Descendants of Michael Clark

Beginnings of the Clark Name

The Clark name is of great antiquity. A Boniface Clericus and a Thomas leClerk appear in County Lincolnshire, England as early as 1273. It appears in 1379 in the Poll Tax for the West Riding of Yorkshire as Robertus Clarke. (Bardsley: Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames)

Clark is an English surname which derived from Latin "clericus', meaning a learned person, one who could in olden times read and write. Early forms of this name were Clerck, Clerk, leClerk, "the Clerk, ie. the clergyman, a clerk in holy orders', Clerke, Clark, and Clarke. The surname is now almost universally Clark or Clarke. The professional form adhering to clerk.

Several different Coats of Arms are described in Burke's General Armory for the family of Clark, and two of the most widely used Coat of Arms are described.
ARMS: Sable three plates. No crest or motto are shown, owning to the antiquity of the grant.
ARMS: Argent, on a fesse between three crosses pattee, three plates.
CREST: A cross pattee or, between two wings azure
The second described coat of arms in shown in Mackenzie's Colonial Families of the United States of America.

The Clark family in Virginia is believed to descend from the Clarks who came to America by way of Barbados in the last half of the Seventeenth Century as indicated by the same family names.

References: "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties Volume II" by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales, Compiler

NOTE: Hereafter, however the Clark name is spelled in various documents unless it is a direct quote, the name will be spelled Clark in this document.


MICHAEL CLARK was born in England. He married Margaret ----. Michael's daughter-in-law's family came from the Isle of Wight, England. In 1699, probably to escape persecution suffered as Quakers, Sarah Moorman and her husband (Micajah Clark), her father (Zachariah) and three brothers (Thomas, Charles and Andrew) left Southampton on the ship, Glasgow. They landed on Barbados in the West Indies. There they joined a group to settle in South Carolina and established the first permanent Colony in that Province. A few years later the Moormans moved to Mansemond County, VA, in order to be near a Quaker Meeting. The Records of St. Peter's Parish prove that Thomas Moorman was in St. Peter's Parish and a processioner in 1689. It is probable that Sarah and her husband also moved with the Moorman family, as their children are born in Virginia.

References: "Louisa County Historical Magazine" Volume 11, Number 1, Summer 1979 p. 20.

Children of Michael Clark and Margaret ---- are
1. CHRISTOPHER CLARK, b 1654 England
2. Micajah Clark, b 1656 England m Sarah Moorman


CHRISTOPHER CLARK was born 1654 in England and died in VA. He married Elizabeth ----.

Children of Christopher Clark and Elizabeth ---- are
1. FRANCIS CLARK, b 1676 Hanover Co, VA d 1769/70 Louisa Co, VA
2. Christopher Clark, b ca 1680 d aft 14 Aug 1741 Louisa Co, VA m Penelope Johnston, New Kent Co, VA
3. Robert Clark, b 1682
4. Isaac Clark, b 1702 d ca 26 Feb 1787 Louisa Co, VA
5. Mark Clark, b ca 1723 m. John Haley

A Little Bit of History

"History of Louisa County, Virginia" by Malcolm H. Harris, MD p. 214

"The Quakers were the earliest Dissenters to come to Louisa County. They established meetings at several points, and from the records of the meeting at Cedar Creek in Hanover, they were closely allied. The Cedar Creek Meeting contains records of the meetings on both Camp Creek and on Fork Creek, as early as 1746. In 1748, the following are recorded as being of the Camp Creek Meeting: Charles Moorman and family, Sarah Ballard, Charles Clark and family, John Moorman and family, Charles Moorman and family, Benjamin Johnson and family, John Dougless and family, Edward Clark, Archilaus Clark and family, Samuel Bunch and family, James Johnson and family, William Ballard and family, William Haley and family, Francis Clark and family, Francis Clark, Jr. and family, Charles Clarke, Jr., George Taylor, and James Tate and family. Both of these Meetings had meeting houses in which they held their meetings. There was another Meeting under the Mountains and in this Christopher Clark was for some time overseer. In lower Louisa the following families were affiliated with the Cedar Creek Meeting: Micajah Clarke and wife Judith, Boling and Winfred Clark, George and Cicely Bell, Richard and Elizabeth Bloxom, Benj. and Agnes Johnson. James Crew who married Judith Harris also a member of this Meeting and a leader lived near the Louisa line. He was put out of meeting because he owned slaves. His daughter Judith was also turned out for marrying out the Meeting, her husband was Halcolm Hart, a Presbyterian."


