Graduates from the Technical University of Wrocław (Poland)
Mechanical Engineering Department, year 1970
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21 February 2016

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Stanisław Bania

Zdzisław Bańkowski

Edward Barzycki

Wiesław Bereś

Zbigniew Bieńkowski

Roman Boesche

Andrzej Boguski

Janusz Bondyra

Bożena Brzozowska

Józef Chabiński

Halina (Chlebosz) Szaro

Krzysztof Chodacki

Józef Choroba

Mieczysław Cisło

Jan Ciejka

Bernard Dudek

Edward Dzidowki

Janusz Dziuk

Waldemar Dziurzyński

Tadeusz Dzułyński

Jan Filar

Zbigniew Bieńkowski

Waldemar Garbarczyk

Andrzej Golenko

Henryk Górgól

Witold Grygowicz

Marian Grzegorek

Adam Grzeszczuk

Roman Hajów

Bogdan Helka

Jerzy Hołdyk

Witold Imiołczyk

Wieslaw Jabłoński

Edward Jakubiszyn

Ryszard Janicki

Krzysztof Janik

Jacek Jantura

Jerzy Jędrzejowski

Stanisław Kaczmarczyk

Wiesław Kamiński

Jerzy Kapelusz

Władysław Kapusta

Jerzy Kawecki

Jan Kolenda

Aleksander Komorowski

Fryderyk Koryciarz

Zygmunt Koszyczarek

Andrzej Kowalczyk

Janusz Krassowski

Andrzej Kruszyna

Jan Krystian

Marian Kucharczyk

Janusz Kwasecki

Tadeusz Łosik

Ryszard Łukasiewicz

Stanisław Masły

Czesław Medyński

Stanisław Mendelowski

Kazimierz Miernicki

Jerzy Michalak

Mieczysław Michalczuk

Leszek Mozyrko

Janusz Mstowski

Romuald Niedziela

Borysław Niemcewicz

Aleksander Nowak

Janusz Dziuk

Jan Pająk

Zbigniew Pasławski

Andrzej Patocki

Tadeusz Patycki

Wiktor Piechociński

Józef Pielorz

Maria (Pogost) Fox

Mirosław Płucisz

Chrystian Prorok

Stanisław Przeworek

Witold Przybyszewski

Marek Przygodzki

Grażyna Rataj

Janusz Rudy

Maciej Rusin

Janusz Rutański

Zbigniew Sadowski

Bogdan Ściszek

Jan Stańczyk

Jan Stefaniuk

Waldemar Świątkowski

Jerzy Szczerbina

Mieczysław Szeremeta

Janusz Szymkowski

Grzegorz Średziński

Wiesław Światoniewski

Marek Wachałowicz

Witold Wacowski

Zenon Wartanowicz

Jerzy Winnicki

Tadeusz Wolski

Julian Zając

Jan Zakrzewski

Andrzej Zbyryt

Andrzej Zielniewicz

Wojciech Złotkowski

Mieczysław Zwoliński

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Welcome to the web page of the year 1970 graduates from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Technical University of Wrocław, Poland. The intention of this web page is to create an information "bridge" which is to link us together again, in spite of the physical distance and time which tries to separate us. As such, this web page presents everything that links us together, means common aspects of our fates, intentions and goals. It also provides basic contact details which allow to inform mutually each other about the most vital matters, and enable to undertake common actions.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. Instead of preface:

       Dear colleagues. As usually is in life, with the elapse of time the distance between us seems to deepen. A time to do something about that. A best in my opinion manner of regaining the link between us, is to prepare the web page for our year of study. This web page is the first step in the direction of realising that intention. (Principles of formulating it are explained near the end - after the list of participants of our year of study.)
* * *
       Although the life of each one of us may look "ordinary", in fact together we represent over 6000 years of human history. After all, we were born over 60 years ago, in turn together are over 100 of us. So this web page is NOT just our personal link, and the curiosity for our friends and close members of family, but also the reflection of everyday history of the last half of century of our planet. Thus, it has not only emotional and personal significance for us, but it also is a scientific and historical document. Perhaps in the future it becomes a subject of scientific studies and the model for others. After all, it shows fate of a significant group of people, who were linked by the brotherhood of common withstanding of very difficult studies for the duration of 6 years.
* * *
       After the extremely difficult entry examination, in which around 12 candidates competed for every sit on our year, on 1 October 1964 we started the study on our then first year of the Mechanical Engineering Department from the Technical University located in the beautiful city of Wrocław. Most of us had then only 18 years of age. At the beginning were around 360 of us. Out of that number, until the time of finishing our studies 6 years later, the great majority of us was lost on the way, so that only 106 of us finished the studies. Below in "part #D" is provided the list of graduates of our year, and briefly described fates for all these amongst us that wished to enrich this web page. In turn more detailed descriptions, and also photographs which show appearance of some amongst us, can be viewed after clicking on names of given colleague from our year. (Notice however, that only colleagues which in "Menu 1" are marked with white letters, provided so-far photographs for presenting on their personal web pages with autobiographical notes.)

#A2. This web page is unique on the world's scale:

       From the so-called "feedback" which I receive in the matter of this web page of our year of graduates (i.e. the year of graduates born in 1946, or earlier) from the Technical University of Wrocław, Poland, stems that this web page is very unique - on the world's scale. The point is, that people born in our year (i.e. 1946, or earlier) still belong to the generation of humans which has NOT get to like computers. After all, computers were NOT popular (yet) in times of our studies. Thus, amongst our generation it is an extremely rare skill that someone knows the programming of computers well enough, to be able to program a web page for his or her year of graduates (even if someone knows enough programming - then usually is too preoccupied with making money to also waste time on making web pages for his own colleagues from studies or from high school). In this way neither our year of study, nor years which preceded us, do NOT have their own web pages - and this is the case in practically the entire present world. No wonder that this web page of our year of studies has a relatively many readers. Of course, this also means, that all graduates described and shown on this web page of our year of studies, gradually become the "world famous" and kinds of international celebrities.
       If the reader do NOT believe in this my accidental discovery that this web page is very unique – on the world's scale, then herewith I am challenging him or her to prove that I am in error, and to indicate for me an address of some other web page of university graduates from our year of birth, means graduates of some university who were born NOT later that in the year 1946.

Part #B: Reunions of students from our year:


#B1. The 1st reunion in 1980:

       The first reunion of our year of study took place 10 years after we finished the University. It was organised at the Technical University of Wrocław, in summer of 1980.

#B1.1. Our group photograph from the reunion in 1980:

       Our young appearance, and also our recently discovered group photographs, are presented on old photographs shown in a separate web page (in Polish only) named pw.htm - Our Year. In order to shift to that other web page it suffices to just click on the green link or to run it from the "Menu 1". But in order to remind here ourselves, how we used to look-like during our first reunion in 1980, below I am reproducing our group photograph from that reunion number 1 (this photograph is also reproduced and discussed on the web page pw.htm - Our Year).

Photograph 1 (courtesy Andrzej Kruszyna): Here is a significant proportion of participants of our year of study during the first reunion in 1980. How young and optimistically we then were looking. Because this photograph requires descriptions, I decided to stretch my slightly rusted memory and assign names to subsequent faces. In order to make easier for others to follow and to update this my imperfect description, to every person from this photograph I assigned a number in the order of writing - means row by row, from left to right. On the separate photograph marked "who is who" I assigned numbers to each face. Persons which I did NOT manage to recognise I marked with ? (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged or to shift it in another area of the screen.)
(I am appealing here to all colleagues for sending me names of persons which are marked with ? (yet unidentified) in the list below. In order to facilitate the updates, please sent me the names together with the numbers which are assigned to them on the list below, or with names of their neighbours which stand most close to them.) Here is our group photograph from that reunion, while just below it is provided the list of members of our year of study, which with our joined effort we managed to identify so-far:

Zdjecie 1.

Shown on this photogaph are: 1. Jan Krystian, 2. Bożena Brzozowska, 3. Andrzej Boguski, 4. Kazimierz Miernicki, 5. Borysław Niemcewicz, 6. Czesław Medyński (?), 7. Leszek Mozyrko, 8. Maria Pogost (Mara Fox), 9. Julian Zając, 10. Bogdan Hełka, 11. Tadeusz Łosik, 12. Jan Chodacki, 13. Tadeusz Wolski, 14. Prof. Pieczonka. 15. Andrzej Golenko (i.e. standing at the end on the right side, below Wiesiek Jabłoński, above - Prof. Pieczonka), 16. Janusz Rudy (behind Prof. Zakrzewski - in white jacket), 17. Jan Ciejka, 18. Marek Przygodzki ("millimeter), 19. Andrzej Patocki, 20. Jerzy Szczerbina, 21. Janusz Bondyra, 22. Stanisław Bania (Banerski), 23. Janusz Krassowski, 24. Grzegorz Średziński, 25. Ryszard Łukasiewicz, 26. Romuald Niedziela, 27. Bernard Dudek, 28. Stanisław Mendelowski, 29. Wiesław Jabłoński, 30. The Mentor of our year, Prof. Jan Zakrzewski, 31. Andrzej Kruszyna, 32. Fryderyk Koryciarz, 33. Wieslaw Bereś, 34. Stanisław Przeworek, 35. Józef Chabiński, 36. Józef Pielorz, 37. Mieczysław Cisło, 38. Stanisław Kaczmarczyk, 39. Chrystian Prorok - this standing behind (48), 40. Janusz Szymkowski, 41. Jan Stańczyk, 42. Grażyna Rataj, 43. Our dean at that time, Prof. Hawrylak, 44. Halina Chlebosz, 45. Jan Pająk, 46. Edward Barzycki, 47. The daughter of Marek Wahałowicz, 48. Marek Wachałowicz.
* * *
Notice: in order to remind ourselves "who is who" on the above photograph, it is enough to click on the button below which provides numbers from the above list to subsequent persons on the photograph:
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.
       If one wishes to shift a given Figure (i.e. a photograph or a drawing) - means if one wishes to move this Figure into another part of the screen where e.g. a description of it is located, and when simultaneously one wishes to reduce or reconfigure the separate window in which this illustration is to appear, then one needs to do as follows: (1) make the photograph to appear in another (new) window, by either clicking on it, or by clicking on the following (green) button of the link to this photograph
(2) If the reader clicked on the photo itself - make sure that this new window is set for capability to be reconfigured and shifting along the screen (for this one needs to have a look at the middle square out of the three squares present in the top-right corner of the screen - this middle square should contain inside just a single screen-icon, so if there are two such screen-icons inside of it, then one needs to click on them to turn them into a single screen-icon), (3) the "downsize" or "reconfigure" this another new window (with a given illustration) through "grabbing" its right-bottom corner with the mouse and then dragging this corner upwards-left to receive the required size and configuration of this different new window (notice that since this new window is downsized or reconfigured, then it is to stay this way for all next Figures being clicked - unless one enlarges or reconfigures the window again), and then (4) drag this another new window with the Figure that one wishes to relocate, to the area of the web page where one wishes to look at it e.g. because there is a description related to it (to move the new window with a Figure, one needs to just grab it with the mouse by the blue stripe on the top of it and then drag it to the required place). Notice also that if one scrolls (with scroll-bars) the text of a page when one reads it, this another window (with the illustration) is going to disappear. In order to return it into the new position on the screen, one needs to click on its "icon" (i.e. on the "program's button" from the taskbar) in the lowest part of the screen.

#B2. The second reunion of September 1995, on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of the Technical University of Wrocław:

       The second reunion of our year took place in September 1995, means 25 years after we finished our university, and simultaneously on the occasion of 50th Anniversary of the Technical University of Wrocław. The group photograph from that second reunion was made available by Andrzej Kruszyna and is shown below as "Photograph 2":

Zdjecie 2.

Photograph 2 (courtesy Andrzej Kruszyna). Participants of the second reunion of graduates of the year 1970 from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Technical University of Wrocław, Poland.
Here is the list of persons present on this photograph:
[The first row] - the closest to camera lens: (1-1) Janusz Szymkowski, (1-2) Edward Jakubiszyn, (1-3) Bożena Brzozowska (Ciałkowska), (1-4) Prof. Jan Koh, (1-5) Andrzej Boguski?, (1-6) ..., (1-7) Stanisław Bania (Banerski)?.
[the second row] - the closest to the entrance to old building of I-24: (2-1) Kazimierz Miernicki?, (2-2) Andrzej Kruszyna, (2-3) ..., (2-4) ... .

#B3. The third reunion, 22-23 May 2010, on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of our completion of studies:

       The third reunion of our year took place on Saturday and Sunday, 22 and 23 May 2010, means in 40 years after the end of our studies. The summary from that reunion is provided below.

#B3.1. The summary of the 3rd reunion in 2010:

3rd Reunion of 1970 Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Technical University of Wrocław,
Duszniki-Zdrój 22 and 23 May 2010
The proposal of organising 3rd reunion of 1970 graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Technical University of Wrocław, was developed by one of our colleagues, Aleksander Komorowski. The proposal was published on this internet web page together with the initial program of the reunion. Soon after the publication of this proposal, the search for contacts with colleagues was initiated. Very useful turned out the web page developed by our colleague, Jan Pająk, living currently in New Zealand, that provided telephone numbers and email addresses.

It should be admitted that during searches for contacts very active turned out to be: Maria Pogost (Mara Fox) that lives in the USA, Jan Kolenda living in Wałbrzych, Grzegorz Średziński living in Duszniki-Zdrój, Andrzej Kruszyna living in Radom, and the initiator of the reunion, Aleksander Komorowski living in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. After the initial acceptance of the reunion by colleagues, the Organising Committee (read the "self-created committee") was formed, the body of which included: Grzegorz Średziński, Jan Kolenda, Zdzisław Bańkowski, and Aleksander Komorowski.

After determining all details of the reunion, invitations were send to potential participation of this gathering. At some stage it appeared that perhaps colleagues living in the USA and Canada may not make it, because of the long-term eruption of one of volcanoes in Iceland. Another obstacle was the flood, which affected the south-west part of Poland. But the links tied up during our studies turned out to be stronger. In the reunion participated 50 people. Missing was Stanisław Dzidowski whom the flood in Wrocław endangered the flat.

The program of the reunion was as follows:

Saturday, 22.05.2010:
12,00 - 15,00 * arrival of participants of the reunion, greeting of arriving participants, accommodation of participants in the hotel.
15,15 * gathering of interested participants of the 3rd reunion and drive in a bus to a holy mass in the intention of participants of the reunion and dead colleagues.
17,30 * inauguration of the 3rd reunion "Duszniki-Zdrój 2010”.
19,00 * taking a common photograph of all participants of the reunion.
20,00 * starting of the banquet.

Sunday, 23.05.2010:
9,00 - 10,00 * breakfast together, giving the diplomas, discussion, voting the common conclusions by the participants.
10,00 - 14,00 * meetings in smaller topic groups, shooting at the shooting range.
14,00 * reunion dinner and closing the reunion.

The identification of arriving colleagues and invited guests was very funny and humorous, because sometimes after greeting, we had a problem who was who, as the participants hide their name tags, which were given to arriving participants by two nice grand-daughters of Grzegorz Średziński. Everyone also received a program of the reunion and the list of participants with numbers of rooms and telephone numbers.

Around 15:00 almost in a complete we drove in a bus to the centre of Duszniki onto the holy mass in the intention of participants of the reunion and dead colleagues. One need to admit, that the mass was celebrated by a young priest and the homily was exceptionally to the point for us. After the holy mass we took photographs of the group participating in the mass in front of the altar. Then in a bus we arrived to the hotel where soon the reunion was officially initiated. At the beginning every female colleague and every accompanying female received a red rose.

The introductory speech for the participants was given by Grzegorz Średziński and the initiator of the reunion, Aleksander Komorowski. Then Ryszard Łukasiewicz read the message from Jan Pająk of New Zealand to the participants of the reunion. Its content was listened with a visible emotions. Then every participants had a short speech, chaired by Zdzisław Bańkowski. Subsequent speeches supposed to last 1 minute, and in this duration participants supposed to describe what happened during the last 40 years. It was a difficult task but not impossible for graduates of our years of study. Sometimes, however, the chair needed to discipline with a bell the talkative colleagues.

Soon after 19:00 appeared the ordered photographer who took the group photograph of all participants. In turn after 2 next hours everyone of us had in hands a ready photograph.

At 20:00, after preparing the hall and the musical band, the banquet was started. The banquet was cool. Frequently events were recalled that took place during our studies, i.e. in years 1964-1970. Aleksander Komorowski read the content of declarations of participants of the 3rd reunion "Duszniki-Zdrój 2010” which the gathered accepted, namely:
We declare to:
• at least once a year recall the time of that reunion spend nicely together,
• arrive to next reunions, if the health and funds will be sufficient,
• maintain contacts between ourselves,
• carry out efforts to make contacts with colleagues NOT present on this reunion and cause that they enrich next gatherings,
• nicely recall interesting and true moments from our studies and pass descriptions of these to others.

