Chris Kirkpatrick
Full Name:Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick
  October 17, 1971
Birth Place:
Clarion, PA
  Mom--Beverly Eustice, Half-sisters--Molly (27), Kate (25), Emily (19), Taylor (8)
Shoe Size:
  7 1/2
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
A dog named Bust
What Kinda Car He Drives:"I just bought some new rollerblades!"
Favorite Color:   Silver
Favorite Food:
  Tacos and pizza
Favorite Movie Stars:
  Audrey Hepburn, Mel Gibson, Adam Sandler, Jakie Chan, and Bruce Lee
Favorite Snack Food:
Doritos with cheese dip
Favorite Movie:
Mad Max and Beyond The Thunderdome
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Spice Girl:
  Victoria (Posh Spice)
Favorite Drink:
  Orange Juice
Favorite Word:
Favorite T.V. Shows:
  The Simpsons, South Park, and any other cartoons
Favorite 'N Sync Song:
"Giddy Up"
Favorite Childhood Toy:
  His collection of teddy bears
Favorite Bands:
  Busta Rhymes and The Beastie Boys
Musical Influences:
Boyz ll Men and Az Yet
  Lucky, Crazy, and The Funny One
Role Modles:
  His Parents and Jesus
Best Gift From A Fan:
  Two original Bruce Lee autographs
How The Others Describe Him:
A clown (Joey), Psyco (Justin), Crazy (J.C.), Wild (Lance)
If He Could Change One Thing About Himself It Would Be:
  His bad work habits
What He Looks For In A Girl:
  A great personality
If He Had Any Free Time He Would Spend It Doing:
  Prank calling his friends
Most People Are Suprised To Learn:
He wears glasses
If He Could Sing With Anyone It Would Be:
  Busta Rhymes
Best Physical Feature:
  "My feet! They're so small and I don't have to worry about huge feet."
First Pet:
A dog named Lisa
Writting, in-line skating, street hockey, surfing, and playing football
First Crush:
  Kelly in the 6th grade
  Broccoli and his short attention span
Most Embarrassing Moment:
" I got busted pretty hard skating when we were in Sweden, and that was embarrassing. I was flying down these steps, and the guy at the bottom takling my picture didn't get out of my way."
What He Would Want On A Desert Island:
  Lots of books, a surfboard if there's waves and the guys.
  Beaches, writting and listning to music
Best Family Vacation:
  " We never went on vacation because we were too poor. A family vacation for us was leaving town and going to the mall. Woohoo, vacation."
Bad Habits:
  He bites his nails
Extra Info:
  He went to high school with BSB member Howie Dorough
Previous Credit:
  He sang with the Hollywood Hightones, a 50's doo-wop group at Untiersal Studios Theme Park

Written By
Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick, 30, was born in Clarion, PA and loved to sing. "My mom said I could sing before I could talk." says Chris. After graduation from high school he decided to go to colege at Orlando's Rollins College. While attending Rollin's Chris got a job at Universal Studios theme park singing with a 50's doo-wop group. That's where he met Joey, who was also working there. "I used to sing in coffee shops and stuff and I decided to take it real seriously and do this for a living." he explains."So I called up a few of my friends. These are the guys that took it seriously."
Written By Blondie
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Justin, Joey, Lance, J.C.
This is one of his sisters, Taylor.
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