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December 2005 Championship Show results and photos

Another hot humid December day in Qld for our 2nd December Champ Show - results below - a big entry which ran late into the night.
Thanks to our great committee and helpers and Steward, Kaye McGhie and Writer, Jeani Tobler.
Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all who entered.

Big Thank You to our Show Sponsors, Bayer for their kind donations, and our members who also donated to our Trophy Fund.

*Critique per class below*
Lehearn Kennels
 Entry 89



Baby Dog (3ent/0abs)
1.      Bunyarra Jump The Gun � G Kill
1st place: Blue Dog, Bunyarra Jump The Gun, very good type blue dog, short back, very compact, lovely head and expression, moved well, true and happy. He was my Baby in Show.

2.      Cobalt Ginger Snap � Worth
2nd place:
Orange Roan, Cobalt Ginger Snap, also good type, slightly longer in body than the winner but also moved well.

3.      Luvstar Carbon Copy � Campbell
3rd place:
Black dog, Luvstar Carbon Copy, very pleasing head would have liked a stronger topline which could strengthen as he grows older.

Minor Dog (4ent/1abs)
1.      Tarrendayle Got The Edge � Harm-Dennis
1st place: Blue Roan, Tarrendayle Got The Edge, correct short backed young dog, pleasing cat feet, shortcoupled correct neck flowing into well laid shoulders, very naughty hope he settles.

2.      Elsilanna Who Dares Wins � Houldsworth
2nd place:
Esilanna Who Dares Wins, This dog was a very close second to the winner, would have liked him a tad shorter in back.

3.      Arrunga Avenge � Boddy
3rd place:
Gold Dog, Arrunga Avenge very nice type just felt he had to come up a little more in leg.

Puppy Dog (3ent/1abs)
1.      Cobalt Seabiscuit � Masson

1st Place:
Orange Roan, Cobalt Sea Biscuit, very strongly muscled young dog, good forechest, pleasing eye and head kept his topline on the move.

2.      Watervaal Way Outta Line � Hansen
2nd place:
Blue Roan, Watervaal Way Outta Line, not quite the strength in body of the first place getter but a very appealing eye and head.

Junior Dog (6ent/0abs)
1.      Watervaal Hang Ona Mo � Hansen
1st Place: Black and White Dog, Watervaal Hang Ona Mo, this dog had a lovely dark eye with a very soft pleasing expression, a strong front with a correct lay of shoulder and well muscled hind quarters. Correct level topline which was kept whilst on the move, and his movement was true and happy.

2.      Lamorna Time Lord � Cross

2nd Place:
Blue Roan, Lamorna Time Lord, Smaller dog than first place getter, well put together, and moved correctly and moved correctly with a merry attitude.

3.      Luvstar Rocket Man � Lindemeier

3rd Place:
Black, Luvstar Rocket Man, strong young dog, very appealing expression, stronger in head than I would prefer, but could out and was not giving his best today on the move.
Intermediate Dog (10ent/1abs)
This was one of my stronger classes.

1.      Kokleone Kounterpoint � Peel/Love/Hutt

1st Place:
Black Dog, Kokleone Kounterpoint, Excellent quality, with balanced head soft expression, short back, merry dog on the move, moved with reach and drive, neck flowed into well laid back shoulders, beautifully groomed and presented, He easily won his class but when it came to the Challenge line-up, he let his handler and the judge down.

2.      CH Cockados Frontpage (Imp Swd) � Bruno/Fitzgeralds

2nd Place:
Blue Roan, Ch. Cockados Front Page, (Imp Swed), this boy had a slightly longer back and slightly longer foreface to skull. he had correct tight eye with a good lay of shoulder, well angulated hind quarters and moved with good tail action.

3.      CH Glenayden Melt Down � Harm-Dennis

3rd Place:
Blue Roan, Ch. Glenayden Melt Down, This dog was also a good type, but did not move as well as my first two places.
Aust Bred Dog (6ent/1abs)
1.      CH Acijay Hot Curry - Bygraves

1st Place:
Blue Roan, Ch. Acijay Hot Curry, this dog was excellent breed type correctly balanced head, pleasing expression, good flow of neck into well laid shoulders, well angulated front and rear, strong level back and firm body, correct tail set and moved with ease and drive.

