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Tamil Nadu Women's Forum joins hands with people's movements, women's groups, trade unions, leftist political parties, human rights forums, and other organisations at local, national, regional and international levels to uphold the rights of marginalised indigenous oppressed and discriminated communities. Moreover, TNWF campaigns for women's reservation, land and food without poison, food security, in combating communalism and globalisation, against violence on women, child abuses, female infanticide and foeticide, and illegal patent by the MNCs.

action TNWF also conducts not only political actions but also legal activities. TNWF uses law as a tool for social change. TNWF creates access to justice for women by adopting legal and meta-legal strategies. Women leaders are enlightend on legal procedures and are encouraged to support the other women to approach the appropriate forums.

Up Date 22 Oct 06

Dalit Women's Conference on Tsunami will be taken place on 16-18 Dec. 2006

" Everyhour two Dalits are assaulted!"
"Everyday Three Dalit Women are murdered!"
"Everyday Two Dalit houses are burnt in India"

Dalit Rights are Human Rights
Let us cast out caste

Dalits are the victims of India's oppressive caste system. They are at the lowest strata and are identified as "untouchables". DALIT means broken, discriminated, disowned, subjugated and a victim of apartheid. But for the Dalit people, the real meaning of Dalit is 'the struggle for Human Rights'. Dalit is not just one community- Dalit, a word which brings more than 76 castes under one umbrella. There are 300 million Dalit people in the world 250 million in Asia and 150 million in India. Dalit consist 19.18 percent of the total Indian population. 80 percent of Dalits live in rural areas most of whom are landless agrecultural labourers.

atrocitiesThe only ray of hope for Dalits rests on the movilisation of strong resistance movements among the Dalits under able, unlike the existing self centered, and vested interested caste leaders. A global effort is required to eradicate the age-old practices of untouchability, in its manifold forms and to bring the atrocities and discriminations on Dalits, by the state and the civil society, within the purview of violations of Human Rights. All the more it is highly necessary to create consciousness among various sections of the society to bring attitudinal change and to seek their solidarity.

Global Action for Dalits is a part of the international campaign for Dalits, aiming to alarm and to educate the international community on the atrocities against Dalits and to mobilize people around the world in helping Dalits' efforts for protecting their rights. Tamil Nadu Women's Forum as partner of this action focuses its programs at the grass root and the regional levels with support from various grass toot organisations, activists, professionals and academics.

gadpublication So far, TNWF published two reports as one of the actions for GAD
  • 1st Report; 1998-1999
  • 2nd Report; "Picture of the Brutally Murderd Elected- Dalit Panchayat President Menaka" 2000-2001

Also, TNWF has maintained closer contacts with other discriminated peoples' movement worldwide
  • Programme Partner; IMADR (Go to IMADR's GAD Homepage)
  • Other Participants to the programme: BLL and other IMADR's member organisations
* TNWF is a member organisation of IMADR

TNWF in Asia Social Forum - 2003 in Hyderabad (Go to the report)

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