Search when he was 11.  Later when he was 12 he won a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club.  Now Justin looks back on that as his careers jumping off point.  After meeting J.C. thru MMC and getting a call from Chris and being introduced to Joey, Justin got Lance's phone number from their vocal coach.  Now Justin is the favorite member of today's hottest group.

Written By
We think this is one of Justin's brothers, Jonathan.
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