Ekren 2

The Danish bridge player Bjorn Olav Ekren has devised this 2-bid, showing both majors. Originally opened with 2, it is much harder to defend as a non-forcing 2 opening bid. Another possibility is to use 2 as this or something strong. Now 2 asks opener to bid his longer major. The definition is:

2: 4+ 4+, weak

  • Pass / 2: To play
  • 2NT: Strong asking bid
  • 3/: Preemptive
  • More details can be found on this page in the Weak Two Archive.

    If Ekren is included in a 2 or possibly 2 opening bid, the bid is forcing. In the case of 2 there is an extra response: 2 shows no preference for a major and asks opener to choose. This bid is forcing. 1