Descendants of William Brewer


A Bit of Brewer History

"A thousand years ago, on the misty coast of Flanders, near the town of Bethune, in the little village of la Bruviere, there lived a family of Norman-Flemish gentry, now recognized as the progenitors of the Brewer family in American. When William the Conqueror invaded Britain in the year 1066, a member of that family, Drogo de la Bouerer or Bruviere, was among the invaders. His wife was a kinswoman of William and In the Conqueror regarded him highly and placed his name on the immortal Roll of Honor of Battle Abbey at Senlac or Hastings and there it is today."

BONUEIER -This most probably stands for Bouerer, "Drogo de la Bouerer," as the monks of Meaux give the name. It is from their chronicle that we learn what little we know of this mysterious Fleming. He probably held the Seigneury of La Bruviere, near Bethune, and is styled "miles probus et in armis probatus." He had married a cousin of the Conqueror's and, it was doubtless to this alliance, no less than to his services in the field, that he owed his great English barony. He received the whole of the so called "isle" of Holderness - at that time a dreary and marshy district, but comprising no less than 87 manors with 27 others in Lincolnshire, of which the most valuable had been Earl Morcar's. He built Skipsea Castle, and must have also had a manor-house at Burstwick, afterwards the caput of the Seignory of Holderness. "At either one or the other must have occurred the tragedy that sent Drogo in all haste to court, before the tale might be told, or justice overtake him." (A.S. Ellis). Of this tragedy I have given an account elsewhere, but nothing beyond the bare facts has been preserved. Not even the name of the wife whom he "unhappily killed" has come down to us. We cannot tell who she was or why she was made away with; whether he was strung to sudden frenzy by jealousy, or planned beforehand how she was to die - That the deed was willfully done, his own conduct proves, for he escaped to Flanders with the money he had obtained from the king, and was seen in England no more. Little is known of his descendants, but according to Mr. Planche he is "presumed to have been an ancestor of the de Brewers or de Brieweres, so powerful in the 13th Century." Theodoric or Thierry de Bevera, lord of that place and Castellan of Dixmue, his heir probably, occurs several times early in the 12th Century, and married Beatrix, Daughter of Balwin de Gand, 'le Grand', Lord of Alost, nephew of Gilbart de Gand of the Survey." (In the Battle Abbey Roll, by Duchess of Cleveland, Vol. 1, P. 183-4.)"

Reference: "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer.


William Brewer

WILLLIAM BREWER was born ca 1520 in Chard, Somersett, England, and died 24 Jul 1618 in Chard, Somersett, England. In the original home of the Brewer family was Isle Brewer in Somersett He married Deanes Baker, daughter of Mr. Baker of Crokehern in Somersett. William and Deanes monument in the Parish Church at Chard bearing the Arms, "Gules, two bends wavy or" and the inscription: "Here lieth interred (expecting their Saviour) the bodyes of William Brewer of Chard, Phisitian and Deanes his wife, who, living forty years in Happy Wedlock, in full of age departed this life, shee dying 8 Nov 1614 and he 24 July 1618, having issue only six sons and five daughters all men and women growne, and all comforts to them." In the pedigree shown in the Visitation of London, was signed by John Brewer, son of the above William.

References: "In the Publications of the Harleian Society" Volume XV, the visitation of London, p 101, "Seventeenth Century, Isle of Wight County, Virginia" by John Bennet Boddie, Visitation of London 1634 (Harl. Vol 15 p.101). "In the Index Library. A Calendar of the Marriage Licence Allegations in the Registry of the Bishop of London, Vol. I 1597-1648" edited by Reginald M. Glencross M.S., LL.B. p. 32 London Marriage Licences Book 5 February, 1615-16 9 Brewer, John & Baker, Sarah.

