ICSCI - 2004

Under the aegis of Pentagram Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.

February 12-15, 2004

Venue: NISIET, Govt. of India, Hyderabad

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Dr. G. Rama Murthy

Associate Professor

International Institute of

Information Technology

Hyderabad, India

Dr. G. Rama Murthy  is  an  Associate  Professor  of  the  International Institute  of  Information  Technology (IIIT),  Hyderabad.


Before joining  the IIIT, he worked as  the  Member   of  Technical  Staff   at  Bellcore  and  consulted  to   Qualcomm,  AT&T  etc. He  received  his  Ph.D. degree  from  Purdue  University. He has worked on  multiple  access networks, line  concentrators,  signal  design  for  magnetic/optical   channels,  performance  evaluation.  His current  research interests include Data  Mining  using  Neural  Networks, Cybernetics, Routing  Protocols  in   Wireless / Sensor  Networks, Performance  Evaluation,  Multi-dimensional  Neural  Networks, Signal  Processing  and  Linguistics.  He  founded the  Unified  Theory  of  Control,  Communication  and  Computation.  Based  on  the  theory,  he  has  written   a  book  entitled  Mathematical   Cybernetics.  He  is the recipient of the first  prize  in  All  India  Technical  Essay  Writing  competition  and the third  prize   in   All  India  Electronics  Design  Competition.  Apart  from  his  interests  in  Computer  Engineering,  Dr. Rama Murthy  enjoys  Number  Theory  as  a  hobby. He  has evolved a novel approach to solving the Fermat´┐Żs  Last  Number  Theorem and presented the same during the  1995 American  Mathematical  Society  meeting.  At  IIIT,  Dr. Rama  Murthy  is  associated with  the  Communications  and  Networking   Research  Center.  He  is a member of IEEE, ACM, Eta Kappa Nu and Phi Kappa Phi.






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