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February 12-15, 2004

Venue: NISIET, Govt. of India, Hyderabad

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Q1 : Do we have to submit the paper submission fees at the time of paper submission or after the paper has been accepted?


Ans :The paper submission fee is the fee paid to review your paper by our panel of experts. This should be paid at the time of submission by a DD or through a credit card. A paper is not considered for peer review unless accompanied by the requisite paper submission fee. Please download the Paper attachment forms for this purpose.

Q2 : Is the paper submission fee refundable if the paper is not selected?

Ans : NO

Q3 : How many authors are allowed per paper? Is there a maximum limit for the number

       of authors.

Ans : NO, as long as all the authors have a significant contribution in The Work.

Q4 : How many papers one author can send?

Ans : No limit.

Q5 : Can the authors be from different colleges and different cities

Ans : YES.

Q6 : Can a faculty be a co-author, or is it to be a single author student paper?

Ans :A paper is considered a �Student paper� only if all the authors are students under the PhD level. The term �Student� refers only to Undergraduate students and Graduate students pursuing the degree M.E./ M.Tech / M.S / M.Sc / MCA. Ph.D students should submit their papers only as Contributed Papers.

Q7 : Being an Indian student in the US now how much should I pay?

Ans :The term �Asian-resident� is applicable only if all the authors of the paper are currently residents of Asia.

Q8 : Can two students present a paper together or it should be an individual?

Ans :Any number of people can present in the given time, but generally not more than two will present any given paper.

Q9 : Can we submit more than one paper with single registration fee?

Ans :NO, the submission fee is �per paper�.

Q10 : I am submitting a paper electronically, how do I pay the fee.

Ans :If submitting by e-mail attach the Paper and the Form to the mail. If paying by DD then please

provide the DD No. in the Attachment Form. Then, make a copy of the attachment from and enclose the DD with this form and send it by surface mail or courier. If paying by credit card then give the credit card details in the space provided in the forms.

Q11 :What is the procedure to submit papers by post?

Ans :If sending by post kindly make two hard copies and a soft copy in a 3 1/2" floppy and enclose the form in the envelope. If paying by DD then please enclose the DD with the Attachment Form. If paying by credit card then give the credit card details in the space provided in the forms.


Q12 : Can I send the Abstract before the deadline and submit the full-length paper after the



Ans :NO. Abstracts are not considered for review. Only full-length papers will be accepted. Do NOT send abstracts alone. The deadline has been extended to the 30th of November, 2003. Hope this will give you enough time to make your complete paper.


Q13: Should the paper submission fee and copy right form be sent with the paper submission or at the time of camera ready paper submission, if accepted.

Ans :The fee and the copyright transfer form should be submitted along with the full-length paper.

Q14: What is meaning of Final/ Camera ready paper

Ans: It is the final paper that will be directly reflected in the Conference proceedings. The camera ready paper deadline gives you a window to correct or add more detail from your earlier submission. The camera ready format will be asked if your paper gets selected only.


Q15 :In the word template for ICSCI papers below ABSTRACT there are three side heading called Categories and Subject Descriptors, General Terms and Keyword are given. Are the three headings mandatory?


Ans :Kindly use the Paper Template as far as you could. The paper template was given so that your  time would be saved in making the camera-ready format, if your paper gets selected. There is no penalty for small mistakes in making the paper and it will not affect the review of your paper. Please refer to any IEEE paper for clarification of each field in the template.

Q16 : Will selected & presented papers be published in the Conference proceedings.

Ans : YES.

Q17 : Where can I find the Paper attachment forms and the Copyright transfer from.

Ans :The forms can be downloaded from either or from the mirror site







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