It should be mentioned, that the course of the banguet was enriched by demonstrations of colleagues, especially indicated should be songs of Janusz Rutański and Jerzy Szczerbina, who played on accordion and sang. All participants of the reunion received song books published by the Technical University of Wrocław, which facilitated group singing, and also received stamps issued by this university. The ball finished around 3 am the next day, and sometimes in smaller groups lasted to the dawn. After the short rest lasting from 3 till 6 hours, the group breakfast was served, on which organisers gave special diplomas to each participant.

At the end of the breakfast Aleksander Komorowski thanked all actors (participants) of the reunion, for the trust that they gave to the organisers with a special thanks to Maria Pogost, Janusz Rutański and Jerzy Szczerbina.

He gave on the behalf of participants the thanks for preparing the reunion: to master of ceremony Grzegorz Średziński, treasurer Jan Kolenda, and to Zdzisław Bańkowski.

At the end of the breakfast a discussion has started about the ending reunion and about plans of organising next such reunions. This is because in last 40 years only three of these were organised (i.e. in 1980, 1995, and now in 2010) !!!!!!!! It was declared that a next reunion should be organised in May 2012, suggesting that present organisers should start the arrangements at the end of 2011.

Additionally participants of the reunion received the promotion materials from the town mayor and our colleague, Grzegorz Średziński, which described the town in which the reunion was organised. Untill the group dinner at 14:00, participants were walking together, shooting in an nearby shooting range, and discussing in small groups interesting moments recalled from our common studies. It should be noted that the presence of invited guests significantly influenced the course of reunion.

It was nice to hear, that organisers of the reunion managed to prepare such a nice atmosphere and program. Such words told by subsequent people are the best reward for organisers of this reunion and the encouragement for organisers of further reunions. During the reunion organisers make available a "reunion seal", with which participants could stamp the received souvenirs.

See you all in the next 4th reunion in May 2012.

Participant of the reunion, AGK

Possible comments and corrections can be send at the email address [email protected]

Zdjecie 3.

Photograph 3 (courtesy Aleksander Komorowski). The group photograph of participants of 3rd reunion of graduates from the year 1970 of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Technical University of Wrocław, Poland. It took place in Duszniki-Zdrój, Poland, on 22 and 23 May 2010.
Shown are on this photograph: 1. Edward Barzycki, 2. Ryszard Kaczmarski – honorary guest of the reunion, 3. Person that accompanied Ryszard Kaczmarski, 4. Maria Pogost (Mara Fox), 5. Person that accompanied Stanisław Mendelowski, 6. Stanisław Mendelowski, 7. Person that accompanied Józefi Chabiński, 8. Józef Chabiński, 9. Aleksander Komorowski, 10. Person that accompanied Ryszard Łukasiewicz, 11. Janusz Mstowski, 12. Bożena Ciałkowska (Brzozowska), 13. Zdzisław Bańkowski, 14. Halina Szaro (Chlebosz), 15. Józef Choroba, 16. Bernard Dudek, 17. Stanisław Kaczmarczyk, 18. Janusz Krassowski, 19. Stanisław Banerski (Bania), 20. The late Kazimierz Grzelak, 21. Maciej Rusin, 22. Kazimierz Miernicki, 23. Ryszard Łukasiewicz, 24. Henryk Górgól, 25. Waldemar Dziurzyński, 26. Jerzy Hołdyk, 27. Wiesław Jabłoński, 28. Janusz Kwasecki, 29. Andrzej Patocki, 30. Person that accompanied Roman Sperzyński, 31. The late Roman Sperzyński, 32. Janusz Rutański, 33. Andrzej Golenko, 34. Mieczysław Pytel - honorary guest of the reunion, 35. Person that accompanied Józef Pielorz, 36. Józef Pielorz, 37. Janusz Szymkowski, 38. Jan Kolenda, 39. Jerzy Szczerbina, 40. Czesław Medyński, 41. Krzysztof Janik, 42. Jan Zakrzewski, 43. Bogdan Hełka, 44. Grzegorz Średziński, 45. Marek Przygodzki, 46. Mieczysław Cisło, 47. Janusz Dziuk, 48. Tadeusz Łosik, 49. Person that accompanied (wife) Janusz Bondyra, 50. Janusz Bondyra.
* * *
Notice: in order to check "who is who" on the above photograph, it is enough to click on the button which provides numbers corresponding to the above list of reunion participants:
The above photograph is available in such a great quality (i.e. taking around 7 MB) that the face of every participant can be clearly enlarged to the size that it fills the entire computer screen and still this face is to be visible sharply. Therefore, if the reader wishes to analyse the enlargement of the above photograph, e.g. in order to recall the facial features of subsequent participants of the reunion, then he or she can accomplish this on several different ways. The first way (1) depends on the clicking on the above photograph - this is to cause the appearance of enlarged version of this photograph in a separate window, where the reader will be able to enlarge it with the use of tools that are build into his or her internet explorer. The second way (2) depends on clicking on the following (green) button of the link to this photograph:
- this is to open a new small window with the enlargeable version of the above photograph, which windows can be later grabbed by its right-lower corner and enlarge to any size. For instruction of the enlargement or shifting of this newly opened window - click on the button:
(notice that principles of that enlarging or shifting of the photograph are also explained in Polish at the beginning of the window which is to open after clicking on the button "funs after 60s" from item #G2 at the end of this web page). The third way (3) of enlarging this photograph depends on downloading a copy of it to own computer, and then on viewing it in own computer with assistance of some program that we have and that allows to magnify the photographs which we analyse, e.g. "My Computer", "Windows Explorer", "Microsoft Photo Editor", "Paint", etc. This manner of enlarging allows to accomplish the largest and most clear magnifications. There are numerous ways of downloading a copy of this photograph to one's computer (e.g. it is enough to click a mouse on the symbol of diskette which appears in top-left corner of the photograph when we place a mouse on it, then one needs to follow instructions that are to appear). (It is worth to know that computer viruses cannot attach themselves to photographs to infect a computer.) In turn the last way (4) depends on visiting any other web page which also makes available the above photograph in the version with a high resolution that allow to distinguish between facial features of subsequent persons. I am pleased to recommend for viewing in this purpose the web pages of the journal "PRYZMAT" published by our own university, means by the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland. In the number 239, on pages 72 and 73, this journal shows also the above photograph of participants of the reunion of our year in Duszniki of 2010, as well as it presents the report from that reunion. In addition, that web pages of the journal PRYZMAT is prepared professionally, thus the resolution of the photograph which it shows is even higher than the resolution of the photograph which I am able to show on my amateur web pages. Furthermore, the journal PRYZMAT in an interesting and reliable manner informs about news connected to the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland, thus when someone visits it once, as a magnet it is going to attract him or her again and again. In order to view this photograph from pages 72 and 73 of the journal PRYZMAT, one needs firstly run the web site of that journal by clicking on the link with the address that it used in 2010: Then in the section "Rok akademicki 2009/2010" one needs to click on a PDF copy of that number 239, i.e. to click on the row marked "Pryzmat 239.pdf". The photograph and the description of 3rd reunion is in that number 239 on pages 72 and 73.

#B4. The reunion at 100-years of the Technical University of Wrocław - Friday, 26th November 2010:

       On Friday, 26th November 2010, on the Technical University of Wrocław was started two-days long "World Reunion of Graduates" on the occasion of 100-years of the existence of that university. Herewith I have the pleasure to inform, that in that reunion participated also the 5-person (exclusively male) representation of our year of study. Here is the photograph of our representatives:

Zdjęcie 4.

Photograph 4 (Courtezy Grzegorz Średziński). A group photograph of representatives of our year of study during the "World Reunion of Graduates" on the occasion of 100-years of the existence of the Technical University of Wrocław. Taken in Wrocław, on Friday 26th November 2010, with the digital camera "Nikon Coolpix".
       Shown on this photograph are (I list only males, counting from left to right): 1. Andrzej Kruszyna, 2. Staszek Przeworek, 3. Leszek Mozyrko, 4. Staszek Banerski (Bania), 5. Grzesiek Średziński. Three girls also present on this photograph are "Hostesses' of the Reunion", means students of the fourth and fifth year of study of our university, which helped in the organisation of the reunion and enriched with their presence the official component of the reunion.
       Yet another photograph of three participants of that Reunion of 100-years (i.e. Staszek Przeworek, Staszek Banerski (Bania), and Andrzej Kruszyna) is also shown as "photograph 6" on the web page of Andrzej Kruszyna. On that another photograph I am recommending your special attention the so-called "orb" - which seems to hover next to the hat of Andrzej Kruszyna and which is NOT a "spot on the film" (as some people keep claiming about "orbs") - because this photograph was also taken with the digital camera "Nikon Coolpix" (click here on this (green) link in order to see that another photograph with orb). Some UFO researchers believe that these "orbs" are kinds of miniature, computer controlled, crewless UFO vehicles. This their nature of UFO vehicles is best revealed by a significant number of such "orbs" captured on videos and clearly showing in there how fast and how "intelligently" they fly - e.g. at nights glowing intensely and "playing" with people who watch them. To "orbs" are devoted numerous films and documentary programs that occasionally are shown in television. They are also discussed on several my web pages. For example, reports of their eye-witnesses are provided, amongst others, in item #E3.2 from the web page named newzealand.htm, and in items #I1 and #I3 of another web page named explain.htm. In turn, my own photographs of such "orbs" captured with digital camera are shown as "Fig. #G1ab" and "Fig. #G2ab" on the web page landslips.htm. (These "my" orbs were photographed on the landscape in natural light but at the absence of sun and significantly clouded sky, and in the absence of any sources of artificial light - I am explaining these details in case someone claimed that e.g. "orbs" are reflections of bulbs.)

#B5. "Fourth Reunion of 2012" - on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 25, 26 and 27 May 2012:

       Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Graduates of 1970 from the Technical University of Wrocław, met another time at the Fourth Reunion in Duszniki Zdrój on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 25 to 27 May 2012.

#B5.1. Report from the 4th Reunion in 2012:

       Another fourth reunion of graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, year 1970, was held to reminisce the period of study and to renew bonds formed while pursuing studies at our university in the years 1964-1970, as well as reminisce on our previous reunions. The date of fourth reunion was set at the previous reunion that was held in May 2010.

The organization of IV reunion took up friends from the self-created organizing committee of the previous reunion, namely: Gregory Średziński, Jan Kolenda, Alexander Komorowski and Zdzisław Bańkowski. Following a suggestion from the previous meeting, the reunion was scheduled for 3-days. The programme of reunion was developed and invitations were sent out to potential participants, invited were also colleagues who graduated from our department in 1969. In total, the reunion was attended by 31 graduates of 1970, 8 graduates of 1969, and 11 guests (mostly accompanying persons). Several participants arrived at the second day of the reunion.

The meeting of participants began after settling their accommodations, with a joint lunch-dinner that lasted until quite a late hours. Then, in the subgroup meetings were held which sometimes extended into the hours of morning.

On Saturday just after the breakfast the resident of Duszniki-Zdój and the long time mayor of that town, Grzegorz Średziński, offered a tour around the most interesting buildings in the town, which were: the Museum of Papermaking where we could see the production of handmade paper, mineral water drinking room, Palace named after Frederic Chopin in which every year (since 1946) is held the International Chopin Festival. This walk lasted more than four hours but it was worth it, because the town guide, Średziński Gregory, was a wonderful guide. Upon the return, regenerating forces and the group dinner, those who were willing went to the Church of St. Francis of Assisi at the Monastery O.O. Franciscan, at the holy mass for the intention of reunion participants and deceased classmates - especially those who died but participated in the previous reunion (i.e. Kazimierz Grzelak, Roman Sperzyński and Bernard Dudek). For the holy mass sung our colleague Janusz Rutański.

Then followed the official opening of the fourth reunion by the host of reunion, Gregory Średzińskiego, who gave a welcome speech. Every woman has traditionally received a red rose from members of the organizing committee.

Those colleagues who had not participated in the previous reunion familiarised the gathering with the history of their professional progress that took place since their university graduation in 1970. Actors in this presentation were: Edward Stanisław Dzidowski, Andrew Kruszyna, Andrzej Zbyryt and Stanisław Przeworek - whose presentation was interesting and very funny. The remaining graduates have updated statement delivered at the previous reunion. Immediately after the official part a formal photograph was taken from the reunion.

At 20:00 hours began the awaited banquet on which for dance was playing an invited musician. The atmosphere at the banquet was great, highlighted with common singing. The banquet ended at approximately 2:00, but many participants of the reunion recalled years of study in smaller subgroups.

After the breakfast on the third day, there was a summary of the reunion in which the members of the organizing committee handed to graduates the certificates of the participation in the IV reunion, and thanked the participants who were at all four reunions - and those were: Bozena Ciałkowska, Stanislaw Banerski and Kazimierz Miernicki. At the end the graduates completed the anonymously prepared questionnaire which prompts to organize yet another V jubilee reunion in Duszniki Zdrój in May 2015.

After checking out from the resort just after the common dinner, the end of the fourth reunion was declared.

Till the next reunion hopefully in a larger group on the fifth (jubilee) reunion in May of 2015.

Regards, Alexander G. Komorowski

#B5.2. The collective photograph of participants of 4th Reunion in 2012:

Photo 5.

Picture 5 (courtesy of Alexander Komorowski). Collective photograph of participants of IV Reunion 1970 year graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Wrocław, Poland. Duszniki-Zdrój 25 to 27 May 2012.
Distinguished persons visible in this photograph are: 1. Jan Kolenda, 2. Wide of Grzegorz Średziński, 3. Jan Zakrzewski, 4. Grzegorz Średziński, 5. Jerzy Szczerbina, 6. Stanisław Przeworek, 7. Wife of Bogdan Hełka, 8. Andrzej Kruszyna, 9. Janusz Dziuk, 10. Wife of Józef Pielorz, 11. Józef Pielorz, 12. Janusz Kwasecki, 13. Janusz Krassowski, 14. Janusz Mstowski, 15. Andrzej Zbyryt, 16. Andrzej Golenko, 17. Andrzej Patocki, 18. Mieczysław Pytel (he did NOT finis studies with us - invited guest), 19. Mieczysław Cisło, 20. Jerzy Hołdyk, 21. Krzysztof Janik, 22. Stanisław Banerski, 23. Stanisław Mendelowski, 24. Aleksander Komorowski, 25. Zdzisław Bańkowski, 26. Wife of Zdzisław Bańkowski, 27. Kazimierz Miernicki, 28. Bogdan Hełka, 29. Edward Dzidowski, 30. Ryszard Kaczmarski (he did NOT finish studies with us - invited guest), 31. Wife of Ryszard Kaczmarski, 32. Janusz Rutański, 33. Ryszard Łukasiewicz, 34. Wide of Ryszard Łukasiewicz, 35. Wide of Aleksander Komorowski, 36. Józef Chabinski, 37. Bożena Ciałkowska, 38. Edward Barzycki, 39. Mara Fox.
* * *
Notice: to remember ourselves "who is who" in the above photograph, just compare the numbers assigned to individuals in the above caption under "photo 5", with the numbers which on the separate picture named "zjazd_2012_kto_jest_kto.jpg" are superimposed onto individuals from this photograph. But in order to see this separate photo "zjazd_2012_kto_jest_kto.jpg" it is enough to click on the button below
or click on any (green and underlined) link to the photograph named "zjazd_2012_kto_jest_kto.jpg".

#B6. "Fifth Reunion of 2015" - that took place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 29, 30 and 31 May 2015:

Dear Colleagues,

In May 2012 during our reunion in Jamrozowa Polana (Poland) we promised ourselves the meeting in 45th anniversary of finishing our studies (i.e. in May 2015) and over 50 years since we started our studies.

It is an excellent opportunity, to meet again and to recall another time NOT only years of our studies.

Therefore we would like to propose probably the last three-days long reunion in Zieleniec near Duszniki Zdrój, Poland (three days because retired people walk slowly, think slowly, drink slowly and not all of them, as well as they have a lot of free time). We also await for proposals of enriching the programme of our reunion.

Suring the reunion for those willing there will be a tour around that areas, and perhaps even to Czech s Republic for a dinner with beer and a glamorous banquet.

So we invite you to book your participation preferably with the accompanying person by 15th February 2015, for the meeting on 29, 30, 31 May 2015.

The initial cost of participation is around 400 złoty per person. The detailed programme of reunion will be posted later. Colleagues, we appeal that everyone of us contribute towards finding addresses of further ones amongst our former colleagues who so-far did NOT participate in our reunions, and convince them to take part in V reunion in Duszniki-Zdrój, Zieleniec 2015.

Booking please post at the address [email protected] or Tel.: 601 828 483 or 748 481 881 (Jan Kolenda)

Information about this reunion can also provide co-organisers:

Zdzisław Bańkowski, tel.: 746442424 or 785335325, email: [email protected]
Grzegorz Średziński, tel.: 748669350 or 601476425, email: [email protected]
Aleksander Komorowski, tel.: 531 041 381, email: [email protected]

#B6.1. Programme of 5th reunion of 2015:

Dear Colleagues !!!!!!!!
We sincerely invite you to V Jubilee Reunion on the occasion of
45th years of finishing the Mechanical Engineering Department studies at the
Technical University of Wrocław, Poland
The Reunion will be held on 29, 30 and 31 May (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 2015
in the Hotel Zieleniec from Duszniki-Zdrój, Zieleniec.
In the reunion will be welcomed accompanying persons and colleagues which studied much more thoroughly
and finished the Department in next years.