Children of Children of William Brewer and Deanes Baker
1. Peter Brewer, son and heir, with children, Peter and Mary
2. William Brewer
3. John Brewer
4. THOMAS BREWER, b ca 1540 London, England
5. Christopher Brewer

Thomas Brewer

THOMAS BREWER was born ca 1540 in London, England, and died after 1635 in England. He married Mary Drake, daughter of Richard Drake and Christian Fawcett.

Reference: "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer, "In the Ancestry of Charles H. Brewer" by Joyce A. Huges, "In the Ancestry of Charles H. Brewer" by Joyce A. Hughes.

Children of Thomas Brewer and Mary Drake
1. Thomas Brewer, b 1560-70 d bef father
2. JOHN BREWER, b ca 1565 London, England d 1635 Isle of Wight Co, VA

John Brewer I

JOHN BREWER I was born ca 1565 in London, England, and died in 1635 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He married Mary Grove, daughter of Ralph Grove of the Temple and of Canterbury. He was a merchant and grocer in Bartholomew Lane, London, a citizen of eminence and respectability in the City of London He emigrated to Virginia with his wife and three children before 1622 as there was a Petition in that year of Captain Francis West, Captain William Claybourne, John Brewer, Robert Sweet and William Capps, gents, ancient planters and adventurer in New England [sic], for the remission of heavy duties on tobacco. John Brewer was the owner of two large estates, Brewers Neck and a tract in Stanley Hundred or "Brewer's Burrough" on Warwick River, Virginia, just across the James River from Jamestown. He was a Representative from Warwick in 1629-30 to the Virginia House of Burgesses, which met in the wooden church in Old Jamestown. He was a member of the Governor's Council 1632-34, and a man of power and influence. His will was written 4 September 1631 and was filed in London 06 May 1635.for there was no recognized probate court in Virginia. After John died, his widow, Mary, soon afterwards married Reverend Thomas Butler "Clark and Parson of Denbie." Thomas Butler died in 1637 and his will was probated in London in that same year. He left no children.

Reference: "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer, "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia" by John Bennett Boddie, "Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800" Volume I Surnames A-H by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, "In the Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660" by Peter Wilson Coldham, "American Wills & Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1610-1857" compiled by Peter Wilson Coldham, "In the Ambrose Brewer Family" by James Bowman & Dr. Clinton Congleton.

An argument has been put forth that John, through his mother, Mary Drake, was a relative of Sir Francis Drake of Spanish Armada fame, and could have known Sir Francis. In the age of both is right plus John named a son Francis. There is an account of a John Brewer as a co-adventurer on Drake's famous voyage (beginning 13 Dec 1577 ending in 26 Sept 1580) of circumnavigation, serving as Drakes' trumpeter and trusted companion. There was also an account of a Thomas Brewer being killed and eaten by natives. At the voyages end, Drake sent John Brewer to inform Queen Elizabeth I of their triumph. In 1685, Sir Francis sailed to the West Indies, to the coast of Hispaniola, to Cartagena, to Florida and then to Virginia with stores for Raleigh's colony. In the disheartened colonists persuaded Drake to take them back to England, which he did, reaching Portsmouth on 28 July 1586. When the Spanish Armada in 1588 attacked England, John Brewer's name does not appear. Sir Francis Drake died in 1696.

Children of John Brewer and Mary Grove
1. JOHN BREWER II, b ca 1600, London, England d 1669, Isle of Wight Co, VA
2. Mary (Marie) Brewer, d. bef 1631
3. Margaret Brewer
4. Francis Brewer, d. bef 1631
5. Roger Brewer

John Brewer II

JOHN BREWER II was born ca 1600 in London, England, and died 1669 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He married Ann ----. He immigrated to Virginia with his father, John Brewer I, about 1622. John II was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1657-58. He seems to have originally settled in Isle of Wight County on the Rev. Thomas Butler's grant of 1000 acres but after his father died, lived at Stanley Hundred or "Brewer's Burough" in Warwick. It is said that he did his part to establish the principles we now call Democracy. John Brewer died intestate in Isle of Wight County in 1669. In his will, he gave his son, John Brewer III, "Stanley Hundred" and his son, Thomas, "In the land whereon he lives," and named two daughters, Mary and Ann. He also left personal property, as shown by the inventory of his estate, including 87,621 lbs. of tobacco, 155 L. gold and silver money and 78 oz. of valuable plate. His widow, Anne, married Anthony Holliday before 19 October 1671.