2.      CH Apusapi Done Ya Dash � Sticher/Ugrinic

2nd Place:
Black Dog, Ch. Apusapi Done Ya Dash, Nice type , short and compact, carried his tail a little high which distracted from his outline on the move.

3.      CH Bifield Turn Up The Heat � G Kill
3rd Place: Black and White Dog, Ch. Bifield Turn Up The Heat, also a very good type with a good front, would have liked a little more length of leg.
Open Dog (4ent/0abs)
1.      CH Macdolly Augustus Leonart � K Morgan

1st Place:
Black Dog, Ch. Macdolly Augustus Leonart, This dog was well up to size, stronger head than I would have preferred, excellent coat very well presented a strong moving dog.

2.      GR CH Cobalt Dragonhart � Bruno
2nd Place: Blue Roan: Gr. Ch. Cobalt Dragonhart, this 6 yr old was not as strong in bone as the 1st placed dog, but was quite good type.

3.      CH Jocat Power Of Dreams � Hansen
3rd Dog: Blue Roan, Ch. Jocat Power Of Dreams, this Blue Roan was a very nice type, very close with second place but needed more work on his coat.

Challenge Dog � CH Acijay Hot Curry
Res Challenge Dog � Watervaal Hang Ona Mo
Baby Bitch (6ent/2abs)
What a lovely class of baby girls!

1.      Acijay Crimson And Clover � Hansen
1st Place: Orange Roan, Acijay Crimson and Clover, super little girl of correct type, short body, dark, tight eye, and moved as if she had been here before.

2.      Britebay Back In Black � Sticher
2nd Place: Black, Brightbay Back In Black, another "here I am Girl" with correct short back and correct coupling, sweet head and expression.

3.      Ashmere Keep On Dreamin � Duffield
3rd: Blue Roan, Ashmere Keep On Dreamin, another short backed well balanced baby of good type.

Minor Bitch (3ent/0abs)
1.      Cobalt Alice N Wondaland � Lukich
1st. Place: Blue Roan, Cobalt Alice In Wonderland, Excellent breed type, lovely front and forechest, head and expression, good tail set, I feel she should go a long way, good luck.

2.      Watervaal Playboy Bunny � Hansen

nd Place: Blue Roan, Watervaal Playboy Bunny, Another very good breed type, would have liked a shorter muzzle on her.

3.      Esilanna Poetry In Motion � Houldsworth
3rd Place: Esilanna Poetry In Motion, Good type just a tad longer in back than second place.
Puppy Bitch (5ent/1abs)
1.      Naktari Irresistebelle � Sawtell

1st Place:
Blue Roan, Naktari Irresistebelle, very good type, correct front assembly and angulation, pleasing head and expression, good dark eye.

2.      Lamoran Charmed Life � Cross
2nd Place: Lamorna Charmed Life, good type, slightly finer in muzzle, and not quite as true in front as 1st place getter.

3.      Watervaal Wishful Thinkin � Hansen

3rd Place:
Watervaal Wishful Thinkin, a little timid, nice type.
Junior Bitch (12ent/0abs)
1.      Cobalt Toy Story � Brown
1st Place: Orange Roan, Cobalt Toy Story, very good breed type, nice and short coupled, good neck into a well laid shoulder, well balanced with a most pleasing head and eye. Moved well and used her tail!

2.      Lamorna Black Pearl � Cross
2nd Place: Black, Lamorna Black Pearl, well balanced bitch, nice level topline which she kept whilst on the move. She had a very pleasing expression with a good tail set.

3.      Acijay Hot Onya Heels � Bygraves
3rd Place: Blue Roan, Acijay Hotonya Heels, also a very nice type but head not as good as the first two.

Intermediate Bitch (7ent/1abs)
1.      Kokleone Moonlite Sonata � Harm-Dennis

1st Place:
Black, Kokleone Moonlite Sonata, very good type, melting expression, correct neck flowing into correctly laid shoulders, very good spring of rib, good, strong body and correct tail set and carriage, should go far. 

2.      CH Bifield Drive Ya Krackers � G Kill
2nd Place: Blue Roan, Ch. Bifield Driveya Krackers, a bitch with very good head plains, nice short back and good forechest, just not quite the firmness of muscle of 1st place getter.

