2 Two Way

This method is based on the Paradox method on Chris Ryall's bridge homepage. It allows the inclusion of SemiForcing hands with / into the strong 2 opening bid. Also included are strong 2NT hands (23-24 balanced) and GF hands. As we will see, one can include a weak two in for free! So to summarize:

  • Weak Two in
  • SemiGF in /
  • 23-24 balanced
  • Game Forcing
  • Response to 2

    2 Semi-positive
    2 Negative, may contain a trick for a SemiGF
    2 Negative, one trick for a SemiGF but nothing for
    2NT Ogust
    3 // Natural and forcing
    3 Preemptive

    The paradox lies in the responses 2 and 2: If you have a trick for just one major, for example Q54 53 8752 7652, you bid the major you do NOT like.

    Now you must be thinking: "Is he nuts?! If you have nothing you bid higher than 2?". Well, here's the catch:

  • This "never" happens. It is very unlikely to hold a terrible hand if partner has a weak two and RHO passes.
  • If it happens they probably have a slam and will think 3 does not go down enough.
  • If you have no trick for a major you have at least 2 and probably more diamonds.
  • If partner is weak you have just bid the suit they have a fit in. This will be hard for them to find out.

    What constitutes a trick in light of the 2-level responses? This can be very little, one of the following will do:

  • An Ace or King
  • Queen of trumps
  • A singleton or void
  • Two Queens
  • Two doubletons or a doubleton and a Queen, accompanied by at least three trumps

    As one can see, even yarboroughs like xxxx xxx xxxxx x qualify for a 2 response. On the other hand, when you have a SemiForcing in or , this is useful information. The trick is not just a trick but an entry as well, which might be worth another trick. So it is likely that the game will not make if responder has no trick/entry, and it will when responder does have the trick.

    Also what is funny is that many opponents will be very surprised to see an auction 2 - 2/ - pass which will actually work well, as normally this would mean a wheel has come off :)
    For some examples see Chris Ryall's ParadoX advances.

    Just for completeness, if they double 2 assume partner is weak:

  • Pass shows 5+ and willingness to play there.
  • Redouble shows a strong hand and asks partner to pass and to cooperate doubling opponents if they run.
  • 2/ is natural and constructive but not forcing.
  • 2 and preemptive raises cover all weak hands.

    Add-on for the brave

    To accommodate a tricky hand type, one can include a natural and constructive hand type in the 2/ responses: In addition to the meaning shown above, these bids can also show a good 5-card major and game interest opposite a Weak Two in (non-forcing). Both sides will continue with the assumption that partner is strong if they are weak and vice versa until proven otherwise. 1