References: "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer, "In the Ancestry of Charles H. Brewer" by Joyce Hughes, "Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County Virginia" by John Bennett Boddie, "Isle of Wight County, Virginia Deeds 1647-1719, Court Orders 1693-1695 and Guardian Accounts 1740-1767" by William Lindsay Hopkins, "Historical Notes on Isle of Wight County" by Henel Haverty King Appendix C Isle of Wight Representatives In the House of Burgesses, "Wills and Administrations of Isle of Wight County Virginia 1647 - 1800 Book I by Blanche Adams Chapman, "Marriages of some Virginia Residents 1607-1800" Volume I Surnames A-H by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, "Marriages of Isle of Wight County, Virginia 1628-1800" by Blanche Adams Chapman.

Children of John Brewer and Ann ----
1. JOHN BREWER III, b 1635 Jamestown, Isle of Wight Co, VA d.1701-05, Isle of Wight Co, VA
2. Thomas Brewer
3. Mary Brewer
4. Anne Brewer m Joseph Moon

John Brewer

JOHN BREWER III was born 1635 in Jamestown, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and died ca 1701-05 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He married Ann (Jeanna) ----. John may have lived on Stanley Hundred for a time, but he seems to have been living in what is now Brunswick County at the time of his death, whereas Stanley Hundred appears to lie fifty miles northeast of Brunswick. He saw and doubtless had a part in Bacon's Rebellion, in 1676. Settlers, south of the James, were a bit more of the "Rugged Individual" type and less sympathetic toward the King. His departure for the West and the "outland" Brunswick County area was doubtless due to the Governor Berkeley's policies. Governor Berkeley's "Hanging List" does not contain his name. When he died, he left no will, although he had some wealth, and the names of some of his children are uncertain. He was probably the first of the Brewers to "go West" and in after years, the valleys and mountains of Brunswick County were populated by an amazing number of reputed "Rebels". Rebels or not, this spot was literally bursting with Brewers for a century afterwards and the name was respected there - all of which leads to the idea that John Brewer III had a share n the first blow for Liberty.

References: "In the Ancestry of Charles H. Brewer" by Joyce Hughes, "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer, "Isle of Wight County, Virginia Deeds 1720-1736 and Deeds 1741-1749" by William Lindsay Hopkins.

Children of John Brewer and Ann ----
1. Peter Brewer
2. Horance Brewer
3. William Brewer
4. Nicholas Brewer
5. John Brewer
6. Mary Brewer
7. James Brewer
8. GEORGE BREWER, b ca1670-80 Brunswick, VA d ca 1729-44 VA

George Brewer

GEORGE BREWER was born ca 1670-1680 in Brunswick, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, and died ca 1741-1744 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He married (1) in 1705 in Surry County, Virginia to Sarah Lanier, daughter of John Lanier and Sarah ----, and (2) to Alice Burnwell. Sarah had ten children and died before 1730. All of George's children were born in Surry County, Virginia. Sarah's father, John Lanier and George's father were involved in Bacon's Rebellion. In 1741, there were young children in the household by Alice. In Prince George County: 13 July 1714, George was a witness of a deed, 28 Feb 1723 survey of property, 100 acres, on lower side of Reedy Branch, and 30 March 1725 survey of property on south side of Stony Creek. At a Court held at Merchants Hope for Prince George County, 14 Feb 1720, George Brewer made oath he attended 10 days as evidence for Joshua Irby who was to pay Brewer 400 lbs. tobacco. He was a Mason. His will was dated 13 July 1741 and was proved in August 1744. George Brewer and Sarah Lanier are probably buried in the family cemetery at Rattlesnake Creek.