3.      Cobalt In Poppy Fields � Bruno
3rd Place:
Cobalt in Poppy Fields, just not quite the strength of body and head as the top two placings.

Aust Bred Bitch (7ent/0abs)
1.      Kokleone Koncerto � Peel/Love/Hutt

1st Place:
  Blue Roan, Kokleone Koncerto, this bitch took my eye as soon as she came into the ring. Very compact bitch with short back who moved well with good tail set and carriage, lovely head and eye well placed shoulders, with a good spring of rib, well muscled hindquarters, very well presented, super temperament and excellent breed type.

2.      CH Jyndel As Good As It Gets � T Davies
2nd Place: Black Bitch, Ch. Jyndel Asgood As it Gets, also good breed type, nice flow of neck into shoulders, slightly larger than the 1st place getter.

3.      Cobalt Winter Rose � Bruno
3rd Place: Orange Roan, Cobalt Winter Rose, this bitch had a very good forechest, just not quite as good in head as the first two

Open Bitch (7ent/0abs)
1.      CH Teemstar Starry Nights � T Davies
st Place:
Black, Ch. Teemstar Starry Nights, Black bitch on the low side of standard, but everything balanced and she moved well.

2.      CH Cobalt Infinity - Bruno
2nd Place, Blue Roan, Ch. Cobalt Infinity, this little bitch had a lovely straight front but did not move with the animation of the 1st place getter.

3.      CH Arrunga Allie � Boddy
3rd Place: Black Bitch, Ch. Arrunga Allie, appeared slightly longer in coupling than the first two and slightly bigger.

Bitch Challenge Line Up

Challenge Bitch � Kokleone Koncerto
Res Challenge Bitch � Cobalt Toy Story

Best In Show � Kokleone Koncerto
Reserve In Show � CH Acijay Hot Curry

Baby In Show � Bunyarra Jump The Gun
Opposite Sex Baby - Acijay Crimson And Clover

Minor In Show � Cobalt Alice N Wondaland
Opposite Sex Minor - Tarrendayle Got The Edge

Puppy In Show � Cobalt Seabiscuit
Opposite Sex Puppy - Naktari Irresistebelle

Junior In Show � Cobalt Toy Story
Opposite Sex Junior - Watervaal Hang Ona Mo

Intermediate In Show � Kokleone Moonlite Sonata
Opposite Sex Intermediate - Kokleone Kounterpoint

Aust Bred In Show � Kokleone Koncerto as per BIS
Opposite Sex Aust Bred - Ch Acijay Hot Curry as per RUBIS

Open In Show � CH Teemstar Starry Nights
Opposite Sex Open - CH Macdolly Augustus Leonhardt

Veteran In Show � CH Goldtag Luv On Time

Other Veterans entered:
CH Cobalt Tangerine Dreams - Bruno
GR CH Bifield Krack The Whip - Kill
CH Tarrendayle Tickle MeErni - Harm-Dennis

My four Veterans were all of excellent breed type. It was a very hard decision to have to chose one and the overall winner. Ch. Goldtag Luv On Time was my final choice, a beautiful deep Orange Roan Dog still with a lovely bright eye, appealing expression, head planes correct, beautifully muscled dog for his age (10 Yrs) and he still moved with reach and drive and displayed the true Cocker merry temperament.

Sire & Progeny � CH Cockados Frontpage (Imp Swd)

Dam & Progeny � CH Teemstar Starry Nights

Desexed � CH Cobalt Tangarine Dreams

Brace � T Davies Exhibits


Our Judge:
Edna Flynn

I wish to thank the committee for the opportunity of judging your Championship Show on the 10.12.2005.

A special thank you to all the exhibitors for their quality Cockers they presented to me on the day. I must say that all the dogs were presented to me in a professional manner, all very well groomed and all a pleasure on which to put my hands. My Best in Show winner was a sheer delight, a very feminine bitch of correct size. Everything for which I looked was found and in correct proportions.

My Runner up Best in Show, my Challenge Dog, was also a pleasure to judge, well muscled, firm body and moved at correct pace, I could not find anything on each of these winners I would like to change. The pure feminine size of the bitch was the reason for my placing the bitch over the dog.

All my class winners had excellent forechests, with good length of upper arm and front assembly correctly placed under the withers. Thank you all very much for a most enjoyable day.

Edna Flynn




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