Here is the page for non-downloadable adoptions. The rules and form are at the bottom of the page. Happy adopting! Ladies are in bold, and adopted petz have a strikethrough.

Foon and Gelato's First Litter

Mezza | Ospo | Caliby | Ladifu | Leroy | Luzat
Average File Size: About 150 KB
Foon babies! I love Foon's babies because he's really low gen, so they have a ton of variety. Here we have some tabbies, a calico, a meezer, and an osh, along with a variety of body types. A bunch of these guys inherited their dad's orange eyes and tan fur, but a couple of them have their mom's fuzziness too. Leroy is frickin' adorable.

Elf and Sneak's First Litter

Pamee | Pointe | Sakute | Seabird | Paula | Fuzal
Average File Size: About 1,000 KB, untrimmed
There are so many oh-I-almost-kept-them kittens in this litter (I almost stole Pointe and Pamee)! They turned out great! Paula and Pamee both have cali patches- Pamee's are all white except for one tiny brown one on her front right paw. Lots of pretty green and blue eyes in this bunch.
Edit: It's been weeks and no one seems to want her, so I stole Pamee. :)

Hawk and Leap's First Litter

Tria | Empecee | Papat | Ohesu | Julida
Average File Size: Around 400 KB
A pretty ordinary looking litter. I like Empecee's colors. Papat looks almost exactly like her father.

Whiz and Blaise's First Litter

Teliod | Blaidan | Blanot | Jusdas | Wera
Average File Size: About 2250 KB, untrimmed
My second try at a gratuitous tamsin litter. Unfortunately, I stole the only puppy (Crim) who didn't look exactly like Blaise. I almost kept Blanot too 'cause I like his black eyes. And then there's Wera. I don't know where the dane mixies come from.

Whiz and Toledo's First Litter

Woteson | Tinton | Redtam | Radone | Fuzudo | Bulerdon
Average File Size: About 950 KB (untrimmed)
I really don't know what's going on with this bunch. Both of their parents are tamsins! I was going for a gratuitous tamsin litter and instead got a bunch of dali-bodied dane things. Oh well. They're cute. I stopped breeding the parents because a lot of the puppies look a bit similar. Fuzudo has his mom's orange coloring. Redtam is the only tamsin (though with bulldog ears) and she trots.

Beanstalk and Liss's First Litter

Adiv | Spotibul | Ofumut | Duebroy | Flopib
Average File Size: Around 200 KB
Adorable bulldog mixes. All of them love to show pose and look perfectly normal as adults. Adiv has this adorable bowleg thing going on. Ofumut has a dali body.

Cream Mutts

Fandron | Twinnan | Creon | Laska | Konam
Average File Size: Around 60 KB
The first litter of purebred mutts! I'm organizing them by color. These babes are all 8th generation, completely my lines, and with no hexed lineage or inbreeding. All of them are cream-colored with patches and they all have one selfie ear. Fandron has gray eyelids. This litter all have the same parents, but don't expect that for future mutt litters.

Rules And Form

  • Please keep "Deviant" in the show prefix. (Deviant/You's Blah Blah)
  • No AAC/download/etc.
  • Feel free to change their names, they're mostly jibberish anyway.
  • Feel free to change gender/eye color/eyelid color/etc.
  • All petz are freebies.

    To adopt, send me:

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  • Name of pet

    [email protected]

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