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Here are my personal links:

Future Dreams NetworkFuture Dreams Network -
My RPG Maker Site. It's just starting up. If you know RM2K, you should visit them.

Anime Gamer NetworkAnime Gamer Network -
A messageboard for anime and gaming fans. You should absolutely check it out.

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You may have your site linked from here. And in just a few steps. However, you must follow some certain rules for your site to show up.

  • Your site must not contain any indecent content. No hentai, eiichi, or yaoi whatever. I'm not saying I'm against them but some visitors may find them offending.
  • No site rip-offs! If you're the ones who copies all the codes and use them for your site, I don't like you. We can't avoid similar layouts but I'll know when your site is a direct rip-off of another site.
  • Your site must have contents. Don't even try to submit your site when it is under construction. What's the use of linking to you.

Now, if you think that you qualify for linkage, here are the steps:

  1. You must have a button for your site. It must be 88x31, no exceptions. You may ask me to make you one. Just beg for it! (just kidding). Ask nicely.
  2. Send me the following info: URL, URL for your button, your e-mail address and a statement why I should link your site. Please don't be boastful.
  3. E-mail me the above info at [email protected]
  4. I'll send you a reply within a week when I accept your site.

For now I don't have any links. Let's see who will be the one who first gets here.

Uploaded new layout for site.
Started making the site.

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