The programme of Reunion

Piątek 29.05.2015
Time: 14.00 - 17.00 * arrival to the hotel and individual chocking in in hotel accordingly to the list provided by the organising committee,
Time: 18.00 - 19.30 * dining-supper together.

Saturday 30.05.2015
Time: 8.00 - 10.00 * breakfast.
Time: 10.00 - 14.00 * individual or group touring the area. We propose the riding by gondola to the country border and then walk to Czech's pavilion "Masarikowa Chata" (ticket costs 10 złoty) or a walk to the top of Orlica Mountain (1084 meters above the sea level) 1.5 hour of walk in one direction (those willing to tour the area should take with them the appropriate dress and tourist equipment),
Time: 14.30 * dinner.
Time: 16.00 * for those willing the holy mass for the intention of our died colleagues and participants of V Reunion (ride to the church and return to the hotel to be arranged on your own),
Time: 18.00 - 19.30 * opening the Reunion.
Time: 20.00 - 2.00 * banquet.

Sunday 31.05.2015
Time: 8.00 - 10.00 * breakfast,
Time: 10.00 - 11.30 * summary of the 5th Reunion,
Time: do 13.00 * checking out from the hotel,
Time: 13.00 - 14.30 * dinner together, closing the Reunion.

The total cost of Reunion amounts to only 400 złoty per person. Because there is a need to book earlier the hotel, payments for the participation in Reunion should be done by dates provided below. Advanced pre-payment of 150 złoty by 25 March 2015, the rest by 10 May 2015 to the Secretary of Organising Committee:
Jan Kolenda 58-304 Wałbrzych, ul. Sulkowskiego 15 m, Poland

Additional information:

For interested there is an option of earlier arrival and/or longer staying. Arrangements for that situation should be done individually in the hotel reception (providing the password: 5th Reunion of Mechanical Engineering Department) at the following address: Duszniki-Zdrój, Zieleniec 134, Hotel Zieleniec, tel. 74 866 0433 or 601 953 468, e- mail [email protected] or [email protected] , i

See you soon. The Organizing Committee of 5th Reunion

#B6.2. The collective photograph of participants of 5th Reunion in 2015:

Photo 5.

Picture 6 (courtesy of Jan Kolenda). Collective photograph of participants of V Reunion 1970 year graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Wrocław, Poland, Zieleniec 29 to 31 May 2015. (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)
Distinguished persons visible in this photograph are (listed starting from the top row, left to right): 1 Janusz Kwasecki 2 Jan Zakrzewski 3 Janusz Dziuk 4 Bogdan Hełka 5 Janusz Bondyra 6 Żona Józefa Pielorza 7 Józef Pielorz 8 Kazimierz Miernicki 9 Andrzej Zbyryt 10 Maciej Rusin 11 Ryszard Łukasiewicz 12 Jan Stańczyk 13 Mieczysław Cisło 14 Stanisław Kaczmarczyk 15 Zona Bogdana Hełki 16 Andrzej Kruszyna 17 Stanisław Przeworek 18 Jan Kolenda 19 Andrzej Golenko 20 Waldemar Dziurzyński 21 Czesław Medyński 22 Józef Chabiński 23 Żona Ryszarda Łukasiewicza 24Janusz Krassowski 25 Andrzej Patocki 26 Jerzy Szczerbina 27 Tadeusz Łosik 28 Żona Józefa Chabińskiego 29 Żona Grzegorza Średzińskiego 30 Aleksander Komorowski 31 Grzegorz Średziński 32 Stanisław Banerski 33 Janusz Rutański 34 Jerzy Hołdyk
* * *
Notice: to remember ourselves "who is who" in the above photograph, just compare the numbers assigned to individuals in the above caption under "picture 6", with the numbers which on the separate picture named "zjazd_2015_kto_jest_kto.jpg" are superimposed onto individuals from this photograph. But in order to see this separate photo "zjazd_2015_kto_jest_kto.jpg" it is enough to click on the button below
or click on any (green and underlined) link to the photograph named "zjazd_2015_kto_jest_kto.jpg".

Part #C: In order to be in contact, it is necessary to make known our emails:


#C1. We should not be afraid to include our email to this web page:

       We live in times of spreading public panics and mutual scaring each other. Politicians scare us with wars, economists - with crisis, medics - with pandemic, so-called "false prophets" scare us with supposed not-too-distant arrival of the "end of world" (for more information about this supposed "end of world" - see item #B8 on the web page named seismograph.htm), television scare us with email cheats, etc., etc. No wonder that those amongst us who have time to view present television programs may think that emails are the biggest evil after biblical plagues.
       Probably I do NOT need to explain here, that this scaring people in televisions about supposed evils of revealing our email address to the general public, is just a "mountain made of a molehill". After all, the only thing that then endangers us, is that someone unauthorised sends us an email. But in such a case we do NOT need to reply to this email. From my own experience it stems that the only actual dangers which bring to us the revealing publicly our email address, is that someone can send to us photographs of various well-endowed and scantly clad beauties, while we later need to explain this to our wives - if it is with her when we accidentally open such an email. Other email dangers which frequently are described in television, such as the so-called "spam" (means, receiving emails from unknown people), or "scam" (means, attempts to cheat us by various cheaters through convincing us to e.g. invest our money into a gold mine in some non-existing country of Africa), are completely innocent - if we use a common sense during reading of emails that we receive and we maintain a principle to never open enclosures which arrived with emails from unknown people.
       The reality in the matter of emails is such, that similarly as everything else, emails also have their drawbacks - but simultaneously are highly useful. After all, emails allow to maintain a contact fast, cheaply, and conveniently in situations when normally we would not be able to remain in contact. They also allow to exchange information and views, show our photographs to other people, share descriptions, data, jokes, and carry out tens of other actions which are much on time for us. In turn all what is needed for us to be able to keep in touch via emails, is to present our email addresses on this web page - so that others from our year of study have the opportunity to write to us.

#C2. Free "Skype" is even better than emails:

       In internet is offered a free program named "Skype". It allows free of charge conversations between any two people who have an access to computers hooked to internet. Thus I recommend to these colleagues who have a friend that is able to install for them such a free "Skype" to download it to their own computers. The use of Skype is NOT only free of charge (what is quite important to people in our retirement age), but also very simple - i.e. much simpler than use of emails. After all, it does NOT require typing on a keyboard, but suffices to just talk to a microphone - similarly as we do it while using a phone. In addition the "Skype" allows also to see the person with whom we are talking - if that someone has a camera installed in the computer. (Of course, these ones who do NOT have such a camera, can also talk without a picture - as if they use a telephone or a radio.) In order to connect with someone via this "Skype", it suffices to know their Skype address (which can also be named the "Skype username"). For example, my own Skype address is janpajak46 written with small letters like a single word. In turn already known to me Skype addresses of other colleagues from our year of study are edward.barzycki to Edward Barzycki and cjanik to Christopher Janik. I myself frequently use Skype and am available to internet conversations at least three times each week, usually from around 10 am till about 2 pm of the New Zealand time.

Part #D: Personal information and contact details which are already available about each one of us:


    #1. Stanisław Bania:
       Stanisław lived in Racibórz, Poland, while several years ago he shifted to Warszawa. As so-far all attempts to find his contact details have failed.

    #2. Zdzisław Bańkowski:
       Zdzisław currently lives in Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Poland. He can be contacted through the email: [email protected].

    #3. Edward Barzycki:
       The fate has thrown Edward to the USA, where he lives in Chicago. He can be contacted under the home telephone number (0-01-773) 283-82-36. He also has email with the address: [email protected]. In turn his "Skype" address is edward.barzycki.

    #4. Wiesław Bereś:
       The fate has thrown Wiesław to Canada, where he still lived in 2004.

    #5. Zbigniew Bieńkowski: ...

    #6. Roman Boesche: ...

    #7. Andrzej Boguski: ...

    #8. Janusz Bondyra:
       The fate has thrown Janusz to Canada. In 2004 the address of his company that produced catalysers for cars (Emico Technologies Inc.) was In past he used the email address [email protected]. Currently he can be contacted via the address [email protected].

    #9. Dr hab. inż. Bożena (Brzozowska) Ciałkowska:
       The fate allowed Bożena to stay at the Technical University of Wrocław, where she works until today (i.e. 2010) in the Team Z4 from the Institute of Machine Building Technology and Automation. Her professional profile and accomplishments are described on the web page of that Institute, which is available at the address On 18 November 2009 she defended her habilitation colloquium. Thus now Bożena belongs to an exclusive club of people with the title "dr hab."
       Bożena can be contacted under the telephone number to work (071) 320-42-16 or to the laboratory (071) 320-20-68 (from 9 am till 5 pm), or her home telephone (071) 348-92-86, or her email [email protected].

    #10. Józef Chabiński:
       The fate allowed Józef to live and to work in Wrocław. He can be contacted under the telephone number to his work (071) 324-54-54 (from 9 am till 5 pm) or his home telephone (071) 324-91-57, or his email [email protected]. His hand-phone has the number (0) 605-221-301.

    #11. Halina (Chlebosz) Szaro:
       The contact with Halina is via the email [email protected].

    #12. Krzysztof Chodacki: ...

    #13. Józef Choroba: ...

    #14. Mieczysław Cisło:
       Mieczysław and his wife Barbara live in Legnica at the Asnyk street. He can be contacted via the telephone number (01033 76) 722-57-11. His hand-phone has the number (0) 801-802-803.

    #15. Jan Ciejka: ...

    #16. Czesław Czapla: ...

    #17. Bernard Dudek: ...

    #18. Prof. dr hab. inż. Edward, Stanisław Dzidowski:
       We all can be proud of Staszek and his accomplishments. He can be contacted under the telephone number to work (071) 320-40-98 (from 9 am till 5 pm) or under his home number (071) 355-27-64, or via his email [email protected].

    #19. Janusz Dziuk: ...

    #20. Waldemar Dziurzyński:
       The fate has thrown Waldemar to the USA, where he lives since a half of 1980s. Currently he lives in Laguna Niquel, California, USA. He can be contacted under the telephone number 1 (949) 470-1616, or via the email [email protected].

    #21. Tadeusz D. Dżułyński: ...

    #22. Jan Filar: ...

    #23. Waldemar Garbarczyk: ...

    #24. Andrzej Golenko:
       Andrzej lives in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the telephone number (071) 324-28-89. His email is [email protected].

    #25. Henryk M. Górgól:
       The fate allowed Henryk to work in Wrocław. He is vice CEO of the Zakładu Odlewniczego ALWRO S.A. in Wrocław, ul. Karwińska 1, tel. (071) 3427431. He can be contacted via the email [email protected].

    #26. Witold Grygowicz: ...

    #27. Marian Grzegorek: ...

    #28. The late Kazimierz Grzelak:
       The fate threw Kazimierz Grzelak and his wife Elisabeth to Kalisz. He could be contacted in there via the telephone number (01033 62) 764-95-24. But Kazimierz died on 4th of November 2010. He was buried on 6/11/2010 in Tłokini Kościelnej near Kalisz.

    #29. Adam Grzeszczuk: ...

    #30. Roman Hajów: ...

    #31. Bogdan Hełka: ...

    #32. Jerzy Hołdyk:
       In July 2004 the addfress of Jerzy was: ul. Zbożowa 13, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała (the telephone I was unable to determine).

    #33. Witold Imiołczyk:
       Witold lives in Wrocław. He can be contacted under the telephone number (071) 357-01-43.

    #34. Wiesław J. Jabłoński:
       In July 2004 the address of Wiesław was ul. Kotlarska 11c m. 50, Katowice. (The telephone number was impossible to determine.) He probably can be contacted via the email [email protected].

    #35. The late Edward Jakubiszyn:
       Unfortunately, Edward died in 1999. He was the CEO in the Fabryka Maszyn Budowlanych FAMABA in Głogów.

    #36. Ryszard Janicki:
       Ryszard lives in Szczecin.

    #37. Krzysztof Janik:
       The fate has thrown Krzysztof and his wife Elżbieta to the USA, where he lives not far from New York. To contact him ring 315-446-8177, or write him an email. Until December 2009 his email address was [email protected]. Starting from 21 December 2009 he started to use a new email with the address [email protected]. In turn his "Skype" address is cjanik.

    #38. Jacek Jantura: ...

    #39. Jerzy Jędrzejowski: ...

    #40. Stanisław Kaczmarczyk:
       Stanisław lives in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the telephone number (071) 363-64-67.

    #41. Wiesław L. Kamiński: ...

    #42. Jerzy A. Kapelusz: ...

    #43. Władysław Kapusta: ...

    #44. Jerzy M. Kawecki: ...

    #45. Jan Kolenda:
       He can be contacted via email [email protected].

    #46. Aleksander G. Komorowski:
       Dear colleagues,
       I decided to write these words after almost 40 years that passed since we finished our studies at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Technical University of Wrocław in 1970. After finishing studies I was on a year probationary period in one of teams from the Institute of Machine Building Technology, which was supervised by an excellent boss and person, then Doc. Dr Eng. Władysław Kaczmar.
       Then I worked in the supervisory team of one of mines from the Rybnik Okręg Węglowy and then as a CEO in the Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej from Jastrzębie-Zdrój. In 2010 I become eligible for the retirement, but I still worked at the same post until 1 July 2010.
       I settled permanently in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. I have a nice house, excellent wife, and two sons.
       Because in 2010 passed 40 years since we finished our studies, I proposed to organise a reunion of colleagues. The 2-day long reunion took place in Duszniki-Zdrój on 22 to 23 May 2010.
       I am taking this opportunity to pass my best wishes of health and further accomplishments in discovering secrets of our stay on this beautiful planet - the Earth.
       Aleksander Grzegorz Komorowski
       My home phone is (+48) 32-47-19-655, hand-phone 0-531-041-381.
       Email: [email protected] (before retirement on 1 July 2010, my email was [email protected] - but currently that old email is void).
       So long, or best to our next meeting preferably still in this incarnation !!!!!!

    #47. Fryderyk W. Koryciarz: ...

    #48. The late Prof. Dr hab. Eng. Zbigniew Korzeń:
       Unfortunately, Zbyszek is no longer amongst us since 2003, means since his career was at the very peak. At the moment of death he was after habilitation and received the title of a Professor. His grave is located on the communal cemetery in Wrocław.

    #49. Zygmunt Koszyczarek: ...

    #50. Andrzej Kowalczyk: ...

    #51. Janusz K. Krassowski:
       The fate allowed Janusz to live and to work in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the telephone number to work (071) 33-484-40 (9 am till 5 pm) or via home telephone/fax (071) 33-484-08, or via his email to work [email protected]. His sp.z.o.o (Temer) has also its own web page with the address His hand-phone is (0) 601-899-677.

    #52. Andrzej Kruszyna:
       The fate has thrown Andrzej to Radom, where he leads a highly active life. He can be contacted via his home telephone (048) 36-218-66, or via his email [email protected].

    #53. Jan Krystian: ...

    #54. Marian Kucharczyk: ...

    #55. Janusz Kwasecki: ...

    #56. Tadeusz Łosik:
       The fate has thrown Tadzik to Głogów. He can be contacted via telephone (076) 8334422 or email [email protected].

    #57. Ryszard Łukasiewicz: ...

    #58. Stanisław Masły: ...

    #59. Czesław Medyński: ...

    #60. Stanisław Mendelowski: ...

    #61. Kazimierz Miernicki: ...

    #62. Jerzy E. Michalak: ...

    #63. Mieczysław Michalczuk: ...

    #64. Leszek Mozyrko:
       The fate allowed Leszek to live and to work in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the work telephone number (071) 341-65-01 (9 am till 5 pm) or via home telephone (071) 368-70-72, or via his email [email protected]. His hand-phone is (0) 605-993-940.

    #65. Janusz Mstowski:
       The fate has thrown Janusz to Sulechów, where he climbs to tops. He can be contacted under the work telephone numbers (068) 3282349 or 3282454 at the University of Zielona Góra, or in the Governmental Higher Professional School in Sulechów (068) 352-84-19; or under his home number (068) 453-38-69. He can also be contacted via his emails [email protected], lub [email protected]. His hand-phone has the number (0) 601-93-45-11.

    #66. Romuald Niedziela: ...

    #67. Borysław Niemcewicz: ...

    #68. Aleksander Nowak: ...

