Flyers To Print & Distribute
You want to share the truth with family, friends and anyone who will listen, but how?  You have not memorized the Qur'an or Hadith
and you do not want to be caught in an error.  These three fold flyers are for you!  

    Is Islam Peaceful?  is intended to be the first in a series of informative pamphlets which you can print, fold and hand out to anyone
    able to read and willing to learn.  The pamphlet makes its case with relevant ayats & ahadith, and includes the URL to this site and to           USC's resources.  

   Islam Mercenary and Martial  quotes ayats and ahadith which prove, in a clear and undoubted manner, the true nature of Islam.                   [Replaced by HIJACKED.]

    Hijacked  Has Islam been hijacked??

   Christ Co-opted: Islamic Blasphemy proves that Muhammad made false representations of Christ and his disciples.

   Can Islam Be Reformed?  proves, by reference to the Qur'an & Hadith, that Islamic doctrine is fixed and immutable!

   Can Islam Be Valid?  proves, by reference to the Qur'an, its own fallacy, which  exposes Islam as a fraud.

   Islamic Misogyny  exposes Islam's dim view and mistreatment of women.  This flyer should be presented to any western woman who is      exposed to Muslim men as a warning against seduction & entrapment!

   Embrace Islam And You Will Be Safe.   Safe from what? An sample of Muhammads threats and follow through.

   Situational Scripture  delves into the Allah's special dispensation for Muhammad's lusts for women and plunder.

   Terror  reveals the ayats & ahadith which sanctify and exemplify terrorism.  

    Clinton Lied & Thousands died!   Compares President Clinton's malicious malarkey to expressed Islamic doctrines.

     Thousands Died & Bush Lied:    Islam is the enemy; Terrorism is its tactic!!

     Congress Debate Koran Petition :
a truncated version of the petition. The supporting sections are included. 6pgs. total.

       Parliament: Investigate Koran: Petition to British Parliament; can be used for Canada & Australia too. Supporting sections incl.  
      Is This Muslim Dangerous ?  Six questions you can ask a Muslim to find out if he or she supports terrorism.

      Open Letter to President Bush  Disrespectfully demanding designation of Mecca as default target. Includes more evidence than the

      Open letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights  Calls for rejection of demands by O.I.C. & Arab League
        for "hate speech" legislation by the U.N. Your First Amendment rights are in danger!!!

      The Roots of Islamic Terrorism  
Inquires into the true source of terrorism.  Includes extensive quotations from Islamic sources.

      Suggestions To The Crucified:  Two articles by Zack Lieberberg, translated by Yashiko Sagamori : Less than Zero &
      Suggestions to the Crucified
.  Each article is divided into two parts because of length.  This file will require four sheets of paper to         print.  Zack Lieberberg tears into several anti-Israel canards with full force.  He does not spare idiotic U.S. policies either.

    The flyers consist of PDF files.  Folds should be made 93mm from each end of an 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper (landscape mode) Print pg1, turn the paper over (do not flip end wise!) and print pg2.

Is Islam Peaceful?  


Christ Co-opted: Islamic Blasphemy

Can Islam Be Reformed?

Can Islam Be Valid?

Islamic Misogyny

Embrace Islam
And You Will Be Safe

Situational Scripture


Clinton Lied & Thousands died!

Thousands Died & Bush Lied

Debate Koran

Open Letter to President Bush
Open Letter to U.N. H.C.H.R.
Is This
Dangerous ?

Parliament: Investigate the Koran The Roots of Islamic Terrorism
Suggestions to the

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