FRANCIS CLARK was born 1676 in Hanover Co, VA and died 1769/70 in Louisa Co, VA. He married 20 Nov 1704 near Sedley, Southampton Co, VA to Cordella Lankford, born around 1682, daughter of John Lankford. Francis owned land in Louisa Co. St. Peter's Parrish, New Kent Co St. Paul's Parrish, Hanover Co and perhaps Orange Co. In 1744, it is recorded that Francis Clark was overseer of the Fork Creek Meeting, which was a satellite meeting of the Cedar Creek Meeting in Hanover County. On the 23 of March 1756, Francis Clark made deeds of gifts to his three sons, to John Clark-365 acres of land on which John then lived, to Thomas Clark-420 acres where resided, to Francis Clark-734 acres whereon he then lived and another tract of 534 acres. These deeds established the sites of the plantations of the several Clarks here mentioned, who resided in the Fork Creek section of Louisa County. In his will, dated 15 Jan. 1769, Francis Clark, mentions sons: Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Francis, Christopher and John, daughters: Agnes Haley, Sarah Clark and Ursula Clark. He leaves land to Isham Haley. He mentions a granddaughter Cordelia Haley, dau. of Elizabeth Haley, a grandson Francis Clark, son to John Clark. He does not mention his wife, so it is assumed she had died by this time. Exors: 3 sons: Joseph, Thomas and Isaac Clark. The will was witnessed by R. (Richard) Phillips, Jr., John Haley, Andrew Crew. It was dated 15 Jan 1769 and recorded 8 Jan. 1770.

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Children of Francis Clark and Cordella Lankford are:
1. JOHN CLARK, b ca. 1721 VA d ca 14 Aug 1774 Charlotte Co, VA
2. Joseph Clark, b ca 1721 Louisa/Hanover Co, VA d ca 11 Jul 1774 Louisa Co, VA
3. Francis Clark, b 1721/23 Hanover Co, VA d Nov 1799 Richmond, NC, m 14 Oct 1746, Caroline Co, VA, Christian Stone, dau of Nicholas Stone of Caroline Co, VA
4. Thomas Clark, b ca 1723 Louisa Co, VA d ca 1769 Louisa Co, VA m Elizabeth
5. Christopher Clark, b 1723 m Elizabeth Stone
6. Isaac Clark, b. ca 1724 d 1786 Louisa Co, VA
7. Agnes Clark m Isham Haley
8. Elizabeth Clark m William Haley
9. Ursula Clark


JOHN CLARK was born ca 1721 in Virginia and died in Charlotte Co, VA after the writing of his will on 14 Aug 1779 and before 06 Jun 1791 when the will was presented to court. He married ca 1744 to Ann Paulett, dau of Thomas Paulett and Semiramis Johnson. When Charlotte County was formed, John was living on the property so it is unknown when he settled there. He had a large estate and his will was very detailed. He 'lent' his lands to his 'beloved wife Ann' and after her death gave them to his son Robert. If she married, her son Thomas was to give her ten pounds per year for maintenance and support. Robert is not mentioned after the will was probated, so one can assume he had died.

References: "Charlotte County, Virginia Deeds, 1771-1777" by TLC Genealogy, "Charlotte County Rich Indeed" A History from Prehistoric Times Through the Civil War" Compiled by Ailsworth, Keller, Nichols & Walker, "encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy" William Wade Hinshay author, "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties, Volume II" compiler Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales, "Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book I 1765-1791" abstracted by Bel Hubbard Wise p 55 and "Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book 2 1791-1805" abstracted by Bel Hubbard Wise p 2.

Children of John Clark and Ann Paulett are:
1. Robert Clark
2. Thomas Clark, b 30 Jul 1746 Fork Creek, Louisa Co, VA
3. FRANCIS CLARK, b 05 Aug 1748 Fork Creek, Louisa Co, VA d 1810 Jonesville, Lee Co, VA
4. John Clark, b 03 Nov 1750 Fork Creek, Louisa Co, VA
5. Isaac Clark, b Fork Creek, Louisa Co, VA
6. Edward Clark
7. Elijah Clark
8. Sarah Clark, m ---- Porter (Poseter)
9. Nancy Clark
10. Paulett Clark, b Fork Creek, Louisa Co, VA