References: "In the House of Brewer" by Edward Denton Brewer, "In the Ambrose Brewer Family" by James F. Bowman & Dr. Clinton Congleton, "Lanier" by Louise Ingersoll, "Prince George County, Virginia Wills and Deeds 1713-1728" by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" Volume 24, May 1988, Number 2 Prince George County, Virginia Court Orders & Returns of Executions 1714-1720, "Magazine of Virginia Genealogy" Volume 24, November 1986, Number 4, "Brunswick County, Virginia Court Order Books, 1737-1749: an Every-Name Index Copyright by T.L.C. Genealogy, "Brunswick County, Virginia Wills, 1739-1750" Copyright by T.L.C. Genealogy, "Brunswick County Virginia Will Book No. 2 with Inventories & Accounts 1739 - 1785" Brunswick County Courthouse, Lawrenceville, VA.

Children of George Brewer and Sarah Lanier
1. William Brewer, b ca 1706 d ca 1773
2. Oliver Brewer, b 1708 d 1792 Chatham Co, NC
3. Henry Brewer, b 1710 d 1778 Chatham Co, NC
4. Nathaniel Brewer, b 1712
5. Sarah Brewer, b 1714 m ---- VICK
6. Lanier Brewer, b 1716
7. George Brewer, b 1718 d 1757 Northampton, NC
8. Nicholas Brewer, b 1720 Surry Co, VA d ca 1782 Brunswick Co, VA
9. John Brewer, b 1722-24 d 1763-67 Chatham Co, NC
10. HOWELL BREWER, b 1722-24 d Western Tennessee.
Child of George Brewer and Alice Burnwell
1. Burwell Brewer, b 1730 d 1799 Wilkes, GA m Elizabeth Patrick

Howell Brewer

HOWELL BREWER was born ca 1722-1724 in Surry County, Virginia, and died in Western Tennessee. He married (1) before 1753 to Rebecca Willis and (2) in 1757 to Marian May. In 1745-1757 he is mentioned in court records in Brunswick County, Virginia: in 1749-50 court records in Surry County (father's estate). In 1749 and 1754, Howell had land grants on Deep River in Bladen County, North Carolina. In 1763, he lived in Wikes County; in 1767-68 Bedford County, Virginian, and in 1769 had a deed to property in Orange County, North Carolina.

References: "Lanier" by Louise Ingersoll, "1790 Census", Randolph County, NC.

Children of Howell Brewer and Rebecca Willis
1. AMBROSE BREWER, b 1753 Brunswick Co, VA d ca 1855 Treadway, Hancock Co, TN
2. Ann Brewer, b 1753-54 Brunswick, VA d ca 1810 OH m Joseph Moon
Children of Howell Brewer and Marian May
1. Howell Brewer
2. Simon Brewer
3. Drury Brewer
4. Willis Brewer
5. Isaac Brewer, b 1763 Wilkes, GA d 25 May 1852 Talladega, AL
6. Reuben Brewer, b 1768-69 Chatham Co, NC d 22 Apr 1855 Clinton, OH
7. George Brewer, b 1788 Wilkes, GA d Clinton, OH m Martha Simms
8. Balaam Brewer, b 1815 OH d 1833 Clinton, OH

