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Saturday, 30 Nov 2002
Pete Walrath showed mass speed tonight. When he was feeling tired...he pounded the beer and took a Jamaican time out then proved his worth. In the end, he landed himself another spot on the Championship Board. Nice Job...Too Good.

Friday, 29 Nov 2002
No Foos Tonight...Chris and Wife out of town.

Friday, 22 Nov 2002
Tonight saw the coming of a new age at the Degoeas Foos Tourney. In addition to the remodeled facility and the implementation of a 3 table active tourney...there was an unprecedented--count them--1..2..3--that's right there were 3 Premier Matches that night. In the world of rankings...Staci challenged Eric for the 11th spot. This challenge saw Eric relinquish his ranking to Staci in 3 games.

The next game saw Jonny August challenge Alex. Knowing he couldn't back down from the match, Alex succumbed to the commissioner's demands that if he lost...he would move into Jonny's #13 spot and relinquish the #10 spot to Staci. With slight controversy on the rankings looming that night...Chris may have let this match happen to help subside any concerns there might be. Jonny August, with all the determination and mustered skill within him jumped to a quick 4-0 lead. Fearing the worst, a shutout, Alex dug deep within his pocket full of tricks and soon the match was at 8-8. But, with a couple final blows... Jonny quickly tallied 2 more goals thus ending that discussion. Alex is vying for a rematch on 29 Nov 2002. And, the lovely Staci moves into the 10th spot. Who will be her next victim??? Neighbor Scotty is next on the list...but, will she give a lower ranked player a chance to test her goods?
The final challenge match of the night was between Andy and Smokey. Andy took the first game and the other 2 games will be played next weekend.
The silliest comment of the night was made by Eric to Jonny, "Remember those games when you killed me? I'll just tell everyone that I gave them to you." Now that is some funny shit!!!!

Friday, 29 November 2002


Chris is taking his lovely wife on vacation this weekend so there will be no Friday Foos. Enjoy the lap of luxury my deserve it. And, so does Liz for putting up with yo punk ass...hardee har har.

Friday, 22 November 2002


Without taking any notice of the latter notes in last week's rankings write-up...the infamous Tony Miller shows up to Friday Night Foos. After a month long vacation from the foosing scene he finally decided to grace the Degoeas community with his presence. Thank you Tony Miller thank you. At least it made Staci happy now didn't it.

The garage gets a tune up.
Thanks to the brainstorm of James, and the yearning for longer nights at the foosing table...we now have all 3 tables going at once and quite a nice change of scenry. If anyone (Stephanie) has can send them to Jonny.

Friday, 15 November 2002

Jay W. proved that this week's rankings challenge was a simple walk in the park. While Ian Barnette brought cockiness and zeal to the match, he failed to show up with skill and a real desire to win. He was devasted in two straight games as Jay W. retained his #6 position. What is it the commish always says??? "Bring your 'A' game." Sorry Ian, substandard passing and predictable shots just won't carry you in this class.

***Notable match of the evening: Chris & Staci narrowly beat Steve & Deb in a mixed doubles challenge.

Commissioner, Chris Degoeas, was very happy with this week's turnout. Tourney play was heated and fast. As always, table 2 was quite the equalizer. It was very difficult to tell who would come up victorious on that table. As all you know, FEDERMAN showed up in the championship round to cheer on the commish and young DAVID CAMPBELL. FEDERMAN played into the game so much...that he was the so called "Rally Monkey" to cheer on Chris and Davey to win 2 straight and steal the championship from Ian and Eric.
***Question of the hour: Will Anthony Miller ever show up to play again?

Friday, 08 November 2002

In the last rankings challenge...young Scott Shinn defended the #3 spot by handily whipping the challenger...Mr. Dixon. Dixon, while not lacking in talent, obviously did not bring his "A" game. It takes a little more than pure strength and power to defeat the likes of the youthful Santa Barbara Bandit. ***A notable win: Staci takes it to #5 Pete and wins!!! Film at 11. .


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