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Tamil Nadu Women's Forum set up an exclusive helpline to help migrant workers verify the validity of all their documents before they leave the country.

KL- fueled by migrant workersThe helpline was formed at a time when TNWF's Malaysian-partner Teneganita / CARAM-Asia received increasing complaints of forgery from Indian migrants. In fact, Irene fernandez, chairperson, Tenaganita/ CARAM-Asia was herself in the city to discuss the problem of 'standard' migrants in Malaysia with the officials concerned, recruiting agents as well as the welfare organisations.

Left) A snapshot in Kuala Lumpur-
a city which is fueled by migrant workers
* the building is not related directly to the migrants whom we are supporting

"In the past three months, we have received complains of forged documents from at least 375 Indians. As the recruitment agents have cheated them, most of them are camping outside the Indian High Commission, hoping to be deported. They have neither money nor legal documents,"

said Fernandez. Dec.20, 2002-
City Express

TNWF staff will answer to your questionsAny migrant can just call us and seek information on migration rules, qualified agents and essential documents. We will also verify the validity of the documents after discussing it with the officvials concerned.

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