FRANCIS CLARK was born 05 Aug 1748 in Fork Creek, Louisa Co, VA and died 1810 in Jonesville, Lee Co, VA. He married 08 Apr 1769 in Charlotte Co, VA to Nancy Walker. Francis' birth was recorded in the Record Book Cedar Meeting, Hanover Co, VA. In the Federal Census for Virginia 1782 Charlotte County, Francis Clark is listed with a family of eight. Four of his children were probably born after this date. He purchased 100 acres of land on Wallens Creek in Lee County, VA on 26 May 1804 for $100 from Benoni Periman of TN. The deed was witnessed by Robert Clark, John Clark, and William Weaver, possibly a son-in-law. Francis Clark made his will April 12, 1810 in the Town of Jonesville giving his whole estate both real and personal to his 'beloved wife Nancy' with the exception of one dollar to each of his ten children. He appointed his wife, Nancy, and his son, Robert, as executors. The will was witnessed by Charles Noe, John McKeon and Holman Rice.

References: "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties Volume II" by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales and "Lee County Virginia Miscellaneous Wills 1793-1832" Will Book No. 1 p 37.

Children of Francis Clark and Nancy Walker are
1. ROBERT CLARK, b 10 Feb 1770 Jamestown, Charlotte Co, VA d 15 Oct 1857, Lee Co, VA
2. Nancy Clark
3. Susannah Clark
4. Polly Clark m William Weaver
5. Sarah Clark m Poseter.
6. Patsy Clark
7. John Clark, d IL m Margaret (Johnson) Wilson
8. Lucinda Clark m William Marshall
9. Ursula Clark
10. Juleelma Julia Elma Clark m Jonathan Bishop


ROBERT (Robin) CLARK was born 10 Feb 1770 in Jamestown, Charlotte Co, VA and died 15 Oct 1857 in Lee Co, VA. He married 03 Jan 1793 by Rev. William Mahon. in Charlotte Co, VA Judith (Judy) Weaver, daughter of James Weaver and Tabitha. Robert and his family moved to Lee Co, VA prior to 1802. On May 25, 1804, he bought 85 acres for $85 from Benoni Perryman on Wallens Creek in Lee County, witnessed by Francis Clark, John Clark and William Weaver. His father, Francis, was sold an adjoining tract. Robert and his wife joined the Thompson Settlement Baptist church in 1802. He was an active member and deacon in the church for many years. Robert Clark sold 63 acres in Lee Co, VA to Elisha Clark 26 Feb 1828. In November, 1842 Robert Clark requested the church to choose another deacon in his stead owing to his advanced age and bodily infirmity. Robert and his family lived on Wallens Creek in Lee County and both he and his wife are buried in what is known as the Robert Clark cemetery. Robert died of cancer.

References: "1840 Federal Census Lee Co VA" Micro Copy #704 Roll #18 p 116, "1850 Census Lee County, VA" by Rhonda S. Roberson, "Charlotte County, Virginia Marriage Bonds 1765-1863", "Marriage Bonds & Ministers' Returns of Charlotte Co., VA 1764-1815" Compiled & Published by Erine Lindsay Knorr p 16, "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties Volume II" by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales p 1015-16, "Lee County Va. Abstracts Deed Book No. 2 1805-181" by Reda Thornton Duckworth p 4, "Lee County Va. Abstracts Deed Book No. 3 1813-1820" by Reda Thornton Duckworth p 21, and "Lee County, Virginia, Court Records Volume I Death Records" Compiled by Ada Grace Catron.

Children of Robert Clark and Judith Weaver are
1. George Clark, b. Charlotte Co, VA m 12 Oct 1831 Eleanor Vandeventer
2. Lavinia H. Clark, b 30 Mar 1795 Charlotte Co, VA d 01 Aug 1886 Lee Co, VA m 03 Oct 1811 Elijah Bishop
3. John Clark, b 04 May 1799 Charlotte Co, VA d 1865 m 1822 Elizabeth
4. Nancy W. Clark, b 1801 Charlotte Co, VA d 1891 m William Bishop
5. ROBERT CLARK, b 25 Oct 1803, Lee Co, VA d 27 Feb 1882, Lee Co, VA
6. Lucy Clark, b 1806 d 1901 m James Sims
7. Alexander (Alce) Spotwood Clark, b 1808/10 d 1840 Prichett, Lee Co, VA
8. Martha Clark, b 12 Jul 1812
9. Ursula Clark, b 22 Aug 1815