    #69. Dr inż. Jan Pająk:
       After finishing the Technical University of Wrocław, since 1970 until 1982, means for the entire duration of his employment in Poland, I worked in one and the same institution - which was our Technical University. For the majority of time I was holding in there the post of "adiunkt" (which is a Polish equivalent of the "Reader" from English university system). In April 1982 I flown to New Zealand. In that way I become an emigrant. Outside of New Zealand I lectured also in Cyprus, Malaysia, tropical island of Borneo, while fairly recently (i.e. in 2007) in South Korea. The highest position on which I was employed in New Zealand was a "senior Lecturer" at the University of Otago in 1988 to 1990. In turn the highest post outside of New Zealand was - which was also my highest post in the entire life, was a full Professor at the renoun Ajou University in South Korea. For this full Professor post I had a honour to be invited in 2007 (a list of subjects that I lectured in there is provided on the web page For my greatest life accomplishments I consider (1) the development of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (CDG), and (2) the philosophy called totalizm, and also (3) the invention of a family of discoidal interstellar spaceships called Magnocrafts - especially (4) the discovery that the ageing of people on Earth is ruled by the artificial time called the "reversible software time" (described more precisely in the introduction and in items #C4.1 and #A1 from my web page named immortality.htm) - which elapses around 365 thousands of times slower than the natural time of the universe (although rocks and fossils, including bones of dinosaurs and coal, age accordingly to the elapse of this 365,000 times slower natural time of the universe), and the development (based on this 365,000 times slower software time) of the principle of operation of the "Magnocraft of the third generation" which, after being build, will operate as the time vehicle (in this way allowing people to accomplish immortality through repetitive shifting back in time to years of their youth each time after they reach an old age). For very significant my life accomplishment I also consider the (5) discovery and working out principles of operation of the so-called Oscillatory Chamber (which, after being build, will become a propelling device for "Magnocrafts" and for "time vehicles"), and (6) inventing and development of so-called telekinetic cells (which, after being build, will generate electricity on principles which represent a reversal of friction - means similarly as friction spontaneously consumes motion and generates heat, the reversal of friction spontaneously consumes heat from the environment and generates motion). (In matter of research and development of "Magnocraft" and "Oscillatory Chamber" in 1986 I approached officially the Institute of Machine Building Technology at the Technical University of Wrocław to allow me to open a habilitation procedure and to write my habilitation thesis on the subject of these propulsion systems of our future - for details see items #J1 to #J3 from a separate web page named magnocraft.htm, or see subsection M11 from volume 11 and item #22 in subsection W4 from volume 18 of my newest monograph [1/5].) In turn an event which most pleases me, was (7) determining that the correctness of the principles of operation of my "time vehicles" was confirmed in the Bible (see Bible, verses 20:1-11 from Second Book of Kings - scientifically interpreted in item #D5 from the web page immortality.htm). During the formulation of my "philosophy of totalizm" I also discovered, that behind every stubborn trend and event hides some kind of the moral law or moral phenomenon. Thus, these highly spectacular trends of continuous climbs and falls down which I experienced in my life, inspired me to discover and to describe the so-called "moral field" (i.e. invisible field similar to gravity, which interact with force onto every our action, including the process of thinking, making decisions, telling the truth, etc.). One amongst consequences of the action of this "moral field" which I discovered, called the (8) "curse of inventors", is described, amongst others, in item #G3 of the web page eco_cars.htm, and in item #H1.6 of the web page newzealand_visit.htm, My turbulent life full of discoveries, inventions, rises, and falls, slightly wider is described on the web page with my autobiographical notice, named pajak_jan_uk.htm. Near the end of that web page pajak_jan_uk.htm provided are also my most current contact addresses. Here are these contacts which were valid in times of the most recent update of this web page (notice however, that if a significant time has passed since that most recent update, then these contacts may loose their validity). Emails [email protected] (which is checked most frequently), and [email protected] (emails from which I check rather rarely - usually every couple of months). My "internet name", allowing to connect via the program called "Skype" (described in item #C2 above) is janpajak46.

    #70. Zbigniew Pasławski:
       The fate has thrown Zbyszek to Berlin in Germany, where he still lived in 2004.

    #71. Andrzej A. Patocki:
       Andzej lives in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the telephone number (071) 352-51-35.

    #72. Tadeusz L. Patycki: ...

    #73. Wiktor Piechociński: ...

    #74. Józef Pielorz:
       Józef since 1970s lives and works in Germany. As so-far all attempts to contact him have failed.

    #75. Maria (Pogost) Fox:
       I am now having the name Mara Fox. I live in New York since 1971. My email is [email protected]. My number of home telephone is (1) 718-805-4696. My home is always open for visitors. My address is 90-50 Union Turnpike, #14L, Glendale, NY 11385, USA. Until 2000 I worked as so-called "project manager" in the mechanical company that specialises in the control of the environment, pollution removal, air conditioning, and noise control for a large industrial scale. Since 2000 I completely changed the field of my "activities", from which I am very happy. Greetings to all, Mara.

    #76. Mirosław T. Płucisz:
       Mirek lives in Wrocław at Nefrytowa 26. He can be contacted via the telephone number (071) 368-74-44.

    #77. Chrystian Prorok: ...

    #78. Stanisław Przeworek:
       The fate has thrown Staszek to Nysa, where he lives until today. He can be contacted via the home telephone number (077) 433-70-40. One can also try to contact him via his email [email protected], or contact, via email, Andrzej Kruszyna - who frequently meets with Staszek.

    #79. Witold Przybyszewski: ...

    #80. Marek Przygodzki: ...

    #81. Grażyna Rataj (Waszkiewicz): ...

    #82. Janusz Rudy: ...

    #83. Maciej Rusin: ...

    #84. Janusz A. Rutański:
       Janusz and his wife Elżbieta live in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the telephone number (071) 34-64-142. Janusz has also a hand-phone with the number (0) 509-345-268. He can be contacted via his home email as well - of the address [email protected], or via his work email of the address [email protected].

    #85. Zbigniew A. Sadowski: ...

    #86. Bogdan Ściszek: ...

    #87. The late Roman Sperzyński:
       The fate threw Roman Sperzyński to Poznań, where he lived until 2011. He could be contacted via the work telephone (061) 855-24-92 ext. 4 (8 am till 5 pm) or via the email [email protected]. Unfortunately, with a great sadness I need to inform, that on 22 April 2011 Roman Sperzyński has died. His burial took place on 28th of April 2011 in the church of St. Anthony Padewski in Starołeka.

    #88. Jan Stańczyk:
       The fate allows Jan to live and to work in Wrocław. He can be contacted via the work telephone number (071) 324-51-43.

    #89. Jan Stefaniuk:
       Jan since 1980 lives and works in Switzerland. As so-far all attempts to finds his contacts have failed.

    #90. Waldemar Świątkowski: ...

    #91. Jerzy Szczerbina:
       Jerzy lives in Parchowie near Polkowice. Home telephone (076) 8171129; work telephone (076) 7498338; while hand-phone 601872866.
       On 6 August 2007 appeared a post in our book of comments, that Jerzy has retired.

    #92. Mieczysław J. Szeremeta: ...

    #93. Dr Eng. Janusz Szymkowski:
       The fate allowed Janusz to stay on the Technical University of Wrocław, where he works until today in the Zakład Obróbki Wiórowej, Ściernej i Erozyjnej (Z4) from the Institute Machine Building Technology and Automation. His professional profile and accomplishments are described on the web page of the Institute, which is available under the address Research interests of Janusz include investigation of mechanical dislocations and vibrations. He can be contacted under the work telephone (071) 320-27-34 (from 9 am till 5 pm) or home telephone (071) 35-31-486, or via his work email [email protected].

    #94. Grzegorz Średziński:
       The fate thrown Grzegorz to Duszniki Zdrój, where he found happiness in every meaning of this word. He can be contacted under the work telephone number (074) 867-17-90 (from 9 am till 5 pm) or home telephone (074) 866-93-50, or via email [email protected]. His hand-phone has the number (0) 601-476-425.

    #95. Wieslaw Światoniewski: ...

    #96. Marek Wachałowicz: ...

    #97. Witold Wacowski: ...

    #98. Zenon T. Wartanowicz: ...

    #99. Jerzy Winnicki: ...

    #100. Tadeusz K. Wolski: ...

    #101. Julian S. Zając: ...

    #102. Jan Zakrzewski: ...

    #103. Andrzej E. Zbyryt: ...

    #104. Andrzej Zielniewicz: ...

    #105. Wojciech Złotkowski: ...

    #106. Mieczysław S. Zwoliński: ...
* * *
       I am reminding here members of our year of study, to send me further contacts to our colleagues from the same year of study. After all, a lot of contacts is still missing. Also please verify, update, and augment your own contact details, descriptions, and illustrations, that are provided on this web page as well as on the page named pw.htm - Our Year of Study.

Part #E: The philosophical assessment of our generation:

#E1. Each one amongst us has many reasons to be proud of:

Motto: "Education in the life of a nation is like head in the movements of a snake - where this head is directed the rest of the snake soon is also in there."

