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Tamil Nadu Women's Forum organises fact-finding missions to unearth real facts behind the atrocities and violations since the truth often is suppressed by the perpetrators and by the law-enforcing agencies. TNWF shares the report with concerned forums and enables the victims to get access to justice.

Methodology of fact finding research

Active journalists, advocates, activists, volunteers from the forum will be sent to the areas to study the situations where violations have occured. The team normally consists of 5 members. TNWF has undertaken the fact-findings of following cases;

  • Caste atrocities on Dalit women in Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu
  • Custodial death and violences
  • Sexual violence on women and children
  • Violence against women
  • Communal riots
  • Safe working conditions in factories
  • Bonded labours, etc...

Information sharing and documentation

Rare and valuable information on women's rights, women's issues, policy changes, and schemes are collected and documented from primary and secondary resources. Violence against women are also documented. The compiled studies and the fact-finding reports are also documented and kept ready for easy retrieval. TNWF's documentation centre has a varied range of collections of information on violence against women, legal rights, communalism, neo-economic policy, health and reproductive rights, gender relations, women's education, trafficking, sex tourism, single women, terrorism. etc...

TNWF brings out publications to support the groups on thematic updation of knowledge and skills. Important national and international information based on the documentation are brought out as background materials for the trainings, workshops, and seminars. They are issued to the participants from the women's and Dalit's groups. Important information on policy changes that affect the rights of women are shared with the groups in Tamil Nadu. Information on Globalisation, communalism, food security, international initiatives on women, health, education, and environment are also shared with the women's groups at local, national, and international levels. Grassroots awareness is created on the information that affect the people of the country in general, and women in particular.
  • Normally, the publications are supplied to the groups free of cost. However, few publications are charged.

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