ROBERT CLARK was born 25 Oct 1803 in Lee Co, VA and died 27 Feb 1882 in Lee Co, VA. He married about 1827 to Rebecca Harris, born October 6, 1803 in Harber, KY and died 22 August 1892 or 22 December 1899 of cancer of the face at age 84 in Lee Co, VA. Rebecca was the daughter of Benjamin Harris and Elizabeth Weaver. The census records indicated that Robert and Rebecca could not read or write. All of their children were born in Lee County and did attend school. His will, dated 06 Jan 6 1882, was proved 01 March 1882. A William Vandeventer was listed as a son-in-law in giving information about the death of Robert.

References: "1840 Federal Census Lee Co VA" Micro Copy #704 Roll #18 p 115, "1850 Federal Census Lee Co VA" Micro Copy #432 955 p 409 #1437-1492 District 31, "1860 Federal Census Lee Co VA" Micro Copy #653 Roll #1357 p 829, "1870 Federal Census Lee Co VA" Micro Copy #593 Roll #1658 #273 Joneville District, "1850 Census Lee County, VA" by Rhonda S. Robertson, "1860 Census of Lee County, VA" transcribed by Earl Edward Hobbs (SAA), "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties, Volume II" by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales, Compiler, "Lee County, Virginia, Court Records Volume I Death Records" Compiled by Ada Grace Catron, "Lee County, Virginia Death Register, 1854-1877" by E.M. Carpenter & H. B. Peters p 27, "Tombstone Inscriptions of Lee County, Virginia" compiled by Ada Grace Catron p 25, "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties" Vol II by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales.

Children of Robert Clark and Rebecca Harris are
1. Washington Clark, b 1825/29 d 13 Sep 1864 Camp Douglas, IL
2. William W. Clark, b 1830 m 05 May 1853 Nancy Welker Clark
3. Elijah Clark, b 1832 d bef. 1882 m Lucinda Couch
4. Robert (Bob) B. Clark, b 1834 d killed in Civil War m 1858 Lean ---
5. Barbara Clark, b 1836 m after 1860 Johnson Gilbert
6. Katherine (Kate) Simes Clark, b 28 Apr 1841 d 07 Apr 1925 m 05 Jan 1868 William (Jim) Vandeventer
7. David (Daniel) N. Clark, b 1843/44 d Jul 1934 Higginsville, MO m 15 Mar 1865 Martha E. Albert
8. Selina (Lena) E. Clark, b 26 Sep 1845 d 1892 m after 1860 William James
9. MARTHA JANE CLARK, b 26 Dec 1850 d 22 Aug 1921 Perry, Noble Co, OK.


MARTHA JANE CLARK was born 26 Dec 1850 in Lee Co, VA and died 22 Aug 1921 in Perry, Noble Co, OK. She married Eli Brewer, son of Oliver Brewer and Elizabeth Drinnon.

References: "1880 Soundex (Index) Virginia (Brewer-B-660) B-655 thru C-200 (K) Micro-copy No. T-776 Roll #13 Vol. 19 E.D. 40 Sheet 26 Line 40 and "Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia and Adjacent Counties Volume II" by Hattie Byrd Muncy Bales, Compiler.

Children of Martha Clark and Eli Brewer are
1. Mary Frances Brewer, b 24 Nov 1870, Lee Co, VA d 20 Oct 1966 Clinton, MO.
2. William Charles Brewer, b 08 May 1872 Lee Co, VA
3. Elizabeth (Bessie) Doshee Brewer, b 23 Jan 1874, Lee Co, VA
4. Richard Emery Brewer, b 05 Apr 1876 Lee Co, VA d 1964 Sedalia, Pettis Co, MO
5. ANDREW MARTIN BREWER, b 10 Dec 1877, Lee Co, VA d 22 Jan 1969, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK
6. Eli Edgar Brewer, b 28 Oct 1879 Lee Co, VA d Stillwater, Payne Co, OK
7. Sarah Rebecca Brewer, b 28 Feb 1882 Cass Co, MO d CA
8. Ora Alva Brewer, b 30 Oct 1884 Pleasant Hill, Cass Co, MO d CA
9. Albert Nelson Brewer, b 23 Apr 1889 Deghton, Lane Co, KS d Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK
10. Effie Lillian Brewer, b 19 Oct 1891 Belle Plain, Sumner Co, KS

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