       If one considers this thoroughly, we have a lot of reasons to be proud of our education. Below I am going to list most important out of these:
       1. In times when we studied, Poland had the best model in the world for studies at the university level. In my "wondering for bread" around the world, I lectured in 10 different tertiary educational institutions from 5 different countries of the world (in two of these countries I lectured in places and times which in fact created in there like four different countries). So I do have relatively good idea as to whet models of education can be applied in tertiary education, and what are advantages and disadvantages of each of these models. And so, I am absolutely certain that academically the best in the world was the model (a), which can be called the "Polish Model", and under which we attended our studies. The essence of this "Polish Model" from times of our studies was, that (a1) the university-level education was then open practically for everyone - and thus that every gifted and clever person could study, and that (a2) the education was for free - and in addition to students from poorer families the government paid relatively high stipends (so that their families were NOT charged for educating the children), and that (a3) the number of sits at universities was limited to only such which was necessary for the economy and life of the country, and thus that (a4) in order to get into a university a candidate needed to pass an extremely difficult "entry exam", through which managed to get almost exclusively academically the most capable students, and that (a5) the period of studies was very long - as for the Master degree Engineering studies it amounted to 6 years. The most vital advantage of this model was that (aa1) it produced exclusively high quality graduates, which professional preparation was the highest possible to accomplish in the world of that times. The disadvantage of this model was, that (ad1) it could be implemented only in a country ruled by a strong government, which was able to resist pressures from rich and influential people to ease for their children the criteria of access to university education. A completely opposite to that "Polish Model" was (b) the "New Zealand Model". It was utilised in New Zealand until the loss of power by Sir Robert Muldoon - i.e. the most moral and most wise politician and prime-minister, the right and just rules of which I had the pleasure and honour to experience and to watch myself (more information on the subject of this greatest leader that New Zealand ever had, can be found in item #B1 from the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm). The essence of this model was that (b1) the education was in it completely free, and that (b2) the entry to tertiary education was deprived of any requirements or difficulties, so that everyone could undertake studies at any moment in life. The advantage of this model was that (a1) similarly as the previous "Polish Model" it opened the access to tertiary education to practically everyone. But its drawbacks included: (bd1) the huge waste of funds and resources - caused, amongst others, by the free access to tertiary education of even people with intelligence of "table legs", for whom the finishing studies took tens of years, because every subject they needed to study for several years, and (bd2) the lowering academic level of education because of the need to lover the learning standards to the mental capabilities of "average student" - which average capabilities, because of the "flooding" of universities by such "table legs", was relatively low. Finally the last model (c) possible to be introduced, was the model in English called the "User Paid Model", which, however, for reasons explained in the next paragraph, by highly practical Chinese would be called the "riding of tiger" model. This model was introduced in New Zealand immediately after the loss of power by Sir Robert Muldoon, and it prevails in there until today. Its essence is that (c1) the access to tertiary education is open to everyone and deprived of any requirements or conditions, and that (c2) for the right to study, students must pay heftily for every subject. The advantage of this model is that (ca1) the government has universities almost for free, as financially tertiary educational institutions are maintained by students - sometimes even generating high profits, and that (ca2) this model can easily be introduced by every government, even the weakest and the most afraid of changes, as from the philosophical point of view this model moves "downhill in the moral field" (see item #F1 below for explanation what this means), while as such, it is very easy to introduce and to maintain, and also it encounters no opposition from voters. In turn disadvantages of this model are that (cd1) it causes a fast lowering of academic level to practically almost zero, so that with the elapse of time diplomas are issued in there just "for payments and for presence", that (cd2) the access to university education is limited to only children of rich families - and thus that it subdivides the country into classes and initiates social segregation, that (cd3) a proportion of diplomas is getting into inappropriate hads of "table legs" - so that quality of professional services drops-down rapidly in the country, and also that (cd4) it displays attributes of the "riding a tiger" - e.g. it is almost impossible to abandon it, as then it would be necessary to pay back study fees to entire generations of graduates. I should add also here, that various countries may introduce other models, which, however, after the analysis, turn out to be modifications of above models (a), (b) or (c). For example, in Malaysia they use the "model of quotas", which depends on giving to every high-school "quotas" of entry-rights to universities from that country to graduates of each amongst three races of pupils of that high-school. These "quotas", a given high-school gives later to its graduates, officially and supposedly on the basis of academic accomplishments, but in practice and "unofficially" - depending on who is son of whom and how important are parents of a given pupil. But in practice these "quotas" turn out to be a modification of the "user paid" model (c) explained above. This is because its advantages and drawbacks coincide almost completely with advantages and drawbacks of the model (c) above.
       The thought provoking article entitled "UK falls behind in higher education" appeared on page 8 of Malaysian newspaper named The Sun (free issued dated on Thursday, September 9, 2010). In this article are reported outcomes of international research on the university education in various countries of the world. According to it, in recent times United Kingdom (UK) ceased to be a "world leader" in university education and was overtaken by such countries as Poland and Portugal. What even more troublesome, it is easy to predict that the level of education in UK soon is to fall even more. After all, this article explains that the former director of BP (i.e. the former director of the same petroleum concern which in the Gulf of Mexico induced a biggest ecological disaster in newest history of the Earth in middle of 2010), was employed by the government of UK to design 35% budget cuts in financing UK universities, and to design the shifting of UK education onto the "user paid" system. In such a new system universities are to be financed mainly by students, whom are to pay for studies from their own pocket at least 7000 pounds. In other words, after destroying the natural environment, the former director of BP received the goal to destroy the UK university education. There was no need to await too long for outcomes of his activities. Already in 2014 appeared the article "China's poorest beat Britain's best pupils", from page B2 of the newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.
       The same "user paid" educational system like that one introduced in UK in 2010, is already used in New Zealand since 1989. In NZ it turned out to be the biggest catastrophe since the time of letting free fast-multiplying rabbits. This is because such a system bears attributes which Chinese describe with the highly correct expression of "riding a tiger". Similarly like a person who "rides a tiger" cannot demount this beast - because the tiger is going to eat it, nor cannot ride any longer - because the tiger is an animal impossible to be used for riding, also the country which introduces the "user paid" university education is "fixed" forever. After all, such a country cannot withdraw such a "user paid" education - because the government would be forced to return payments which previously was taking for many years from its former students, while none government can afford this. It also cannot tolerate any longer such "user paid" education, because it causes a rapid decrease in the level of education (and thus also in the knowledge of graduates) - while this leads to the lack of knowledge in its "experts" and thus to the subsequent ruining of the country. After all, students which pay a lot for their education expect to receive diplomas exclusively for their money and without the need for additional learning effort. Thus, constant pressures which they exert at their lecturers and at management of their educational institutions gradually erode the level of education to almost a zero. Simultaneously the unpleasant atmosphere which such situation creates at educational institutions causes a mass escape of most capable lecturers. In this way, instead be being educated by the best, in "user paid" educational systems students become educated by the worst. Educational institutions gradually begin to compete with governmental offices in filling up with persons which practically are unable to do anything useful. In the result, most cleaver but less wealthy students leave own country and emigrate to places where the education has a higher level and costs less. Usually they also stay in there after completing studies. A given country gradually looses its most capable "cream of the nation". In turn, these ones which are educated in own country gradually decrease the level of expertise in it, thus with the elapse of time they ruin almost every area of life in that country. After all, the lack of knowledge in "experts" from a given country, is a straight path to building in there houses which leak, decay, and collapse, is a recipe for building bridges and roads which fall-down, is a guarantee for a spread of monopoles - after all the low level of expertise disallow a true competition, it is a certainty of the demoralisation of workforce and the rapid drop in productivity - because monopoles have just such effects on the economy as only things in which monopoles are good are increases of prices, decreases in production, and the protection of most immoral behaviours, it is an assurance of the collapse and the escape from that country the most vital industry - because of the lack of well-qualified and not-demoralised workforce which could work in that industry, it is a beginning of unemployment and depopulation of the country - as the lack of work causes in there the escape of most capable youth to other countries, it is a fall-down of standards of living - because the lack of expertise which would maintain these standards, it is the beginning of price rises, debt of the country, and increase of taxes - because politicians will insist on maintaining their previous level of spending while there is a lack of income for the governmental funds, it means efforts of government to increase the age of eligibility to retirement and to generate laws which decrease the number of people eligible for unemployment benefit, it is a rapid increase in addictions and crime - because the lack of life prospects forces people to drink, use drugs, and undertake desperate actions, it is the drop in morality - because in the country without jobs is difficult to be moral, etc., etc. In fact e.g. New Zealand already experiences all such "pleasures" of many years long "riding the educational tiger". For example, teachers experience in there constant pressures to pass and to give good grades just for only enrolling at courses - see the article "Teacher who wouldn't play the game" from page A13 of newspaper Weekend Herald issue dated on Saturday, November 27, 2010. Since a long time there is an exodus of best teachers from New Zealand - see the article "Shortage warning as teaching stars leave NZ" from page A4 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. Continually there are increased taxes, unemployment, and pressures to lift the age of eligibility for retirement - see the article "Raise super age to 67, report recommends" from page A6 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, December 8, 2010. Already less than just one in three unemployed (i.e. only around 32% people without work) receives any dole - see the article "Ease rules on dole for couples say economists" from page A1 of newspaper (The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, June 29, 2009. Already for many years houses in New Zealand are troubled with epidemics of leaking, moulding, and decay. Already are first cases of collapses of relatively new constructions and houses - e.g. see articles "Roof collapse raises building code worries" from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 and "Design and workmanship blamed in stadium collapse" from page A11 of newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend issue dated on Saturday, December 10, 2010 (both these articles report about the collapse of roof in 10-years-old stadium in Invercargill because of the shabby design and workmanship), or see the article "Walker thought roof collapse was a quake" from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Friday, January 14, 2011 (which reports about the collapse of roof in an Auckland building because of a shabby work). In the country prices and taxes are rapidly growing. For example, the article "Auckland houses less affordable than New York" from page A3 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald issue dated on Monday, January 24, 2011, reports about outcomes of international research which reveal that in comparison to earnings of population houses in Auckland, New Zealand, are much more expensive than houses in New York. Increasingly more monopoles is appearing. These probably cause that for the last 10 years the productivity in New Zealand is by 30% lower than the productivity in neighbourly Australia - see the article "NZ - Australia productivity gap not explained by Treasurer report" from page B1 of newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend issue dated on Saturday, November 20, 2010. Tourists are ceasing to come because they are scared by high prices and crime. Industry and young people that constitute the "salt of nation" rapidly are leaving New Zealand - each year emigrates from this country almost around 1% of its population. Addictions and crimes grow. The morality falls-down - thus forcing God to trouble the country with increasingly powerful "punishments" in form of cataclysms described in items #C5 and #C5.1 of the web page seismograph.htm. From one amongst highest standards of living in the world, since the introduction of that "user paid" education, New Zealand slipped down to the level of one amongst lowest standards of living in the developed world. One does NOT need to be a prophet to predict already now that when UK also introduces a similar "user paid" educational system, then the level of education in UK, from the commonly (although unjustifiably) considered to be one amongst the highest in the world, is going to drop to one amongst the lowest in the world. In turn UK itself starts to enjoy the same "pleasures" which already now experiences New Zealand. Probably only then the world is to notice finally what I determined long ago and am openly stating here, namely that in time soon after the second world war, and perhaps even until today, it was Poland which had the best educational system out of all countries in the world. To be honest, after university education in Poland introduced the obligatory English courses, while some of them even lecture all subjects in English, if I would be a parent who wants the best professional education for his children, I would sent these children to study in Poland. This is because the level of Polish professional education is much higher than the level in even the most renown Western universities. Not without a valid reason one of the British documentaries, that I saw in January 2016 in the New Zealand TV, contained an opinion which could be expressed in words (on that film this opinion was expressed in slightly different words): hire a Polish emigrant, and he will complete the job four times faster and for only about one-fourth of the price of English professional.
       2. In times when we studied, and even some time afterwards (i.e. at least until my emigration in 1982), Poland had one of the best in the world, and thus far superior to the Western, models of conducting scientific experiments. Only in Poland, Russia and a few other former communist countries, scientists conducted by themselves entire scientific experiments, i.e. they personally designed and built research stations and then by themselves carried out on them the experimental measurements, while finally they interpreted and published the results. As an outcome, they got to know exactly the experiment and its nuances in every possible detail. However, as I realized this only during my globetrotting in search of bread and during lecturing at universities of the world, in other countries, especially those English-speaking, all experiments since a long time have been carried out by technical services (i.e. by technicians), or by students, while scientists only later interpreted the results passed to them (usually on paper). There also needed to be a very special occasion, that scientists - who later were to scientifically interpret the results obtained, physically visited the laboratory where experiments were conducted, while their visits in such cases usually were similar to visits of heads of state at the front-line of a war, where their troops are fighting - i.e. were short, safe, without touching or doing anything, and arranged only to show concern for subordinates, and NOT to know the nuances and difficulties of conducting experiments. Thus typically Western scientists do NOT have the "faintest idea" what actually happens during these experiments, where are sources of difficulties and errors, haw big these errors are, what difficulties are spoiling the experiment, etc. It also was only because of the personal conduct of experiments by scientists themselves, that in those days in Poland was coined the saying that "in indications of a theory typically no-one believes - except for its author, but in the measurements of experimental results typically everyone believe - except for their author". (Because of the role that the truth of this saying fulfils in our civilization, I already commented this saying on a number of my web pages, e.g. in item #J3 from the web page named fe_cell.htm, in item #B3 of the web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm, or in item #B2 of the web page named pajak_re_2017.htm.) It is also worth noting that just because of the lack of accurate understanding as to what during the experiments is really happening - which understanding is achieved only if one carries out experiments in person, Western scientists without flinching spread around the world quite shocking lies, such as the alleged discovery of NOT existing "gravitational waves" or "Higgs boson". (The reasons why these are only "scientific lies" and shocking "propaganda of successes" is explained in more detail in item #K2 from my web page named dipolar_gravity.htm.) This situation also perfectly illustrates to us how worth of admiring is the wisdom of God. After all, this avoidance by Western scientists of taking part in the conduct of experiments, God skilfully uses, among others, to compensate and to balance the differences in the levels of different countries and nations. After all, it is precisely because of this avoidance, that in clumsy countries and nations, but with the industrious citizens, such as Poland or Russia, shortages in the economy and democracy are in these countries compensated by the world supremacy of their science and education - which as an outcome still allows them to compete with countries with high levels of democracy and organization and the hard-working citizens, however with shockingly low level of science and education. In the result of this balancing of levels, God is still able to easily change the countries with the leading role in the world, and to give this role from time to time into hands of further countries and peoples, which best fulfill the divine criteria - e.g. because they accumulated for themselves less than others of unfavourable karma, or they just are beginning to be entitled to the leading role in the world because of the principle that every nation and every country at some stage of history receives the honour to become a leading nation in the known to it part of the world.
       3. In times when we studied, the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland graduated probably the best professionals of our discipline in the world (pity that it had no courses lectured entirely in English, because then it could compete successfully with the best universities in the world). Of course, whenever one uses the expression "the best", one also needs to define exactly from what point of view we assess a given something. In our case we can state for sure, that in times when we studied, the Technical University of Wrocław probably provided its graduates with the "best in the world" professional and scientific preparation. In other words, if a competition is organised somewhere, in which checked would be how much graduates of subsequent universities in the world know on the subject in which they specialise and from which are later to live, then graduates of our year would bit badly graduates from all other universities of the world. This fact I am absolutely sure on the basis of my empirical experiences gathered during my lecturing on 10 different tertiary educational institutions of the world. After all, during this lecturing I had numerous opportunities to discuss and to compare our knowledge and professional preparation with the knowledge and preparation of graduates of universities which are considered to be leading in our present world. Many my professional colleagues from various tertiary educational institutions in which I lectured, finished such leading universities of the world, like for example English Cambridge and Oxford, French Sorbona, American Harward and Berkeley, Korean Ajou, and many other tertiary educational institutions commonly believed to be the best in the world. I must emphasize here with the pride, that in the area of professional preparation, depth, modernity, and timelessness of the knowledge, ability to think creatively and logically, and certainty that one knows exactly what and why is doing, none of them ever could compare to what we represent. Therefore, if the quality of university is judged exclusively by the academic and professional quality of graduates which it yields, then we could state with the true pride that in times when we studied at the Technical University of Wrocław, the criterion of quality of produced graduates most probably make it to be the best technical university in the world. Of course, we all know that the academic value of graduates is just one amongst numerous criterions by which the value of a given university is judged. Other criterions include, the calibre of scientists which a given university employs, avant-garde and depth of scientific research which its professors are carrying out, international recognition and fame of its professorial team, quality of publishing, traditions, visions for the future, the contribution to the scientific and technical accomplishments of humanity, etc., etc. Unfortunately, these other qualities were lacking in our professors, while neither our university, nor any other Polish university, nor even Polish government and Polish ministries responsible for tertiary education, place any emphasis on the cultivation of these qualities. Actually, Polish universities tend lately to surround themselves by a kind of "great wall of China" which cuts them off from whatever the rest of the world is currently doing (if someone does NOT believe me here, then should check e.g. how many Polish Universities offer professional lecturing in English, or in how many overseas universities lectured e.g. an average Polish professor). Therefore, while graduates of other tertiary educational institutions of the world do NOT compare with us in the depth and quality of knowledge that they accumulated, they still can be proud of dominating over us in assets that result from these other criterions of quality of their universities. For example, they can be proud of quality and international recognition of professors whom lectured to them, avant-garde traditions of their universities, knowledge of important people, familiarity with the rest of the world, etc., etc. Of course, similarly like an Olympic gold medallist in swimming should NOT worry that a similar gold medal others received e.g. for a skilful kicking a ball, from our point of view we should NOT worry about these other attributes which best universities of the world offer to their graduates. For us should suffice, that from the point of view of the knowledge that we accumulated, we incomparably tower over all these others. To summarise, we can be proud that the Technical University of Wrocław in fact "taught us to the teeth" and thus in the area of professional preparation and the depth of knowledge that we gathered, it is extremely difficult to find in the world someone who could equal to us.
       My findings, that in years 1960 to 1980 the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland, was one amongst the best universities of the world (if not the best one), I am also discussing more extensively in item #J2 from a separate web page named magnocraft.htm.
       4. We finished the Technical University of Wrocław when the quality of graduates still was increasing for every subsequent year. This has a large significance, because - as some are already aware of this, for various reasons a time has arrived later to the world and to Poland, that the quality of graduates of all universities, in this number also our own university, began to behave in a different manner. In turn in present times, this quality drops rapidly down in the entire world - i.e. every year the academic quality of graduates of universities currently is lower than in the proceeding year and this happens now in the entire world. In other words, we can be proud, because not only that we finished the university which in our times produced one amongst the professionally and academically best prepared graduates of the world, but we also finished it in times, when the quality of its graduates was one amongst the highest in entire its history. It means, that in the history of the Earth we represent rather a "historic generation of graduates" - probably for a long time other graduates of our calibre are NOT going to appear again (see also the joke from item #G1 below that web page).
       5. In order to finish our studies, each one amongst us needed to be academically the best amongst at least 40 ambitious young people. After all, when we passed our entry exams, for each sit at our university was around 12 candidates. And we must also remember, that in order to be able to file the application for our university, each one amongst these 12 candidates must be one amongst academically beast graduates of his or her class in the high-school (e.g. in case of the class of high-school which I finished, the application for universities filed only 7 pupils - out of the total number of 32 pupils which finished our high-school class), in turn to enter a high-school, each one of us must be one amongst academically best pupils amongst his or her class in the primary school (e.g. out of the final class of my own primary school, only myself managed to get to the high-school). Then out of these around 360 students who started the studies on our year of study, this study completed only 106 of us. In other words, during the studies, each one of us participated in a kind of extremely "hard" and "demanding" academic "race", in which to receive the final university diploma he or she firstly needed to win with 40 equally ambitious "competitors" - each of which competitors also wan previously similar "races" on the level of high-school and primary school. In turn as we know, even in Olympiads usually do NOT participate as many as 40 people simultaneously. In other words, each one of us symbolically wan a kind of academic "race" of 3rd level, which were more difficult and more demanding from what takes place on a typical present sport Olympiad.
       6. The duration and the academic level of our Master studies was an equivalent of doctorates in Western countries. In our times, studies at the Technical University of Wrocław lasted 6 years. On the other hand, in Western countries studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department lasted then only 3 years. Of course, instead of our degree of "Master of Engineering and Engineer", these Western graduates received after their studies only the degree of "Bachelor of Engineering". But for them the spelling of their title had no significance, as their societies and industries expected from graduates of universities just such titles. In addition, a doctorate could be earned in these countries within just another 3 years after studies. In the result, the studies which we finished lasted the same as for our Western counterparts lasted both the university studies and doctorates. Furthermore, when one analyses the scientific level of studies and doctorates in Western countries, then it turns out that typically it is much lower than the academic level of our Master degree studies. To express the above in other words, the Master degree studies which we finished, from the point of view of duration as well as from the point of view of academic level, were equivalents of good doctorates for our counterparts from Western countries.
       Of course, this extremely high academic standard of our Master studies, which was an equivalent of doctorates for our Western counterparts, had both their good sides as well as bad sides. To its good sides belong, that for example, in comparison to our colleagues from the West, we bit them on head on practically every field. After all, we were capable to solve any problem, and to carry out to the success almost every professional task. An excellent example from the real life, which demonstrates the comparison of our level of knowledge, with the level of knowledge in Western engineers, are these "cardinal design errors" committed in the design of Western nuclear reactors, which caused, amongst others, the nuclear catastrophe during the earthquake in Japan on 11 March 2011 - which errors are described in item #M1 from the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm. I am ready to bet, that so cardinal design errors would NOT commit any graduate from the Technical University of Wrocław in Poland. In turn, to the bad side of our superb academic education was, that apart for Poland - especially in English speaking countries, people are unused that someone has so high knowledge. Thus almost for every position on West we were overqualified and if we needed to work in there, typically we needed to hide our knowledge and capabilities. This is because average Western superiors usually display this tendency, that if they discover someone amongst their employees who know much more than these superiors know themselves, then they immediately try to get rid of him or her under any excuse they can find.
       7. During the course of our 6-years long studies, some amongst us belonged to one of these 6 years of students of the Technical University of Wrocław who in person experienced extremely rare phenomenon of the resonance "nirvana of the crowd", described in items #C3 and #C4.2 of the web page nirvana.htm. That resonance "nirvana of the crowd" we experienced together in 1968, when after the announcing an "occupational strike" of the Technical University of Wrocław, students of that university gathered together in the main hall to listen to speeches from workers' delegates of subsequent factories of Wrocław. The patriotic spirit which was induced by these speeches, gradually resonated in listeners until the point when all of us experienced the phenomenon which in my later research I called the resonance nirvana. I remember, that at this moment the crowd of students present in the main hall was rapidly gripped by so strong feeling of happiness, that unimaginable scenes started to take place. For example, many girls just fainted from the happiness - thus in order to take them away from the tightly packed hall others needed to pass them one to another above heads - like in present times this is done with idols on youth concerts. Remaining people cried, screamed, while in the majority of us even legs were giving up from the powerful emotions that paralysed our muscles. Unfortunately, for the lack of information on the subject of existence and perception of the phenomenon of "nirvana", practically almost none of us managed to realise, that in fact we lived through this extraordinary feeling. Only in 30 years later my reliving on the tropical island of Borneo differently released "earned nirvana", allowed me to compare the similarity of experienced feelings of happiness to these feelings relived by the crowd of students in the main hall of the Technical University of Wrocław, and then gradually work out what and why we then lived through.
       8. Our studies were carried out according to the spirit of youth grooming that is recommended by the Bible. Many present "armchair theoreticians" criticises the Bible that it recommends serving to the youth a "hard school of life". After all, for every person God uses a highly demanding educational method, which is described under the name of the "principle of reversals", amongst others, in item #B1.1 from the web page named antichrist.htm, or in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm. This method boils down to serving to people an exact reversals of whatever these people would like to experience in everyday life - thus inducing them to act and to fight for a better tomorrow. In accordance with this "principle of reversals" also the Bible commands, that in order to to develop in growing young people the most valuable attributes of character, these young people must be treated as a hard "steel is hardened" - more on this subject is explained in item #A3 of a different web page god_proof.htm, in item #B5.1 of the web page will.htm, and in item #K1 of the web page wszewilki_uk.htm. After all, countries which do NOT serve to its youth neither a discipline, nor consistent requirements, land as for Sweden describes this the article "Swedish kids crushed by kindness - author", from page A11 of newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Friday, February 14, 2014. If one analyses the course of our studies, methods of our lecturers, and the situation and atmosphere which then prevailed in Poland and on our university, then one discovers, that in fact we were hardened in the way as "steel is hardened". So we can be proud, that we are not "brats" nor "mamonies" and that the fate and our university send us to life highly prepared and hardened like steel for coping with difficulties of life.
       9. We were the last generation of students on the Earth, which still was accountable not only for the knowledge which we acquired, but also for sticking to moral standards, ethics, dress code, behaviours, etc. In relationship to all other generations of students, the execution of these further requirements and standards was dropped. Thus, students who come after us, could demonstrate the morality of a crocodile and the behaviour of a pig, but if they mastered the academic material issued to them, there was no ways to stop them from receiving a diploma and from exerting a degenerating influence on rest of the society. In the result, these next generations started to erode all these values, which previously maintained quality of life of people, means erode morality, religion, tradition, discipline, marriage, etc. For example, according to the article "Religion in NZ heading for extinction, says census study", from page A4 of newspaper The Dominion Post issue dated on Wednesday, March 23, 2011, in New Zealand becomes extinct the religiousness of its inhabitants. Similarly happens with institutions of marriage, family, etc.