Ambrose Brewer

AMBROSE BREWER was born 1753 in Brunswick County, Virginia, and died ca 1855 in Treadway, Hancock County, Tennessee. He married (1) Ona Richardson, (2) Sarah Cobb, daughter of Frederick Cobb and Sarah ----, of Catham County, North Carolina, and (3) ---- Russell. In 1790 he was in Moore County, North Carolina, but had moved and settled on War Creek, Tennessee sometime during the next couple of years. In October of 1779, he was serving under Colonel Cleveland at battle of Kings Mountain. He was back in Moore County, North Carolina in the early 1800's, but it has been suggested that as he was an enthusiastic Whig, he incurred the wrath of his neighbors and was either encouraged to relocate in another state or run out of the area. By 1816, he was in Hawkings County . He was in the 1830 Hawkins County Census, the 1840 Census only shows his wife, Sarah, and children and neither are on the 1850 Hawkings County Census. He was with his son, Joab, in Claiborne County in 1840. He was the first Free Mason in Hancock County, Master Mason, Sneedville Lodge No 2775. He made his permanent home on War Creek. He was said to have had twelve sons. Due to an act Congress had passed on 9 June 1832, Ambrose (101 yrs old) on 15 January 1855 applied for a Revolutionary War Pension in Hancock County (R-1182-NC). He stated that he was a scout or a ranger with the scouting parties of Moore County, North Carolina, from the commencement of the war until peace was declared, two years or more. He served under Capt. Tabb, Capt. Maburn, Capt. Thurogood, Col. Litrell and Major or Colonel (Micajah) Lewis. His pension was denied (no reason given) which could have been from a disbelief of either his age or identity or perhaps he died while the application was still being processed. Whatever the reason then, there is certainly a list of defendants who have filled out the forms for the "Application for Membership to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution". Ambrose is buried on a hill near Cool Branch Church, 3 miles north of Treadway, Hancock County, Tennessee. In the DAR erected a monument at his gravesite.

A close relative recently had his DNA tested and confirmation was made of a direct line to Ambrose Brewer. I will not name the testing organization he used but there are many online with various prices and data bases. While the results did not clarify some questions we have about which line, (too many names the same, in the same time frame and location, fathers, brothers, uncles and/or nephews), the information did confirm relationship to Ambrose Brewer.

References: "1790 Census", of Moore Co., NC, "1830 Federal Census", Hawkins Co, TN, "1840 Federal Census", Hawkins Co.,TN Micro-Copy No. M-704 Roll #10, "Lanier" by Louise Ingersoll, "In the Ambrose Brewer Family" by James F. Bowman & Dr. Clinton Congleton, "Tennessee Records of Clairborne County Court Minutes 1839-1843", "Register of Deeds" Vol. S Date. Nov 1843- Sept 1846 Claiborne Co Tennessee, "Hancock County, Tennessee and Its People 1844-1989 Submitted by: Dora Brewer Bowlin. Assisted by: Benjamin Kyle Bowlin.

Children of Ambrose Brewer and ----
1. George Brewer
2. Ona Brewer
3. Samuel Brewer
4. JOAB H. BREWER, b 1781 NC d ca 1892
5. Lucinda Brewer, b 1783
6. Frederick Brewer, b 1784 d 19 Aug 1886
7. Ambrose Brewer, b 1788-98 NC m Elizabeth Cope
8. Pettyman Brewer, b ca 1790 d ca 1830
9. Howell Cobb Brewer, b 20 Oct 1790 Moore Co, NC d 19 Apr 1886 Owsley Co, KY
10. Millenton Brewer, b ca 1800 NC d 05 Mar 1871
11. Pleasant Brewer, b ca 1800 NC

Joab H. Brewer

JOAB H. BREWER was born 1781 in North Carolina, and died ca 1892. At a young age, his family moved to Hancock County, Tennessee. He married (1) Nancy Hammons and (2) Lydia Edwards. On 06 Aug 1811 lived on the Emery branch of Big War Creek in Hawkins County. In one of the deeds, the land is mentioned as being on the waters of Big War Creek, War Ridge, Clinch Mountain. From another deed, in January of 1838, the following sons were listed: Joab H. Brewer, Moab H. Brewer, Theodore H. Brewer and Claxton H. Brewer. In 1860, Joab Brewer was on the census in his son's, Oliver, household.

