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About Us

Women face inequalities in various forms and are denied equal opportunities for personal growth and social development. The real need today is to educate our women about their legal rights and provide them the necessary aids to empower them.
Tamil Nadu Women's Forum (TNWF) was started in 1991 in order
  1. to train women for more leadership,
  2. to strengthen women's movement,
  3. to build up strong people's movement
TNWF is a state level initiative for women's rights and gender justice. It is active in 30 districts, and there are 450 groups as well individuals from all over Tamil Nadu joining in the forum as members. TNWF has both women and men active members.

So far, TNWF has built up the political demands for legal remedies, women leadership and linkages to local and national movements. Also, TNWF is the first state level women's initiative to raise voice against communalism, fundamentalism and globalization. TNWF has taken up the Dalit women victims of caste clashes and it was exposed to both the general public and to the ruling class.

TNWF envisages to achieve;

  • Gender equality
  • Justice for all
  • Casteless and classless society
  • Socio-economic, political and cultural empowerment of women

In our activities, we are focusing following issues.
  • Land rights for women
  • Political participation of women at all levels of democratic forums
  • Promoting and strengthening the women's movements
  • Creating access to justice for the survivors of gender inequlity and survivors of Human Rights violations
  • Promoting food security
  • Combating globalisation, communalism and terrorism

Tamil Nadu Women's Forum
76/37, G-1, 9th Street, "Z" Block, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, 600 040, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Tel: +91-(0)44-521-70702 or 70703, Fax: +91-(0)44-521-70702
E-mail: burnad [at] md3.vsnl.net.in

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