#E2. Accomplishments of our generation from which we can be especially proud:

       The generation of people which dominates the life on the Earth and which rules over this life changes after every around 25 years. The generation of people to which we belong, dominated the life on the Earth for the duration of from around 1970, till around 1995. After us, the Earth was taken under the control of our children, the rules of which over the life of humanity extend to years from around 1995 till around 2020 - in this also in the present time. So let us review these accomplishments of our generation (means the generation which ruled over the Earth since around 1970 till around 1995) from which we can be the most proud of.
       1. Our generation created on the Earth the highest level of prosperity which the humanity ever accomplished. If one analyses how the level of prosperity of people changed over the entire history of the Earth, then the top of this prosperity happened to prevail in the time when our generation dominated the Earth. So we can be proud of the truth, that it was with hands of our generation that the period of the greatest prosperity that the humanity ever experienced, was accomplished with hands of our generation.
       2. In the duration when our generation had the power over the world, the humanity was spared from experiencing any economic crisis. Destructive economic crisises which would come during a period of peace, were induced only by the brain-washed generation of our grand-parents, and by the greedy generation of our children. But such crisises were NOT appearing at all in times when our generation was ruling over the world. This shows how wise and how morally correct were economic activities of our generation.
       3. Our generation created on the Earth the longest period of peace and political stability. If we analyse wars and periods of political instability on the Earth, then it turns out that it was with hands of our generation that was build and maintained the most peaceful and the politically most stable period in to-date history of the Earth.
       4. Our generation proved in practice, that with negotiations and peace can be accomplished incomparably more than with war, force, and destruction. After all, it was during the prevalence of our generation that we peacefully solved almost all conflicts. It was our generation that peacefully reunited Germany, and that peacefully changed the political system in the significant proportion of the planet. It was our generation that finished the so-called "cold war" and temporary removed the danger of the world's "nuclear war" created by our fathers. It was only our generation that in the period of its ruling over the Earth was able to abstain without the use of force, aggression, destruction, and brutality.
       5. Our generation introduced into the life a true equality of all people. It was us that for the first time in history of the Earth, started to practice the principle that every person is equal, independently of the race, gender, religion, beliefs, etc. These were us that forced racist countries to change the system of their laws. These were us that established punishments for discrimination. These were our generation that started to sit around a round table with representatives of all countries, races, and religions.
       6. During the time of our generation the most beautiful music in history of the Earth was composed. For example, from our generation originates ABBA. Almost entire music composed in our times represents by itself all these values which clearly are lacking not only in the deviated noise and mumbling which are listened instead of music by our children, as in a significant proportion of musical creations composed by our predecessors.

#E3. The greatest failures of our generation:

       When we were preoccupied with building the prosperity, peace, and political stability on the Earth during the period of the domination of our generation (i.e. in years since around 1970 to around 1995), unfortunately we simultaneously failed in many other matters. These are such our failures which caused that when around 1995, after our period, the time has come for the domination of our children over the Earth, the humanity started rapidly to dive into numerous crisises, terrorism, wars, economic depression, poverty, unemployment, hunger, social numbness, chaos, political idleness, and other disasters caused by human imperfections. So let us review now most vital areas in which (and also manners on which) the entire our generation "failed" badly their duties and obligations.
       Of course, in order to reveal general trends that relate to entire generations, it is necessary to use a high level of generalisation. In turn, as it always is with generalisation, it indicates only the most common and the most general tendencies. As such, it does NOT consider neither exceptions from the tendencies described here - which in the real life always do exist, nor any individual people or specific families. Thus, in spite that whatever written below in fact relates to the entire generations described here, it NOT necessarily and NOT always must relate to every individual person or to every individual family.
       1. Spoiling (instead of grooming) of the generation of our children. The generation of our children took the rule over the Earth around the year 1995, and is going to continue this ruling until around 2020 (if by then still is anything left of our planet). So currently we are after around a half of the period of their rules over the Earth, and on our own skin we can experience fruits of our incompetence in their upbringing. In my opinion the biggest error that we committed in upbringing of our children, was that being guided by our feelings, instead of our minds, we rejected the traditional methods of children grooming - which already were proven correct in entire millenniums of use. Simultaneously, the unverified methods of upbringing which ruled by feelings instead of logic we introduced for the first time in the history of the Earth, led to the eventuation of too large proportion of our children into the generation of egoists, snobs, softies, clumsy people, useless misfits, terrorists, etc. Our generation had rather hard childhood and youth. So it can be understood why, when finally we with our own hands managed to build the greatest period of prosperity in the to-date history of the Earth, with fruits of this prosperity we started to unconditionally flood our children. In addition, the prevailing tendency to listen to feelings instead to minds, caused that we continually tried to please our children and to buy their love, instead of teaching them of principles, traditions, discipline, responsibility, and other attributes which are required to be inserted into every new generation. It was during the domination of our generation that our children received cars, computers, and most modern toys, completely without moving even their fingers. It was our generation that introduced to the use soft and comfortable underwear, paper diapers of one use, laws that forbid giving a slap when they are unruly, and forcing teachers to use psychology instead of issuing work, duties, and punishments - as described in item #K1 of the web page wszewilki_uk.htm. It was our generation that allowed its children to spend our salaries on the most modern clothing, most known hairdressers, and the best cosmetics. In the result, a significant proportion of our children got used that the entire universe revolves around their navels, and that in the life one can only take, giving nothing in return. In this way, according to laws of life described in item #A3 of the web page god_proof.htm we created a generation of our successors for the immoral, hopeless and pampered egoists, who know how to take but are unable to give, who are able to promise, but are unable to deliver, who know how to destroy but do not know how to build with a success, who instead of peaceful and effective negotiations use force and destruction. In our approach to the upbringing of the next generation, we ignored thousands of years of experience of the humanity that in order to acquire the required attributes of character, according to the clear guidelines of God expressed in the Bible the youth must be groomed the same way as "steel is hardened" - as this is explained in item #B5.1 of the totaliztic web page will.htm. In the result, representatives of the generation of our children who at present rule over the world, probably will NOT be able to even secure for us a decent retirements. So in the old age probably we will be forced to pick fruits of the fact that as a generation we completely "failed" the correct upbringing of the next generation. Of course, there is much more undesirable consequences of our failing the correct upbringing the next generation - but these are discussed more broadly in "part #K" of a separate web page named tapanui.htm.
       2. The devaluation of the significance of morality and religion. As it scientifically was proven only by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (and also the philosophy of totalizm stemming from this theory), in reality the life of people is ruled by only three moral quantities, namely by so-called "moral field", "moral energy" and "moral laws". For example, this theory and philosophy determined, that only these human actions which always uplift us uphill in the "moral field" are moral and highly beneficial for all people which they affect. (I.e. the beneficial for all people involved are only these actions which follow the so-called "line of the greatest intellectual resistance" - for details see item #G3 of the web page eco_cars.htm, and/or item #F1 from further part of this web page.) In turn people who in their actions slide down in the "moral field" along the so-called "line of the least intellectual resistance", means who act according to so-called philosophy of parasitism, are abruptly destroyed and affected by all possible catastrophes, such as in item #C3 of the web page seismograph.htm was described for the inhabitants of Haiti, in item #E2 of the web page day26.htm - for inhabitants of morally degenerated coasts of the Indian Ocean, while in items #H2 and #H3 of the web page tapanui.htm - for inhabitants of morally degenerated ancient cities of Vineta and Salamis. For many millenniums religions ordered people the correct treatment of the morality, while people intuitively followed these orders of their religions. Thus, although slowly and blindly, still the level of civilisation on our planet was constantly raising then. But our generation rapidly turned back to God and to morality. After all, it is our generation that instead of the "love of our neighbour" started to tell their children that the life is ruled by the Darwin’s "laws of the jungle" and principles "of survival of the fittest"! In the result, these "laws of the jungle" we just have around. In turn the survival in this human jungle, begins to be accomplished by only these most fit and most painfully biting ones.
       3. Failing to cultivate traditions and allowing the degeneration of attitudes of people. For centuries the tradition and the system of human values constituted a kind of a moral skeleton which proudly sustained the humanity. Unfortunately, it was our generation which failed to cultivate old traditions, and allowed that the destructive and earlier unproven attitudes started to creep into the life of people. In turn, this failure to cultivate traditions, and the degeneration of attitudes, had fatal consequences. For example, they make fuzzy the understanding of good and evil, failed to teach the distinguishing between moral and immoral, allowed to consider deviations and addictions as models to be followed, etc., etc.
       4. Failing to pass the tradition about the significance of listening to whispers of our conscience. In order to allow people to stand by moral behaviours, when God created people, he equipped them into special "counter-organ" called "conscience". This "conscience" is a kind of like a one-way direct "telephone line" which is permanently linked to the mind of God so that it continually whispers to us whether a given our action is "moral" or "immoral", and in this way to always allow us to unambiguously distinguish between good and evil. There is even a philosophy of living called intuitive totalizm, which practically boils down to careful listening to whispers of our conscience and then to acting in the line with these whispers in everything that one does in his or her life. The action of this "conscience" shocks these present scientists, whose atheistic views disallow to understand how it happens that the feeling of good and evil is build into us from the very beginning and can be detected in even 6-months old children - as an example see the article "Sense of right and wrong in place by six months of age, research found", from page A5 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 11, 2010). Unfortunately, whispers of conscience can be silenced - while repetition of this silencing with the elapse of time leads to a chronic ignoring of the conscience and to a deviated understanding of good and evil. It is our generation that was the last on the Earth, the actions of which were ruled mainly by whispers of conscience. Unfortunately, while ourselves we were listening to our consciences, we failed to pass to next generations this extremely important tradition of listening to whispers of their conscience, and then pedantically implement what this conscience orders us to do. In the result, instead of listening to their conscience, next generations of people started to listen to their desires, greed, moods, etc. Effects of this already we can see around in form of the rapidly spreading philosophy of parasitism, and the moral downfall of the entire our civilisation which results from this.
       5. Failing to take care of nature and the environment. In the rush for prosperity and in the heat of multiplying material goods, as a generation we forgotten about the nature and environment. In the result it is our generation that starts to be responsible for the disasters and problems which currently begin to clearly reveal themselves around. In addition we did NOT groom correctly the generation of our children which inherited the world after us, so that this generation does NOT have attributes which are required to repair our errors. Thus, children of our generations also do NOT have what it takes to repair our failures. The situation with the nature and environment perhaps can begin to improve only when the rules over the world are taken by our grandchildren around the year 2020 - of course under the condition that we manage to somehow pass to them the information which they need - for details see items #K7 and #K8 from the page tapanui.htm.
       6. Ethical failures on the field of health and medicine. Our generation failed completely the correct setting up the principles of work and the ethics of medical establishments and health services. Instead of cultivation of previous "caring about people", it was our generation we allowed that medical doctors started to care \about income and only about these most rich, while pharmacist developed mainly medicines which ease symptoms but do NOT heal - and thus which taken once must later be purchased and used for the rest of our lives. In turn now we will need to pay for this with almost a complete lack całą resztę zycia. Teraz zaś przyjdzie nam za of proper medical service - when we most need it.
* * *
       Of course, similar failures our generation committed much more. But some amongst them are too specialist to describe them here. Other are too extensive and in fact require much longer explanations. For these reasons, only the most representative example of highly significant amongst such failures of our generation is briefly mentions below in next item, while discussed in detail in "part #K" of separate web page named tapanui.htm - especially see items #K5 and #K6 in there.

#E4. The present deterioration of the humanity in the "neo-medieval epoch" and our failure of the duty to prevent this deterioration:

       The generation of our fathers who ruled over the Earth since around 1945 till around 1970, panic and was afraid of a war. So acting according to the proverb of ancient Romans that "if you want a peace, you need to prepare for a war" our fathers developed nuclear weapon, and in years 1945 to 1970 I carried out hundreds of testing nuclear explosions. Unfortunately, every explosion of a nuclear weapon generates a destructive plague, which is the undetectable so-far for official human science vibrations of "telepathic noise". These vibrations have a bad habit that they later resonate in the Earth's ionosphere for entire centuries, and that their power cumulates with every next testing nuclear explosion. Unfortunately for the humanity, these vibrations remain unheard in an aware manner, but they interact destructively with our sub-conscience - which hears it and intercepts. Thus they have an extremely destructive influence on human minds, deviating their health, forming various degenerations, decreasing the intelligence, increasing the irritability and aggressiveness, spoiling moods, emotions, taste and attitudes, decreasing the sperm count, etc., etc. In the result, the intensification of this resonations of "telepathic noise" in the Earth's ionosphere causes the gradual rolling down of the entire humanity into the epoch of immorality, quarrels, chaos, wars, injustice, exploitation, etc. The epoch called "medieval times" was induced just by such a resonation of "telepathic noise" - only that caused by the Tapanui explosion, not by the nuclear explosions. So this "panicking " of the generation of our fathers and carrying out by it hundreds of tests with nuclear weapon, caused such dense resonations of the "telepathic noise" around the Earth, that they pushed the humanity into another "neo-medieval epoch". Outcomes of this new epoch we just are starting to clearly see around.
       About the existence, generation, and about consequences of the "telepathic noise" we know since relatively long time. For example, information about this "telepathic noise" I am publishing systematically since the time when in 1987 I discovered the evidence for the Tapanui explosion (i.e. this explosion which caused the arrival to the Earth of the original "medieval epoch"), and since I determined that the "medieval epoch" was just an outcome of the resonations of this "telepathic noise", Thus, in publications such as subsection D4 from the Polish monograph [5/4], the warning about the approaching downfall of the humanity into the new "neo-medieval epoch" was disseminated a long time before the first signs of this downfall started to show on the Earth. Unfortunately, my warnings turned out to be "call in a forest". Pity that they were ignored, because they carried a potential to prevent and stop the arrival on the Earth of this clearly now escalating "neo-medieval epoch". For this reason I believe deeply, that our generation could prevent the downfall of the humanity into the "neo-medieval epoch", but it failed completely also in that matter. In turn now, when the "neo-medieval epoch" already prevails and with every day it gets stronger, it is impossible to prevent it. Only what still could be possible, is to easy its consequences.
       In order to summarise this item, another vital matter which our generation failed completely, is that it did NOT prevent the downfall of the humanity into the presently prevailing "neo-medieval epoch" - although it had all the required information to prevent this disaster. In the result of that "failing", to the Earth just arrived the present times of "neo-medieval epoch" - in which, similarly like in the original "medieval epoch", for example marriages are only for times of good weather, while families disintegrate at the moment of first problems. In which times instead of rationally research all unexplained phenomena, God, UFOs, ghosts, ESP, etc., and instead of taking under account the evidence in these matters, people so deviated and degenerated their actions, that they either ignore completely these vital matters, or they "burn on the stake" researchers who revealed inconvenient truths to them. Instead upbringing of children according to methods which are recommended by the Bible and which are proven in millenniums of successful use, parents started to save children from pain and from effort, reassure them that lack of thinking and stupidity also deserve rewards, prise for even eating a meal, splash with gifts for doing nothing, give diplomas and medals just for taking a part of, and let them be convinced that they are the navels of the entire universe. Instead of maintaining traditions, roles, positions, and duties in the family life, it is allowed that currently everyone is able to do what only wishes, and that no-one experiences any structure, discipline, limitations, nor responsibilities. Instead of listen to those who have something to say, currently listened are those who yell the most loudly. Instead of name everything by the true name, a new terminology is being introduced, so that no-one is offended - even if deserves. Instead of prayers, people started to be ashamed of God. Instead of indicate and fight everything that bad and immoral, new "privacy laws" are being introduced and "civil unions" are invented which allow to hide and legalise all social dirt and decay. Instead of catch and punish deviated, decadent, and deprived of breaks, they are made idols. Instead of helping people in needs, institutions are being invented to which later the responsibility for help could be shifted. while the close ones can just watch and have fun. It is in times of descending onto the "neo-medieval epoch" that eliminated was mentally inspiring nigh socialising, talks to elders, and philosophically inclining prayers, being replaced with thoughtless looking into TV sets or enforcing human brutality with computer games. Only in these times of downfall into the "neo-medieval epoch" again people are employed for "whom who knows", not for "what whom knows and what is able to accomplish".
       The worst is that the next generation of our children, after taking the planet from us around 1995, additionally escalated further the above trends of "neo-medieval epoch". In the result, on the Earth started to prevail the present epoch of immorality, greed, deviations, deterioration, aggression, crime, unemployment, fall-down, and hunger. And so, the human greed was escalated to the level of absurd. Thus e.g. politicians instead of asking "what this is to do for our nation or country", typically are starting their rules from asking "what (or how much) is in this for me". Instead of working for living, now we "live on credit". Instead of paying proportionally to the contribution, currently millions are paid for directors, and the freeze of wages for workers, premiums equivalent of thousands of salaries paid for boards, while workers are being send to unemployment. God is gradually eliminated from the everyday life, while instead of Him the cult of money and fast pleasure is introduced. Instead of people we see now only bodies and muscles, while instead of nature - just a potential for making money. Etc., etc.
       In the past of our civilisation existed already one such a period when people ceased to hear knowledge, evidence, logic, rational voices, and whispers of conscience, but started to escalate various deviations and were ruled only by emotions and feelings. This period is called "medieval epoch". Through long-term implementation of new tradition to ignore morality, knowledge, logic, evidence, and rational voices, while to listen to feelings and moods which since a long time are degenerated by the destructive "telepathic noise", our planet gradually rolls down into darkness of the epoch which is a mirror reflection of the "medieval times". This is why, in the duration of our generation started on the Earth was the process which we could stop, but which after being ignored rolled down the humanity into currently escalating on the Earth epoch of highly immoral "neo-medieval time". When in turn deviations of this "neo-medieval epoch" and when all its immoral consequences, for once take hold of our planet, then probably needed will be the effort of many subsequent generations (if not centuries) to restore the situation when the morality and prosperity could prevail again.
       Further information on the subject of "neo-medieval epoch" are provided in "part #K" of the totaliztic web page named tapanui.htm - especially see in there items #K5 and #K6. In turn disseminated many years earlier warning about the approach of the "neo-medieval epoch" to the Earth can be found in subsection D4 from the Polish monograph [5/4].

