Bridge Resources

An Overview of Bridge bidding systems

Worked out system notes

Suggested Rieneck Standard system notes

Fantunes / Every 2nd Hand an Adventure

Magic Diamond

Bridge Conventions - Opening bids

Two way 2 (strong or Weak 2 in )
Multi 2
Wilkosz 2
Ekren 2
Muiderberg 2/

Bridge Conventions - Responses

Responses to a strong NT
Kaplan Inversion
Trick after 1 - 2
Weak Jump Shifts
Inverted Majors after 1/

Defenses to opening bids

Defense to strong 1
Woolsey versus 1NT
Lionel versus 1NT

Bridge Complex conventions

Condensed Transfers - Bridge World version
Raptor 1NT
Transfer Walsh

Resources for Tournament Directors

Zermelo incomplete Team Tournaments (German version)
Fun Bridge variations
Suggested improved wording of the ACBL GCC

Non-Bridge Stuff

The game of Mao

Why 12 is a better number base

Astronomical definitions - what is what?