Joey Fatone
Full Name: Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr.
  January 28, 1977
Birth Place:
  Brooklyn, NY
  Mom- Phyllis, Dad- Joe, Sister- Janine (28), Brother- Steven (25)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Shoe Size:
  175 Lb.
Favorite Childhood Toy:
  A red, white, and blue monkey
Favorite Candy:
  Gum(Big Red) and Whatchamacallits
Favortie Place:
  South Africa
Favorite Bands:
  Boyz ll Men
Favorite Drink:
Favorite Movie Stars:
  Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster
Favorite Movie:
  Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
Favorite Book:
Favortie T.V. Show:
  South Park
Favorite Color:
  Purple and Red
Favorite Food:
  Anything Italian
Favorite Class In School:
Favorite Word:
  "Burrtt!!!!" (For no reason at all)
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Spice Girl:
  Geri (Ginger Spice)
Favorite 'N Sync Song:
"I Want You Back"
Best Childhood Memory:
  Going to Disney World for the first time
How He Describes Himself:
  Happy, outgoing, and silly
Bad Habit:
  Biting his nails
First Job:
At Universal Studios
What Kinda Car He Drives:
  An Acura SLX
What He Would Want On A Desert Island: "That's hard! I would take my C.D. player, and a bunch of C.D.'s , and a boat so I can leave the island when I get bord."
  Party animal, Phat one, and The Wise One
Superman things
How The Others Describe Him:
  A clown (Chris), A womanizer (Justin), A big flirt (J.C. and Lance)
What He Looks For In A Girl:
First Pet:
"I've only had little birds. I had a finch and called it Finchy."
Best Family Vacation:
  "The first time I ever came to Florida. My father worked for the airlines, and he had us to come out and check out the plain. We didn't ever know they'd packed our clothes-we were actually going to Florida, to Disney World, and we were so excited."
Role Modles:
His parents
Most Embarrassing Moment:
  "When I was younger, I was backing out of a movie theater door, and I had popcorn in my hand, and I walked backwards and I fell and all the popcorn fell on top of me. Everybody laughed."
First Crush:
  "I was very young- I was always hitting on girls. It was this girl named Jenny. I still talk to her."
What Makes Him Blush:
  Being flatered
If He Could Sing With Anyone It Would Be:
  Janet Jackson
Best Physical Feature:
  "My nose-because it;s big and I can smell a lot."
Musical Influences:
  Boyz ll Men, and Franky Lymon and the Teenagers
Watching movies, dancing, and flirting
Best Gift From A Fan:
  Lots Of Superman Things
  Fake people
If He Had Any Free Time He Would Spend If Doing:
Sleeping, going to the movies or a club and hanging out with his friends
Best Thing About Being In The Group:
Previous Credits:
He Appeared in the movies Once Upon A Time In America and Matinee. He also guest stared on Sea Quest DSV. And he appeared in the Beetle Juice Graveyard Show at Universal Studios.

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Joseph Anthony Fatone, Jr, 24, was born in Brooklyn, New York  and lived there untill he was about 13 when his family moved to Orlando, Florida. Once in Florida this superman freak found he had some theatrical talent and started winning small parts in movies like Once Upon A Time In America and Matinee, he even got a guest staring role on Sea Quest DSV. After getting a job at Universal Studios staring in the Beetle Juice Graveyard Show he met future 'N Syncer Chris, who was also working there at the time. The two got together and "hit it off great!"

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This is Joey's brother, Steven.
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