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Antonio Doblas - Sevilla Official Tourist Guide

Phone: (34) 616253798

Jewish Heritage Tour

Enjoy a nice walk through Santa Cruz and San Bartolomé quarters, the former Jewish Section, with plenty of narrow streets, architecturally interesting houses, squares and courtyards. Some 500 Jewish families lived in Seville at the peak of Spanish Jewry's golden age. Discover the history of Susanna Ben Suzon and visit the original wall where her skull once rested. Visit the synagogue-church of Santa María of the Snow, called la Blanca. Learn about some of the Jewish families that once lived in this historic area, like Yom Tov Asevilli better known as the Ritva, a medieval rabbi and commentator on the Talmud, the Abravanels, a prominent Sevillian family for centuries, crown adviser Samuel Halevi, poet Judah Samuel Abbas and kabbalist Judah Ibn Verga among others

Duration 2 hours