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A Little Bit of History

In 1787 a man named John Price Posey set fire to the courthouse of New Kent County and burned it completely. He was hanged for his deed, but nothing could restore the Colonial records that told of the early days of New Kent, an enormous county in the 1600's, and the counties that were formed after 1654. These records included those of King & Queen County until 1691, King William County until 1702, Hanover County, Louisa County and Caroline County until 1728. Toward the end of the Civil War a number of counties had sent the records that had begun after the fire of 1787 to Richmond for safekeeping. These, also, were completely destroyed by fire when Federal forces burned Richmond in April of 1865.


Thomas Lankford

THOMAS LANKFORD died by 1718 and could have been the son of Edward Langford or an emigrant. Thomas did buy land on the south side of Dragon Swamp. It was in New Kent County at the time he bought it, but was on the northern border of King & Queen County when that county was formed in 1691, and when Essex County was formed a year later, Dragon Swamp provided the dividing line between the two for a distance of 20 miles or more. A deed in New Kent County in 1671 mentions Thomas' line "where he lives". In the will of Thomas Graham there was mention of land "now in the possession of Thomas Lankford" and orphans of James Turner. In Thomas' will, he named Samuel Jordon as his executor of his estate in New Kent County. In the will of Samuel Jordon of New Kent County, made 2 October 1718, proved 11 June 1719, John Fleming is to have the plantation of Thomas Lankford, deceased, and the management of his estate and the bringing up of his son Thomas.

References: "The Lankfords & Langfords of Virginia" by Bruce Montgomery Edwards, "Men of Matadequin", by June B. Evans, "John Lankford of King & Queen County", by Edward Langford, "Genealogy of Virginia Families", Vol IV.

Children of Thomas Lankford and ---- unknown ----
1. JOHN LANKFORD, b ca 1662 d ca 1741 Stratton Major Parrish, King & Queen Co, VA
2. Nicholas Lankford, b ca 1665 m Katherine ----
3. Steven Lankford
4.Thomas Lankford, d aft 1756

John Lankford

JOHN LANKFORD was born ca 1662, and died ca 1741 in Stratton Major Parrish, King & Queen County, Virginia. Nothing is known about John during his early life until 1704 when he was shown on the Quit Rent Roll for 100 acres in King & Queen County. On 2 Nov 1705, he received a grant to 228 acres "of which 186 acres had been bought by his father Thomas Landford, and 42 acres for the importation of one person, Elizabeth Trappo". He had inherited part of his father's estate and had purchased a head-right from someone who paid Trappo's passage to Virginia. This did not mean that the immigrant was anywhere near the property, or even in the county. She may, however, have been in John's household later - no one knows. The land was bought by John's father before 1691 while it was in New Kent, and the deed to it recorded in the courthouse there. It was available then for public record.

Reference: "The Lankfords & Langfords of Virginia" by Bruce Montgomery Edwards.

Children of John Lankford and ---- unknown ----
1. Martha Lankford, b VA
2. Thomas Lankford, b ca 1675-80 VA d New Kent Co, VA m Martha West
3. CORDELLA LANKFORD, b ca 1682 Hanover Co, VA d bef. 23 Mar 1756 Henrico Co, VA
4. John Lankford, b ca 1685 VA d 1736 King & Queen Co, VA m Rebecca Meek

Cordella Lankford

CORDELLA LANKFORD was born ca 1682 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died before 23 Mar 1756 in Henrico County, Virginia. She married on 20 Nov 1704 in the Black Creek Meeting of Friends, 8 mi. north of Franklin located near Sedley, Southampton County, Virginia to Francis Clark, son of Christopher Clark and Elizabeth ----. Francis was born 1676 in Hanover County, Virginia and died 1769-70 in Louisa County, Virginia.

Cordella's brother, Thomas, had been the first Lankford known to be associated with the Quakers, and Cordelia had followed him in requesting membership in the Friends.

Francis Clark owned land in Louisa County, St. Peter's Parrish, New Kent County, St. Paul's Parrish, Hanover County, and perhaps Orange County. In 1744, it is recorded that Francis Clark was overseer of the Fork Creek Meeting, which was a satellite meeting of the Cedar Creek Meeting in Hanover County. On the 23 of March 1756, Francis Clark made deeds of gifts to his three sons, to John Clark-365 acres of land on which John then lived, to Thomas Clark-420 acres where resided, to Francis Clark-734 acres whereon he then lived and another tract of 534 acres. These deeds established the sites of the plantations of the several Clarks, who resided in the Fork Creek section of Louisa County. In his will, dated 15 Jan. 1769, Francis Clark, mentions sons: Joseph, Thomas, Isaac, Francis, Christopher and John, daughters: Agnes Haley, Sarah Clark and Ursula Clark. He leaves land to Isham Haley. He mentions a granddaughter, Cordelia Haley, daughter of Elizabeth Haley, a grandson Francis Clark, son to John Clark. He does not mention his wife, so it is assumed she had died by this time. Executors: 3 sons: Joseph, Thomas and Isaac Clark. The will was witnessed by R. (Richard) Phillips, Jr., John Haley, Andrew Crew. It was dated 15 Jan 1769 and recorded 8 Jan. 1770.

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Children of Cordella Lankford and Francis Clark
1. JOHN CLARK, b ca. 1721 VA d ca 14 Aug 1774 Charlotte Co, VA
2. Joseph Clark, b ca 1721 Louisa/Hanover Co, VA d ca 11 Jul 1774 Louisa Co, VA
3. Francis Clark, b 1721/23 Hanover Co, VA d Nov 1799 Richmond, NC, m Christian Stone, dau of Nicholas Stone of Caroline Co, VA
4. Thomas Clark, b ca 1723 Louisa Co, VA d ca 1769 Louisa Co, VA m Elizabeth
5. Christopher Clark, b 1723 m Elizabeth Stone
6. Isaac Clark, b. ca 1724 d 1786 Louisa Co, VA
7. Agnes Clark m Isham Haley
8. Elizabeth Clark m William Haley
9. Ursula Clark

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