#E5. Our moral duty to realise the truth about the provocation, injustice, and need of compensation for the ill-treatment committed on these around 40 our colleagues removed from the Technical University of Wrocław after the 1st of May 1968:

       On the 1st of May 1968, in our sight was committed a very serious injustice towards around 40 of our former colleagues from the university. A more comprehensive description of these past events is provided in item #F2 of my separate we page about the city of Wrocław. Namely, these colleagues were cunningly tricked into taking part in a 1st May parade which supposed to perform a function of a trap for politically-active students, then they were surrounded by a team from political police and against their will they were involved in street fights, photographed by political police, removed from the university, and forced to join the Polish army. Thus, a huge injustice was committed on them, which asks for a form of moral compensation.
       One amongst our moral duties is to realise to the society the truth about that political provocation, and to start a notion of granting to these "40 ill-treated" former colleagues a form of symbolic compensation. Because each one amongst these our colleagues at the moment is already in a retirement age, while some of them probably are even dead, in my opinion the most appropriate form of such a symbolic compensation would be if the Technical University of Wrocław found each one of them and award to each of them the Polish title of the "magister inżynier honoris causa" - i.e. the title that would morally replace the one that they were unjustly deprived (if needed, this title could be granted to them posthumously - if their families would agree to accept this title on their behalf). Notice that the granting to them such titles in fact would also turn out to be highly beneficial to the Technical University of Wrocław itself. After all, for that university this would be an excellent "Public Relations" (PR) move. The fame of this highly right and just move would spread along the entire Poland, and perhaps even throughout the entire world.

Part #F: How "principles of life" are explained by the theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by the philosophy of totalizm - which was derived from this theory:


#F1. The analogy of "high and smooth wall" as an illustrative symbol of difficulties in learning how to live without being aided by findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

Motto: "Identify and learn goals and methods of God and you will understand the world that surrounds you."

       A highly intriguing aspect of the to-date official human science, is that it developed tens of theories which explain everything that is vastly distant from people either by time or by space, e.g. which explain how distant stars and galaxies were born, how the universe was formed in the result of a "Big Bang", or how the evolution of humans looked like millions of years ago. But until the time of developing my theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, we had no even a single and most miserable scientific theory which would explain to us how we supposed to live "here" and "now". On the other hand, in item #J5 of a separate web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm, as well as in item #C6 of another web page prawda_uk.htm and item #B2 of the web page malbork_uk.htm, I explained it illustratively and supported it with examples, that our efforts of learning and carrying out life without priori having a scientific theory which would explain to us how really we supposed to live "here" and "now", can be compared to attempts of climbing a high and smooth wall without the use of any ladder or scaffold. After all, many people who throw themselves head first onto the life, either break their heads, or make a large hole in life - which hole cannot later be fixed for many centuries. However, if we treat the life similarly like such a high and smooth wall onto which we must somehow climb, then the scientific theory (i.e. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity) which explains to us principles of the living, is for us like a kind of a ladder or a scaffold added to that wall. Means, then our climbing is easier, because we can relay on the support from NOT only this wall, but also relay on the assistance from that ladder or scaffold.
       In 1985 I had a honour to develop a scientific theory which later was named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory explains practically everything, including principles, laws, quantities, powers, etc., which rule over everyday lives of people. It is just because of the applications of this theory to practically everything, and its ability to explain everything, that it was called the theory of everything. In addition, because this scientific theory provided us with clear and unambiguous guidelines how we should lead our lives, on the basis of it was developed the new philosophy of everyday living which later was called the philosophy of totalizm (written by the letter "z" - to differentiate it from the version of "totalitarianism" also sometimes written shortly as "totalism" - but spelled with "s"). That "philosophy of totalizm" is like an extract from the much more extensive "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", but this extract concentrates exclusively on explaining principles on which we should live our everyday lives. Because both, this Concept of Dipolar Gravity as well as the philosophy of totalizm are described comprehensively on a number of web pages and monographs (e.g. see monograph [1/5], monograph [8/2], or monograph [1/4]), I am NOT going to discuss them here again. But for the scientific accuracy I am going to repeat here several most worth learning principles, laws, and regularities, which these theory and philosophy indicate as ones that rule over our everyday lives. Here are these regularities:
       1. The influence of so-called "moral field" onto the course of human lives. These readers who have inquisitive minds, probably already noted that every our non-physical action, has the same attributes as physical actions. For example, in order to physically climb uphill, we must put into this climbing a specific effort and suffering. In turn sliding downhill typically is easy and pleasurable. Similarly, in order to non-physically do something good and permanent (e.g. help someone, make a decision which turns correct in a long run, or tell a truth), we also need to put a significant effort and suffering into this. In turn doing everything that with the elapse of time turns out to be not good, or just being lazy and not doing anything, always is easy and pleasurable. The reason for such a state of things is the existence of a special kind of "moral field" which work in the same way as the "gravitational field" which we already know so well. Only that this "moral field" forces the consumption (flow) of our energy in practically every action, not just when we physically climb mountains or stairs. This "moral field" was formed in the universe especially so that doing everything that is moral and good for people always requires contribution of effort and work, and also so that everything that is done without effort and without the contribution of work, with the elapse of time turns immoral and bad for people. Due to the existence of this moral field, everything that is moral cannot be accomplished accidentally by someone's not doing anything, nor cannot be easily accomplished by egoists and lazy people. In order to act morally in the life, always it is necessary to put a specific amount of effort and energy into our moral deeds.
       The existence of this "moral field" and its work with an iron fist, has an interesting implication for our lives. The point is that in the life we NOT always know immediately what our action in a given situation is the most moral and correct - so that after we implement it, this action does NOT turn later to be an error for which we need to pay in our future life. Well, because of the existence of this moral field, there is a principle in action, that "morally most correct in a given situation is always an action which goes along the so-called 'line of the greatest intellectual resistance', while immoral and worst is always an action which in a given situation goes along the so-called 'line of the least intellectual resistance' ". So if in a situation we do NOT know how we supposed to act, then always we should choose the action that requires our biggest intellectual contribution (please take notice of the intellectual character of this contribution, as apart from intellectual effort there are also physical and emotional efforts). This is because such an action never turns out later to be wrong. In turn selecting the action which goes along that 'line of the greatest intellectual resistance' is very simple. It suffices that in a given situation we check what would be for our mind the easiest way out, and then we simply do an exact opposite of that.
       2. How really works the moral law expressed by the Polish proverb "evil always has nice beginnings but regrettable ending" (in original Polish wording: "miłe złego początki, a koniec żałosny"). In previous item I explained the principle of the "moral field" functioning - which must be such, that doing anything moral and good for people in the physical world must always require a contribution of significant effort and suffering. Therefore, the same "moral field" must always make also easier and more pleasurable everything that is immoral and that is detrimental for people. In the result, carrying out anything that is immoral and that in the long-term action is going to turn out to be detrimental for people, always must be pleasurable and easy. Thus the beginning of the Polish proverb from the title of this item "evil always has nice beginnings" originates from this particular principle, according to which the "moral field" must always work.
       Our learning of the fact, that the "moral field" makes easier and more pleasurable carrying out everything that later turns out immoral and detrimental for people, has a huge significance for our lives. After all, it realises that all easy, fast, and pleasurable success in anything is also a kind of "alarm bell" which indicates "you are already on a wrong path". So if e.g. any politician has a commonly liked smile, nice behaviour, and skilfully avoids everything that is unpopular, we need to be beware of him as later he is going to destroy the economy and sell out the country. If everything works perfectly for some political party to win elections, we also need to be beware - as later this party probably is to ruin the country. If the construction of a factory or a mine goes smoothly - we need to be beware because later it is going to destroy the environment, undermine surrounding housing estates, and ruin the entire region. If a scientific theory or discovery immediately gain the world's fame and numerous prises, we should take it under a good revision as in the future it is going to deceive the humanity and block the progress for centuries. If someone finds us and offers his or her services - we should be beware of him or her because later we are going to pay a lot for this. If a golfer, a sportsmen, or a singer rapidly and without effort raised to the top, it is more than sure that he or she later is going to turn out to be a model for immoral behaviour and the worst example for others. Etc., etc.
       3. Why catastrophes kill exclusively those practicing the philosophy of parasitism. Almost every television news and every newspaper bring increasingly more bad news. Floods in Poland, volcanoes in Island, fires in Russia and Canada, Tornadoes in the USA, hurricane in New Orleans, terrorists in WTC, hurricanes on the Pacific, earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan, tsunami in Indonesia, etc., etc. People nervously speculate what reasons for all this can be. Some panic that these are consequences of the spreading atheism, which bring the God's anger and the "end of world" (for more information about the "end of world" - see item #B8 of the web page named seismograph.htm). Others comfort atheists and politicians, that all these are just outcomes of the development of industry and warming of the climate - as catastrophes destroy apparently at random even the highly religious countries and people. Unfortunately, in the attempts to find rules in these supposedly chaotic catastrophes, so-far people match the victims to almost every criterion - apart of what is the most important, means apart of the morality. But this is understandable. After all, before the development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the world did NOT know what exactly the "morality" is, nor was able to classify people according to the kind of morality that these people practice. This is because the world did NOT know, that from the point of view of morality, all people belong only to one out of two existing categories, namely to (1) totalizts - and (2) parasites. Totalizts (1) are these people who may never hear about the "philosophy of totalizm", nor about moral quantities that were identified by that philosophy (such as "moral laws", "moral field" and "moral energy"). But still they try to intuitively obey "moral laws" (which are always told to them by the "voice of their conscience"), they laboriously climb uphill in the "moral field" by continually doing good, and they still put their effort into earning the "moral energy". Because the "voice of conscience" speaks to every person, to the category of "totalizts" frequently belong also people called "atheists". In turn parasites (2) are these ones who do NOT even wish to know about the "moral laws", "moral field", nor "moral energy", and who do NOT listen to their "voice of conscience". In their everyday lives they always avoid obeying any laws, including "moral laws", they always choose the lazy and pleasurable sliding down in the "moral field", and are too lazy to earn laboriously their portions of the "moral energy". To be more strange, to the category of "parasites" a lot of highly religious people belong - this probably is the reason why God Father so directed the fate of Jesus, that Jesus was put to death by high priests who practiced this highly immoral philosophy of parasitism.
       If someone learns about this moral classification of people into "totalizts" and "parasites", learns attributes that characterise people who belong to both these categories, and discovers that "parasites" frequently are also people deeply religious, while "intuitive totalizts" frequently include even atheists, then rapidly experiences a shock. The reason is that the work of morality is so pre-programmed that catastrophes kill exclusively people and communities which in their everyday life practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism (i.e. the philosophy of continuous choosing in life only what is easy, pleasurable, and effortless, and thus what is immoral and slides a given person or community down in the "moral field"), and which in their practicing of parasitism already slid down to the level of so-called "agonal intellect". Simultaneously, people who in their life practice the highly moral philosophy of totalizm are protected from being affected by catastrophes.
       In other words, the consequence of learning the attributes of totalizts and parasites is that, amongst others, we begin to clearly see "who" and "why" is affected by catastrophes. This learning reveal to us also, that the reason of this increasingly more frequent catastrophes which trouble the humanity lately, is that increasingly more people, politicians, and communities, chooses just such an easy, pleasurable, and effortless sliding down in the moral field. Thus increasingly more countries and communities reaches the state of "agonal intellects" and must be "annihilated" by moral laws. So according to the Polish proverb described earlier, that "evil always has nice beginnings but regrettable ending", the regrettable ending of their paths towards the immorality is fulfilled. Thus, when someone analyses the moral state of communities and countries which are affected by the present cataclysms, then it always turns out, that all of them already reached the level of "agonal intellects" - for such analyses see web pages named day26.htm and seismograph.htm.
       The present situation in the world prompts us to really learn the differences between totalizts and parasites. Such a skill of distinguishing between these two categories opens for us numerous possibilities, including into this e.g. giving us to hands several simple methods of defence against cataclysms. These methods are described, amongst others, in items #G2, #G3, #I3 and #I5 of the web page day26.htm.
       4. The "moral field" is like a fast and highly active current from a mountainous river - this is why a passiveness and doing nothing pushes us fast downhill in this field and morally shifts us back in the development. All quantities which are ruled by the "moral field", are so pre-programmed that a "passiveness" and "doing nothing" cause their degeneration. It is why even gold gets old and diminishes with the elapse of time, it is why not repaired houses and equipment collapse after some time, it is why even the most rich companies and empires with the elapse of time get poorer and fell down, it is why people loose muscles and memories after a time and keep forgetting whatever they learned, while even the best experts who begin to be complacent in their positions and duties fast loose competence and begin to obstruct instead of helping, etc., etc. In total, if someone in his or her life chooses the complacent "doing nothing", then due to the speed and activeness of the current with which flows the dynamic "moral field", his passiveness is equivalent to the sliding down in the "moral field". In other word, because of the fast flow of current and high dynamics of the "moral field", the "passiveness" and "doing nothing" are the same "immoral" as immoral is causing some kinds of evil.
       For some reasons the majority of people believes, that the life is like a motionless landscape. So if they do nothing, then they simply are going to maintain their position forever, and they always are going to remain in the same place. But in reality the dynamic and fast current of the moral field actually makes the life similar to rowing upstream in the fast mountain river - if someone stops paddling, then instead standing in one place, he or she is immediately flashed down the stream. So in spite that all of us erroneously believe that "doing nothing" causes our remaining in the same place, actually the high dynamism and speed of the current of the moral field cause that "doing nothing" immediately shifts us back. Therefore if someone wishes to at least remain in the same moral level, he still must put into this continuous effort and labour. The so-called "resting on laurels" and "doing nothing" are synonymous with a fast sliding down in the moral field, moving back, and with a degeneration in every possible area.
       5. Why the "moral field" must erect countless obstacles on paths of these people who carry out something highly moral and good for other people. The "moral field" was so pre-programmed, that accomplishing anything that is moral, requires putting work and effort into it. Thus nothing that is moral and good for people, can be accomplished by accident and without any effort (i.e. accomplished just by "doing nothing"). Above principles of work of "moral field" cause, that if someone on the Earth undertakes an action which in the final outcome is to turn out highly moral and good for people, then this "moral field" must erect countless obstacles on the path of such someone. Because this principle of "obstructing" by the "moral field" of efforts of everyone who acts morally, I discovered first on the example of fates of inventors, I named this principle the "curse of inventors". This curse was later described on a number of my web pages, e.g. see item #F1 on the web page named morals.htm, item #H1.6 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm, or item #G1 from the web page eco_cars.htm.
       Our learning of the moral principle, that on paths of people that carry out something moral and good for the humanity, always are piled up countless obstacles, turns out to be highly useful in practice. For example, if someone tries to build a new invention, such as in past was e.g. the airplane described on the web page mozajski.htm, while today is the Magnocraft, time vehicle, or the telekinetic cell, while all so-called "experts" spit on this inventor, claim that his invention is NOT going to work, and discourage others against helping him in his building, then one day it is going to turn out, that this invention in fact lifted the entire humanity to a higher level of technology. If in turn scientists and "experts" loudly and widely advertise some new theory, then for sure this theory is immoral and bad for people, while the dissemination of it will turn to be detrimental for the progress of humanity. Good and moral are only these new theories and findings, at which the majority of scientists is spitting in times of their formation, while the scientific journals refuse to publish them (i.e. such as e.g. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity or the philosophy of totalizm). In turn everything that widely and noisily advertised and that is pushed by force into our lives, for sure is immoral (thus will be also spitted at, only at much later times - when the evil it spreads become already obvious). This is because whatever is moral, this apparently no-one tries to advertise, while we can learn about this just on principles of a gossip. Etc., etc.
       The knowledge about the necessity of obstructing everything that is moral and good for people, is also highly useful - if one is himself an inventor, discoverer, or a person doing good deeds. After all, then we begin to accept more "philosophically" these problems that are served to us by life. After all, we know that if the "moral field" works differently, then e.g. "doing nothing" would stop being immoral, while people who act immorally would never experience the justice.
       6. Our "physical world" is purposely constructed to be the "most perfect machine for increasing the knowledge". For many reasons people consider themselves to be "navels of the universe". However, if one carefully analyses the evidence available around us, then it turns out, that people are just one amongst numerous "experimental tools", which allow the intelligent universe to gather correct knowledge in the fastest and the most efficient manner. There is a whole array of facts, which confirm just such a role of people (i.e. their role as "tools" for gathering knowledge). Let us describe here some of these tools.
       - Imperfection of people. The only explanation which justifies why being able to create people as more perfect, God still created them so imperfect, is that He needed human imperfection for a faster and more efficient increase of His knowledge. The point is that more perfect people would NOT make so many mistakes, so it would be difficult to learn anything from them.
       - The appearance of "evidence" for everything in what someone deeply believes. There is a principle in action, that "in whatever someone would believe in his or her life so much, that is taking actions based on this believe, always he or she is going to obtain convincing proofs, that his or her belief is true and correct". This is why people who believe in demons see demons, people who believe in UFOs see UFOs, believers in Yeti meet Yeti, etc., etc. Only that these "evidence" always is so cleverly provided, that apart from a given believer, no-one else can benefit from it. A perfect example how such "proofs" are served exclusively for the individual use of given believers, provided to me an acquaintance who believes in the existence of demons. Namely in 2008 he visited Alaska together with his parents, and drove to a National Park near Anchorage. Over there he saw an extraordinary tree which was extremely curled and twisted. So he took a photograph of this tree. But when he looked at this photograph on the screen of his digital camera, he noticed that the tree is surrounded with numerous human figures which remained invisible to the naked eyes. His scared mother seeing on this photograph a crowd of human-like creatures which she was unable to see with naked eyes, pulled the camera from his hands and deleted the photograph. Then the family quickly sit in the car and run away from that place. In this way the impulsiveness of his mother make for him later impossible to show this photograph to other people. But for him, and for his parents, even after being deleted, the photograph still is an undeniable proof, that demons actually do exist. In a similar manner I myself also was treated in past by a whole series of identically "fabricated" evidence, only that for the existence of UFOs, not demons. Many out of my items of such evidence I am describing in volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4] (disseminated free of charge through the internet). Just such way of inspiring people for creative searches and for voicing their opinions, through showing just to them items of "evidence" which confirm even these their believes which do NOT have permanent representations in the physical world, always leads to a faster increase of knowledge.
       - Temporary "simulations" of even improbable, e.g. "UFO", "Yeti", "Jessie", "bones of dinosaurs", etc. If a person, a group of people, or an institution (e.g. the entire human science) believes into something, that permanently does NOT exist in our physical world, this belief is still supported through the "fabrication" of appropriate "evidence". In this way temporary are fabricated entire UFO vehicles together with their crews, numerous versions of Yeti, bones of dinosaurs which supposed to live on the Earth millions of years ago (while in reality the Earth was created only slightly over 6000 years ago), etc., etc. The actual existence of such temporary "simulations" and logical deductions which confirm their merit, is proven on a number of web pages. For their examples see the web page named evolution.htm and subsection JA1.3 from volume 6 of monograph [8/2] - which confirm that the Earth was created just only slightly over 6000 years ago, but already on the stage of being created introduced into the Earth were "bones of dinosaurs" which supposedly lived millions of years ago. Other similar examples show also, amongst others, items #C1 and #C3 of the web page prawda_uk.htm, or items #K1 and #K2 to #N2 of the web page day26.htm.
       From our point of view, it is good to know that absolutely everything that exists in the physical world, was created (and is aimed at) mainly the increase of knowledge of God - as this is explained more comprehensively, amongst others, in items #B2 to #B4 of the web page will.htm. This is because it allows us to understand why so many strange facts can be seen around - while the only explanation for these facts is just the need to increase the knowledge of God or humans. Furthermore, it reveals to us the fact, that it is better to voluntarily find for ourselves something that is going to increase the knowledge, instead of awaiting until God finds for us the manner in which we can become useful for such an increase of knowledge. After all, then can turn out, that the only thing for which we are good, is the role of a "guinea-pig" or a "living illustration" - which roles frequently we probably see in strange fates of other people.
       7. Timelessness of the appearance of God's action or someone's belief. The existence and work of so-called "timespace" causes that for God do NOT exist such things as "time", "elapse of time", as well as "before" and "after". God rules over the entire timespace, i.e. rules over time", "elapse of time", as well as over "past", "now", and "future". For example, God knows already now in what we (or in what someone else) is to believe strongly in, let's say 10 or 66 years of time. Therefore, for God is vital only that "a given someone at some stage of his or her life is believing strongly in something - and that is going to act on this strong belief". In turn whether his or her belief appears "after" or "before" seeing given evidence, for God is a secondary matter. After all, in both these cases the evidence still is going to serve well to the increase of knowledge by both, God and people. Similarly is with other actions of God. For example, sometimes God serves to someone a "punishment" still "before" the moment in time when this someone commits something for which deserves this punishment, or God serves to someone a "return" from the so-called "Boomerang Principle" before this someone commits something that is to bring this return. In other words, if someone at some stage of his or her life is to "believe strongly" in a given phenomenon or creatures, and is to confirm this strong belief by acting on the basis of it (e.g. through announcing his or her encounters to the rest of the world), then this is a sufficient reason for which God is to "simulate" especially for this person given non-existing phenomenon or creatures. Thus, when we analyse cases of "simulating" something for people in support of their strong belief, we must remember that for God does NOT exist "time" nor "time limitations" of the kind "before" and "after" that for limited minds of people are aligning all things in the order of appearance.
       8. Making dependent of whatever happens to us during the childhood and young age, from what we do in the mature age. The philosophy of totalizm teaches, that we need to be careful to not obstruct God in implementation of His godly intentions by whatever we do during our mature age. After all, whatever we do as adults, has a decisive influence on what happens to us during our childhood or young age. This is because God sees entire our life in a single glance, and He so directs events from our childhood and youth, that our actions in the adult age served God's plans and intentions in best possibly way. It is just for this reason, children which in adulthood are to become tyrants, terrorists, saboteurs, murderers, rapists, etc., and whose future actions are to significantly obstruct God in accomplishing His godly plans, God either annihilates already in their childhood, or changes in invalids, or designates to be born in country or family which make impossible for them to disrupt God's plans. The best explanation of this dependency of our fates as children, from what we are going to do as adults, explains the separate web page designated to the discussion of reasons why in the world are pain, suffering, illnesses, accidents, cataclysms, etc. - for reviewing this web page click on the following (green) link:        9. Continued ... Presented above are just some amongst numerous principles of leading a morally correct life, that already are identified by the theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and by the philosophy of totalizm - which stems from this theory. Therefore, the development of this item #F1 is continued on different web pages and publications. These web pages and publications explain briefly for the everyday use further principles, laws, quantities, powers, etc. For example, a number of general principles of acting in everyday life is explained in sub-items of #A2 from the web page named totalizm.htm. In turn several methods utilised by God for correcting the morality of so-called "group intellects" is described in items #B2 to #B4.4 from the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. The above principles, laws and regularities are also discussed, illustrated, and complemented with evidence in practically almost entire my newest monograph [1/5]. Thus, free copies of that monograph [1/5] can be downloaded directly from the Internet and the extension of this item can be studied directly from it - e.g. see in it subsection A16 from volume 1.
* * *
       If, in his or her view of the world, someone relies exclusively on the present, highly imperfect science which also practices the philosophy of parasitism, then everything looks like a complete chaos. After all, according to typical behaviours of "parasitism", the present official human science is afraid to endanger its reputation by speaking about matters the correctness of which everyone can check. Much better for the authority is to forward claims regarding the "big bang" - which supposedly created the present universe, regarding distant galaxies, or regarding elementary particles - after all these claims still cannot be verified for a long time. But if in our view of the world, we get to known and understand even just these most vital findings of the philosophy of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, some amongst which are briefly summarised above and which everyone can verify on examples from the real life, then rapidly that chaotic world begins to work according to rules and principles that are understandable to everyone. So even just for this reason is worth to put some effort into learning truths which totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity try to reveal to us. After all, the learning of truths is at the top of moral behaviours, in turn it is impossible to behave morally without contributing our work and effort into it.