References: "Lanier" by Louise Ingersoll, "In the Ambrose Brewer Family" by James Bowman & Dr. Clinton Congleton, "1811 Tax Lists", Hawkins Co., Tennessee, Capt. Allen's Company, "1830 Clairborne Co, TN", "1840 Federal Census", Hawkins Co. TN, Micro-copy No. M-704 Roll No. 10, B. 1810, "1860 Federal Census", Hancock Co TN, Briar Creek District, No. 246, "Tennessee Records of Clairborne County General Index to Deeds, Vol. I 1801-1865 Grantor" prepared by In the Historical Records Survey p. 8, "Claiborne County, TN Marriages 1838-1868 p. 8, "Claiborne County, Tennessee, 1839 Tax List" Transcribed and Indexed for the Claiborne County Historical Society by Paul W. Lemasters, p. 28 District No. 7, "Register of Deeds", Vol .S Date Nov 1843-Sept 1846, "Hancock County, Tennessee, and Its People 1844-1989", p 91, Brewer, "Tennessee Records, Vol. I, Tombstone Inscriptions & Manuscripts", Complied by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen, 1933, "Tennessee Records, Vol 2, Bible Records & Marriage Bonds" Complied by Jeannete Tillotson Asklen, "1880 Tax List", Hancock Co., TN Part 2, East Tennessee Roots Vol. VI, No. 2.

Children of Joab Brewer and Lydia Edwards
1. Levi Brewer, m Sarah (Sally) Johnston
2. Thomas Brewer, m Ann White
3. Isham Brewer, b 1806 TN
4. Mary Jane Brewer
5. Mancial (Marshall) Brewer, b 1810 TN
6. Braxton Brewer, b 1814 TN
7. OLIVER BREWER, b 1817 Claiborne Co, TN d after 1860
8. Joab H. Brewer, Jr, b 05 Aug 1818 TN d 26 Feb 1910
9. Samuel Russell Brewer, b 1821 TN
10. Moab Hammons Brewer, b 25 Aug 1822 Hawkins Co, TN d 27 Nov 1902 Hancock Co, TN

Oliver Brewer

OLIVER BREWER was born 1817 in Claiborne County, Tennessee, and died after 1860. He married ca 1844 in Hancock County, Tennessee to Elizabeth Louisa Drinnon, daughter of Thomas Drinnon and Elizabeth Day. In the census records state that Elizabeth could not read or write but all of her children did attend school. Since many of the records were destroyed during this time, there is a good deal of controversy over what children and parents belonged to each other. Joab Brewer, age 79, was living with Oliver and his family in the 1860 census. I have taken this to mean that Joab is Oliver's father. Three of Oliver's daughters married first cousins, Ed, Jack and Jess Anderson.

References: "1850 Federal Census", Hancock Co TN, 33rd Subdivision, 14 Nov 1850 by S. Rose, "1860 Federal Census", Hancock Co TN, Briar Creek District, No. 246.

Children of Oliver Brewer and Elizabeth Drinnon
1. ELI BREWER, b 20 Oct 1846, Hancock Co, TN d 28 Apr 1930, Los Angeles, CA
2. George Brewer, b 1848 Hancock Co, TN. never married
3. Dorchas Brewer, b 1850 Hancock Co, TN m Ed Anderson
4. Emelia (Emily) Brewer, b 1850 Hancock Co, TN m Jack Anderson
5. Richard Brewer, b 1852 Hancock Co, TN
6. Elizabeth (Betty) Brewer, b 1856 Hancock Co, TN m Jess Anderson
7. Oliver Brewer, b aft Jun 1860. never married

Eli Brewer

ELI BREWER was born 20 Oct 1846 in Hancock County, Tennessee, and died 28 Apr 1930 in Los Angeles, California. He married Martha Jane Clark, daughter of Robert Clark and Rebecca Harris.

References: 1880 Soundex (Index) Virginia (Brewer-B-660) B-655 thru C-200 (K) Micro-copy No. T-776 Roll #13 Vol. 19 E.D. 40 Sheet 26 Line 40, "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties Volume II" by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales, Compiler.

