In this section, I'm going to list some of the techniques used in the anime.
Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu
Kamiya Kasshin Ryu
Kodachi Nitto Ryu
Futae no Kiwame
Satsu Jin Ken
Nikaidou Heihou
Tenken no Soujiro

Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu
Users: Himura Kenshin, Hiko Seijurou, Amakusa Shougo

Doryusen- slashes the ground with god-like strength. Whatever is on the ground becomes a projectile and hits the opponent, ex. dirt, rocks, etc.
Ryutsuisen- jumps up into the air and comes down to slash the enemy with one stroke.
Ryutsuisen Zan- just like the original move but instead the sword is pointing down to pierce.
Ryusousen- randomly slashes his opponent in every vital points with great speed. It is ideal for opponents who have great stamina.
Souryusen- uses both his sword and his sheath to do this move. He starts with the battou stance and lets the enemy strike first. At the last second, he draws his sword out to hit the opponent. If the opponent manages to dodge the first attack, he follows it up with the sheath.
Souryusen Igazuchi- It is a variation of the original. The person leads with the sheath and then the sword follow
Ryukansen- counters the opponent’s attacks by using their own momentum against them. He dodges the opponent’s attack, turns around and hit the opponent on the back.
Ryukansen Tsumuji- It is like Ryukansen except that this one is not a counter attack. Instead, he charges at the opponent with his god-like speed and hit them on the back of the neck where they least expect it.
Ryushosen- This is the opposite of Ryutsuisen. Instead of coming down, he jumps up and hit the opponent on the jaw with his sword.
Ryutsuishosen- This is a combination of Ryutsuisen and Ryushosen. Ryutsuisen goes first and then follows it up with Ryushosen.
Rairyusen- the sword reflects light which blinds the opponents. This is a variation of Shin no ippou.
Ryumeiryusen- puts back the sword into the sheath with great force. As a result, it makes a loud sound which can damage the opponent’s nerves and hearing.
Kuzuryusen- uses god-like speed to attack all nine vital points in one stroke. Impossible to dodge and defend
Amakakeryu no Hirameki- the only move that can cancel out the Kuzuryusen. Instead of using the right leg to perform a slash, he uses the left leg to make it stronger and faster. This move can only be done by those who have a strong will to live.

Kamiya Kasshin Ryu
Users: Kamiya Kaoru, Myojin Yahiko

Hiza Hijiki- the hilt of the shinai is used to break the opponent’s kneecap.
Hadome- (only in manga)This is the first part of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu ougi. The person crosses his/her wrists, and grabs the blade of the opponent's sword with the back of their hands.
Hawatari- (only in manga)This is the second part of the ougi. The user controls the opponent’s blade by slipping their backhands along it, then thrusting forward with the handle of the shinai.
Ryushousen Modoki- This technique is similar to Kenshin's Ryu sho sen. But the difference is that the Ryu-shou-sen Modoki targets the area close to the elbow.

Kodachi Nittou Ryu
Users: Shinomori Aoshi

Jissen Kenbu- This is a move that is intented to confuse the opponent. Aoshi makes an illusion of himself as a way of defense.
Kaiten Kenbu- This is a combination of Jissu senken and an attack. Aoshi performs Jissu senken first to confuse the opponent. Then he goes for the kill when he finds an opening.
Gokou Juji- Aoshi uses both of his kodachi to make a cross. Then he starts attacking with it as if it was a scissor. This attack focuses mainly on the neck.
Onmyou Hasshi- Both kodachis are thrown straight at the opponent. But the second kodachi is hidden directly behind the first. The opponent would only see one kodachi heading for him in their sight.
Onmyou Kouza- It is a counter attack move. First he blocks the opponent’s weapon with his first kodachi then he presses his second kodachi against the blade of the first kodachi, which can break the opponent’s weapon under the pressure of the two blades.
Kaiten Kenbu Lokuren- This is a lethal six hit combo attack. Aoshi uses both of his kodachi and leads with his left or right. Then he continues the attack repeatedly until the opponent goes down. It is very hard to escape this move.

Users: Hajime Saitou

Gatotsu Ishiki- Saitoh charges his sword horizontally towards the opponent with great speed. Its main purpose is to kill with one hit.
Gatotsu Nishiki- Saitoh uses his sword in an angle. It makes it harder for the opponent to guard or dodge it.
Gatotsu Sanshiki- Saitoh lunges his sword vertically just in case his hirazuki misses or someone tries to attack him from above. It is aimed for the chest.
Gatotsu Zeroshiki- This is Saitoh's ultimate move. Saitoh can only use this move in point-blank range. When he is there, he uses all his upper body strength and attacks the enemy with one strong blow.

Futae no Kiwame
Users: Sagara Sanosuke, Anji

Futae No Kiwame- This move cannot be defended and very hard to do. First the person has to do a regular attack on his opponent. At the last millisecond, the person must hit the same spot with the same fist before the opponent recovers. It has a very devastating effect.
Tooate- Only Anji can do this. Instead of using the fist for the Futae No kiwame, Anji uses his sword. This has the same effect as futae no kiwame but it has longer reach.
Sanjo No Kiwame- Only Sano can do this. After doing Futae No Kiwame, Sano does another attack which uses a lot of force. The only bad thing about this attack is that it takes some of Sano's energy away.

Satsu Jin Ken
Users: Makoto Shishio

Homura Dama- This move is more devastating than a normal slash. This one actually cuts and burns at the same time. This is done by the blood of those Shishio killed and the sparks that come from the ground. Mixing these two creates fire. This is very hard to defend because the tip of the sword usually confuses the opponent.
Guren Kaina- This is more potent than the Homura Dama because it is close range. This move requires Shishio to grab his opponent. His gloves is covered with gunpowder. Mixing the gunpowder in his gloves and Homura Dama causes explosion. This move kills the opponent with one hit.
Kaguzuchi- This move really looks like it came out of a Samurai Showdown character. All I know is that it is a bigger version of the Homura Dama. Shishio's sword literally goes on fire after rubbing it with the sheath. I don't exactly know how strong it is because Kenshin was able to stop it with his Ama Kakeryu No Hirameki.

Nikaidou Heihou
Users: Udo Jinei

Jyuumonji Kata Kara Take Wari- Jinei attacks in positions similar to the japanese characters of the numbers one, eight, and ten. He does it really fast and could kill with one hit.
Shin No Ippou- He sends his own ki out through his eyes to crush the ki of his opponent, freezing him in place.
Shin no Ippou, Hyoki no Jutsu- He uses Shin No Ippou on himself. This makes him faster and stronger.

Tenken no Soujiro
Users: Seta Soujiro

Shukuchi- Only people with strong legs can achieve this speed. This movement is so fast it is invisible to the naked eye. This is even faster than Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu.
Shun Ten Satsu- This is a combination of Shuku Ji and a battou jutsu. He charges with the Shuku Ji and does a self-taught battou jutsu. This move can kill with only one hit.

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