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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°16

Date: October 27, 2001
Author: Jewlz
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Newsletter #16
Sent out: October 27, 2001
By: Jewlz!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope you enjoy this month's spooooooky newsletter! Here some great news and a triva test. I will post Part 7, the Final Conclusion of 'The Tardis Incident' in the next newsletter!!
- News <7 items>
- VCR Alert for November
- A-Team Actor Trivia Test!
News ::::::::

1. According to the imdb site, Dwight Schultz *did* appear in the premier episode of the series 'Dead Last' as The Pilgrim. If anyone caught a picture, please e-mail me. Also, Dwight is lending his voice for a few more video/ computer games.

*Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (2001) (VG) Simeon Tor
*Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000) (VG) (voice)
*Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins (2000) (VG) (voice) Wang Dahai
*Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000) (voice) .... Benge

2. Happy Birthday to Dwight Schultz who was born November 24, 1947!!!

3. As of 10-15-2001 from www.countingdown.com :::::

Wow...Top Cow is really trying to get high profile actors: "I have been recently told that the cast for the A-Team is being reworked as Top Cow is not comfortable in having a trillion dollar budget.

The movie is still scheduled to come out May 1, 2002.

Here are the Current casting ideas as of today:


Mel Gibson is still on the top of the list for the Colonel, but Producers have a few other choices incase They cannot afford Gibson's 25 million dollar Paycheck. Jack Nicholson has been courted to play Hannibal as have; Gene Hackmen, Tommy Lee Jones, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Although most of the candidates are older than the ideal Hannibal, producers feel that there is not alot of potential in the mid 50 aged group, without paying through the nose. There Has also been rumour of Arnold Schwarzenegger wanting the role, apparently he feels this film could revitailize his career. Producers are luke warm on the idea of having a Big Austrian Bodybuilder play a all american boy.

B.A. Baracas:

Although Micheal Clarke Duncan and Ving Rhames are still near the top of the list a few new candidates who are in a lower price range have been looked into. LL Cool J is being seriously considered as a major candidate, he is of roughly the same type of build as Mr.T was, can act and is hip enough to relate to the current audience. Bill Duke has also been mentioned in the audition process.


Brad Pitt has been bumped down on the list as producers are looking for a lower price actor. Rumours swirl of Brendan Fraser but the producers have started to look at Television stars who have a significantly smaller paycheck. Charlie Sheen, Dean Cain, Adrian Paul are all in serious contention. There is even a small faction of Top Cow that wants Dirk Benedict back in the role. They are rationalizing that if they had one of the original stars to anchor the film, it could help smooth things over with the Hardcore A-Team Fans. Although it is a well known fact that Benedict feels that a A-Team movie would be a mistake.


While Jim Carrey is still in contention, producers are being to admit that it would be severly costly to have 2 25million dollar men in one production, they point to HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS barely made any money after paying Ron Howard's and Jim Carrey's paychecks. A actor that just recently came out of the blue is Micheal "Batman" Keaton. Keaton known for either brooding characters with complex problems (Batman) or extremely insane nutbars who are always hyper and histerical (Beetlejuice, Multiplicity) is being toted high on the list. Being of a low to medium price range he seems to be a front runner. Jason Lee (Kevin Smith's New Jersey Series) is also being thought of as a young emerging talent who could capture Murdock's Wacky behaviour.

Kurt Russell is being considered for all parts of the A-Team except B.A. Baracas.

Harrison Ford has said that he isn't interested in the A-Team in a member role, but he has said that he wouldn't mind playing a villian like Colonel.Decker. "
Send me an e-mail and let me know who YOU would choose as the next A-Team hereos!! I will put your name and choice in the next newsletter!!!!!
4. The A-Team theme tune is available for mobile phones from www.mobilebob.co.uk if anyone's interested.

5. In the recent issue of Stuff Magazine with Pamela Anderson on the cover, there is a funny article on old TV stars, they have a picture of Murdock and a small write up about him.

6. Shookie informed me that::: Looks like it's gonna be "Mr T" on the cover of DVD 2, featured here at:


(not available in the US yet..)

7. Go to http://www.cannell.com/film/current_development.htm to read more about the A-Team movie, writers and directors.


You think you know everything about the A-Team actors? Try out these questions..

1. Which actor graduated from Towson State University?
a> Mr. T
b> Dwight Schultz
c> Dirk Benedict
d> Robert Vaughn

2. In the movie 'Freaked' which character did Mr. T play?
a> Mr. Strongman
b> A fireman
c> A bearded beautitian
d> An alien from Planet Venox

3. Which actor wrote, starred in, produced, and directed 'Five Days FromHome'?
a> Eddie Velez
b> Robert Vaughn
c> Kris Kringle
d> George Peppard

4. Which actor played a character on the show 'Fantasy Island' in 1983?
a> Dirk Benedict
b> Melinda Culea
c> Dwight Schultz
d> George Peppard

Stay tuned to the next newsletter for more TRIVIA!!!! ;D

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. B
That's all for now folks! If you know of any new cool sites, or have questions or comments, just e-mail me at :: [email protected]

As always..... stay on the jazzzzzzzz ...... and don't eat too much candy for Halloween this year.......... ;D

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