Part #G: Humour and funny situations:


#G1. Jokes on time for our age:

       Those amongst us, who frequently use emails and internet, probably noticed that due to these, various funny stories and jokes are lately circulated around the world. One amongst these emails, attracted especially my attention, because it is highly on time for our situation and age. This funny story has the title "Old Dog: Age and Wisdom". I am repeating it below for laughing by those amongst us whom still maintain their sense of humour. Here it is:
       A wealthy old Gentleman decides to go on a hunting safari in Africa, taking his faithful, elderly dog named Killer, along for the company. One day the old dog starts chasing rabbits and before long, discovers that he's lost. Wandering about, he notices a leopard heading rapidly in his direction with the intention of having lunch. The old dog thinks, "Oh, ho! I'm in deep doo-doo now!" Noticing some bones on the ground close by, he immediately settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the approaching cat. Just as the leopard is about to leap, the old dog exclaims loudly, "Boy, that was one delicious leopard! I wonder, if there are any more around here?" Hearing this, the young leopard halts his attack in mid-strike, a look of terror comes over him and he slinks away into the trees. "Whew!", says the leopard, "That was close! That old dog nearly had me!" Meanwhile, a monkey who had been watching the whole scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge to good use and trade it for protection from the leopard. So, off he goes, but the old dog sees him heading after the leopard with great speed, and figures that something must be up. The monkey soon catches up with the leopard, spills the beans and strikes a deal for himself with the leopard. The young leopard is furious at being made a fool of and says, "Here, monkey, hop on my back and see what's going to happen to that conniving canine! Now, the old dog sees the leopard coming with the monkey on his back and thinks, "What am I going to do now?", but instead of running, the dog sits down with his back to his attackers, pretending he hasn't seen them yet, and just when they get close enough to hear, the old dog says... "Where's that damn monkey? I sent him off an hour ago to bring me another leopard! Moral of this story... Don't mess with the old dogs... age and skill will always overcome youth and treachery! BS and brilliance only come with age and experience.

#G2. The Polish poem "funs after 60s":

       In times of internet, many owners of emails resort to illegal spams for documenting to their correspondents that they still are thinking about them and remembering them. Simply, when they do NOT have anything new and interesting to write, which situation for spamers happens suprisingly often, then they just send a spam with e.g. humour and jokes. Due to this principle, in a fully unintended manner some time ago I learned a poem in the Polish language, which concerns "funs after reaching the age of 60s". Because this poem expresses a kind of the "humour on time" for our age, I decided to include it to this web page. But in order to NOT hurt anyone's feelings, I closed it in another window. Thus, these readers in which the sense of humour is still at work, are able to laugh even at themselves, and whom are able to read this poem in the Polish language (because it is a poem the lines of which rhyme, I feel incompetent to translate it from Polish into English), should click on the following (green) link:

#G3. Funny songs about the author (editor) of this web page:

       The growing international recognition of outcomes of research of the author (editor) of this web page, especially his numerous theories, philosophies and inventions, inspire, amongst others, increasingly more artists to devote products of their creativity especially to him. Due to this, in Internet gradually grows a number of web pages, photographs, paintings, poems, videos, and songs, devoted to the scientific accomplishments of doctor Jan Pająk. Once I even encountered a whole web page full of products of just such activities. Also sometimes ago come to my attention, that composed and published were songs on the same topic. But for a long time I had NO opportunity to encounter any amongst these songs. Only on 7th March 2014 looking through Internet I accidentally encountered the song entitled
"Dr Jan Pajak is our friend"
(in Polish: "Dr Jan Pajak to nasz przyjaciel")
which at that time could be listened to (for free) at the address:
if only the listener had the sufficient patience to persevere through a long advertisement that was shown before that song. I must admit here, that according to my taste the song is quite cute. Pity that very talented in an obvious manner authors of this song have NOT recorded it on a video and place it in the YouTube. I am ready to bet that in such a case it would become an international hit.
       After this first discovery of the above song, I started to intentionally search through the Internet to check the quality of other similar musical creations, the existence of which was rumoured to me previously. In fact, I managed to find several further such songs devoted to myself (in this number one hymn about the village of Wszewilki in which I was born), and I also found the post on a forum, in which some anonymous author brags about uploading to Internet as many as 21 similar musical creations. Unfortunately, the artistic quality of these other songs do NOT qualify them to be recommended here for listening. But a curiosity and a puzzle which hit me in them, is that each song is sung by a different person - including women. So if their mysterious creator (or creators) do NOT have some magical powers, then in an obvious manner he (or they) needed to employ a large team of people for preparing these songs. So who to hell, and why, was ready to contribute so much effort, money, work and organization, to anonymously publish in Internet several funny or sarcastic songs about my research and about myself, in spite that numerous individuals for long time try to convince readers of Internet, that supposedly all my discoveries, theories and inventions are wrong and unworthy reading? Another mystery is why this anonymous someone decided to spend obviously significant sums of money on so professionally prepared funny songs about myself (which songs probably only sparse people are to hear), instead of designating this sum of money to finance my chronically underfinanced scientific research and to implement my inventions?

#G4. Other web pages with similar kinds of humour:

       In order to NOT bore readers, I will NOT provide here any further humorous stories. But for these ones, whom are interested in these, I should mention that more humorous stories of a similar character are provided: in item #D2 of the web page klasa_uk.htm, and on web pages

Part #H: Summary of this web page:

#H1. Instead of summary:

       For every person finally arrives a time, when his or her life is summarised. So it happens, that such a time just arrives also for us. As it usually happens in such cases, our successors will check not only what we managed to accomplish, but also "whether" and "how" we were able to repair our own errors. In the matter of our successes the situation was clarified here - they had no precedence in any previous generation on the Earth. But in the matter of errors that we committed, our role still is not finished. This is because we have a duty now, to show examples of errors that we committed ourselves, and errors which were committed by generations of our grandparents, parents, and children, so that we can teach now our grandchildren how they should avoid these and how they should approach the tough duty of repairing them. In order to complete this our last role, we should NOT close ourselves in our own world and hold back our experience exclusively for ourselves, but we have a duty to state loudly our opinions and to indicate correct directions. In turn one amongst forums which we can use for this purpose, is, amongst others, this web page.

Part #I: Final information of this web page:

#I1. Emails and contact details to the author (editor) of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, inquiries, or replies to questions which I ask on my web pages, are provided on the web page about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak). That page also provides other commonly used contact details to the author.
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#I2. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#I3. Copyrights © 2016 - all rights reserved:

       Copyrights © 2016 - all rights reserved. The authorship and copyrights for descriptions from "part #D" of this web page are reserved for each person to the name of which given descriptions are linked. In turn the authorship and copyrights for descriptions from the remaining parts of this web page (apart for that "part #D") are reserved for Dr Eng. Jan Pająk - the editor, author, and the webmaster of the entire this web page.

#I4. "Disclaimer" of the editor of this web page:

       Please notice that, as so-far, this web page has just a single editor, whom is Dr Eng. Jan Pajak. Thus the majority of text of it was prepared and is updated just by him. The contribution of other graduates of the year 1970 listed here mainly concentrates on the formulation of the "part #D". Therefore views presented on this web page in parts other than that "part #D", not necessarily are shared by all graduates of the year 1970 listed here. Means some phenomena and situations commented in parts different than that "part #D" can be interpreted on many different ways by some amongst these graduates.

#I5. "Menu 4" - i.e. let us write down in our computers the addresses at which copies of this web page can be found:

       Similarly as all other machines, computers also have tendencies to break down or fail sometimes - especially when we urgently need them. Furthermore, web pages which I prepared are available exclusively on "free servers" - i.e. are uploaded in such a manner, that I am NOT getting any bills to pay from owners of these servers. Therefore many addresses under which this web page was placed in past, with the elapse of time were deleted. During the newest update of this web page (the date of which update is indicated at the top of its "Menu" and also at the very end of it) it was still working at several following addresses. The main copy of it is available at addresses: In turn identical to the above one, reserve copies of it are available, amongst others, at addresses: In order to always have the above addresses at hand, I would recommend to copy them and then to paste them into some folder with addresses which we keep in our own computer.
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