Children of Eli Brewer and Martha Clark
1. Mary Francis Brewer, b 24 Nov 1870 Lee VA d 20 Oct 1966 Clinton, MO
2. William Charles Brewer, b 08 May 1872 Lee Co, VA
3. Elizabeth Doshee (Bessie) Brewer, b 23 Jan 1874 Lee Co, VA
4. Richard Emery Brewer, b 05 Apr 1876 Lee Co, VA D 1964 Sedalia, MO
5. ANDREW MARTIN BREWER, b 10 Dec 1877 Lee Co, VA d 22 Jan 1969 Oklahoma City, OK
6. Eli Edgar Brewer, b 28 Oct 1879 Lee Co, VA d Stillwater, OK
7. Sara Rebecca Brewer, b 28 Feb 1882 Cass, MO d CA
8. Ora Alva Brewer, b 30 Oct 1884 Pleasant Hill, MO d CA
9. Albert Nelson Brewer, b 23 Apr 1889 Deghton, KS d Oklahoma City, OK
10. Effie Lillian Brewer, b 19 Oct 1891 Belle Plain, KS

Andrew Martin Brewer

ANDREW MARTIN BREWER was born 10 Dec 1877 in Lee County, Virginia, and died 22 Jan 1969 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. "Mart" and Etta are buried in Fairlawn Cemetery, Stillwater, Oklahoma. He married on 28 Jun 1899 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma to Etta Mae Hale, daughter of George Hale and Sarah Rose. He homesteaded 320 acres in San Miguel County, New Mexico.

References: Homestead: No.126, 11 Nov 1916, Santa Fe, NM, 02126 & 010139, p 484, 320 acres, SW quarter of Section 25 & SE quarter of Section 26 in Township 13 North of Range 23, east of the NM Meridian, NM 5 Nov 1915 Patent No. 497482, San Miguel County, NM Filed & Recorded 31 Oct 1916.

Child of Andrew Brewer and Etta Hale
1. JESSE BREWER, b 10 Jan 1916 Corona, NM d 12 Oct 1964 Houston, TX

Jess H. Brewer

JESSE BREWER was born 10 Jan 1916 in Corona, Lincoln County, New Mexico, died 12 Oct 1964 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and is buried in Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parrish, Louisiana. He was married by Rev. A. J. Luck on 02 Jun 1938 in Tucumcari, Quay County, New Mexico to Isabelle Christine Anderson, daughter of James Anderson and Martha Thompson. Jesse graduated 23 May 1935 from Central High School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma University, Norman, Oklahoma. Somewhere between high school and college, Jesse changed his name to Jess H. Brewer and Isabelle dropped the Isabelle and went by Christine.

References: "Marriage Record Book No. 8", p 44, recorded 4 Jun 1938, married by A.J. Luck, Minister of the Presbyterian Church USA, witnessed by Mrs. N.H. Lasham & Mrs. A.J. Luck.

Children of Jess H. Brewer and Christine Anderson
  1. Ronald Frederic Brewer m Katherine (Ducky) Bel Garrison
    • Children of Ronnie and Ducky
      • Katherine (Kate) Bel Brewer
      • Karen Leslie Brewer
      • Lacy Elizabeth Brewer
      • Andrew Martin Brewer
  2. Sylvia Christine Brewer m Mario E. Barrionuevo
    • Children of Sylvia and Mario
      • Juan Manuel Barrionuevo
      • Cristina Susanna Barrionuevo
      • Monica Ines Barrionuevo
      • Nancy Angela Barrionuevo
  3. Beverly Dianne Brewer
  4. B. ELAINE BREWER m Glen A. Clow


Elaine Brewer

I was born BARBARA ELAINE BREWER. I was married by Pastor Odom at the United Methodist Church in Woodville, Tyler Co, Texas to Glen Allen Clow, son of Glenwood Wilbur Clow and Claytie Lee Shivers.

Children of Elaine Brewer and Glen Clow
1. Cynthia Ann Clow
2. Scott Allan Clow


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