J.C. Chasez
Full Name:Joshua Scott Chasez
  August 8, 1976
Birth Place:
  Bowie, Maryland
  Mom-Karen, Dad- Roy, Sister- Heather (23), Brother- Tyler (20)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
  5' 9"
Shoe Size:
  151 Lb.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Food:
Favorite Author:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Team:
  Washington Redskins
Favorite Snack Food:
Tostitos with cheese dip
Favorite Movie Stars:
  Meg Ryan and Harrison Ford
Favorite Movies:
  Star Wars and Indiana Jones
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite 'N Sync Song:
  It changes for day to day
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Spice Girl:
  Mel B. (Scary Spice)
Favorite Bands:
  Brian McKnight, Seal, and Sting
Favorite Childhood Toy:
  Legos and a Raggedy Andy that his grandma made him
What Kinda Car He Drives:
A black Jeep Cherokee
Nicknames:   J.C., Mr. Serious, Mr. Casual, and The Quiet One
Hard Rock Cafe Menus
What He Would Want On A Desert Island:
  "Food, water, a boat with a good navagational system and a lot of gas to get me where I needed to go."
Biggest Mistake:
  Walking on a floor that had just been finished
If He Could Sing With Anyone It Would Be:
Janet Jackson
Musical Influences:
What He Would Do If He Had Any Free Time:
  Spend a quiet evening at home
How The Others Describe Him:
Quiet (Joey), Sensitive (Chirs), Sleepy (Justin), Serious (Lance)
Is His Alarm Clock Set To Beep Or Play Music:
Beep because he will not wake up to music
First Crush:
  Princess Leia from Star Wars
Best Gift From A Fan:
A 15 page poem
Best Family Vacation:
"Summer vacations were always the best for me,because we always did wild and crazy road trips. We were like the Griswalds from National Lampoon's Family Vacation. We would drive anywhere."
Most People Are Suprised To Learn:
He's full of energy even thought he loves to sleep
Most Embarrassing Moment:
"My pants' zipper was open during a show in Switzerland."
What He Looks For In A Girl:
  Cofidence, patience, honesty, and sincerity
Role Modles:
His parents
First Pet:
A dog named Grits
Most Daring Thing He Has Ever Done:
  He jumped off a 2 story buliding
What Makes Him Blush:
  It would take a lot
Worst Quality:
  He procrastinates
Greatest Fear:
  Singing, dancing, writing music, anyting that keeps him in shape, and watching movies
Best Physical Feature:
"I like the fact that I'm skinny, because I can wear a lot of different styles of clothing."
Best Thing About Being In The Band:
  Friendship- Having people around when you are lonley
If He Could Chang One Thing About Himself It Would Be:
  His stubborness
Previous Credits:
He sang and acted on The Mickey Mouse Club from 1991 untill 1995

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Joshua Scott Chasez, 25, from Bowie, Maryland (outside of Wshsington D.C) grew up like any kid untill he won a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1991. When he was 13 he moved to Orlando, Florida. Co-Starring on MMC convinced him that preforming was where his heart was. Two years latter he and Justin hooked up on the set of MMC where they preformed for 2 more years. J.C. and Justin's castmates went to High School with Joey and the three got together and became good friends. After the show was cancled in 1995 'N Sync was formed.

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