Site Inroduction, Design Credts And Contact Information
Site Inroduction and Design Credts

In 2001, H.M Ratboy set out to create an A-Team Website. Today, still wanted by the Internet Police, this site survives as The A-Team Web Art Site. If you have a website, if no one else can help, and if you can find it, maybe you can visit
The A-Team Web Art Site.

Must do somthing about that opening paprgraph ;-). Welcome to one of the internets longest running maintained A-Team Fansites, online now since October 2001. The idea behind the original version of my site was to create and offer something abit more unique than the traditonally designs fansites available for viewing on the web. So I came up with the idea of creating an art based site that focused mainly on graphics for use on your computer or website. Unfortunatly back then I had absoulutly no knowledge of web programming languages, so the site was created using an online WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor courtesy of Geocities, which out of no disrespects to Geocities does'nt allow you to create anything to impresive.

January 2002, After a few months of updates, some basic animated Gifs, webpage background tiles and wallpapers the site was proving to be resanobolly popular. Due to changes Geocities were making to there free hosting service mainly lowered bandwidth which meant that the site was down more often than it was online This prompted the sites first re-vamp carried out again using the WYSIWYG editor combined with some basic knowledge of HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) allowed for me to remove alot of unwanted graphics which meant that both bandwidth and loading times were greatly improved.

Along came 2K3, A year of updates and an much advanced knowledge of web programming and graphics allowed for me to create a much better site. Updates tought out this year included additional web graphics and wallpapers, with the introduction of such items as a guest book, opinion poll and handheld multimedia.

Now in its third disguise, visitors to the second version of my site will be aware that I have undergone some quite radical changes in this version, my much developed knowledge of web programming and graphics has in fact allowed for me to completly rewrite the site and start again I still have a great deal to learn but hopfully you will not only enjoy viewing the new site but also find it easier to navigate. Alought I have started again from scratch I've not yet added any new content with the exception of "news bites" such items will be left until I have had chance to fully check the operation of the new design. Eventually I would like to introduce things like a Forum which appear to be very popular.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you enjoy viewing my site.

Site Intro, Credts And Contact Info
 Site Credits:

Firsty I would like to thank all of the software companies/writers and websites concerned in the creation of this website for who's services and products I have not only enjoyed using but would not have been able to have created this site without.

Site Programing:-
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Website Hosting:-
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Arachnophillia v4.0 - Careware Editor By Paul Lutus
overLIB 3.50 - Written By Erik Bosrup
Jasc PSP 7.0, Adobe PS 7, ULead GIF Animator 5 & ACDSee
Yahoo Geocities - FREE website hosting services and more.
WinZip & WinRAR - File Compression Software
eXTEReMe Tracking & Yahoo Groups
Yahoo Geocities - Free Polls, Stats, Guestbook & Much More
Microsoft IE 6.0 & Mozilla Firefox 1.5.0
My Little Scripts - Written by Francisco Charrua

I would like to thank the following people, websites, E-zines, and other miscellanious sources, which have served as excellent source of research materials for many of the sites pages.

Character Biographys & Profiles: A-Team Episodes, TV Land, Universal Video packaging, A-Team episode scripts and Wikipedia.

Cast Biographys & Profiles: The A-Team Files (Fanzine), On The Jazz (Fanzine), IMDB, Universal Studios (Video packaging) and Wikipedia.

A-Team vehicles: Christopher Bender (The A-Team Files, Fanzine), Wikipedia and a special thankyou to David Judski of Roger's Corvette Center for the reproduction of the Corvette Specifications and options information.

A-Team weaponry: Justin T. Huang (The A-Team Files, Fanzine) and Wikipedia.

Episode Guide: A-Team Episodes, (Usenet Newsgroup), (Usenet Newsgroup), TV Tome, IMDB, Michele Lellouche (The A-Team Files, Fanzine), Universal Studios (Video packaging) and a special thankyou to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) for allowing me to reproduce their Advice For Consumers information.

A-Team Articles/FAQ: On The Jazz (Fanzine), Daredevils Magazine, 16 Magazine, Radio Times Magazine,, Official Dirk Benedict International Fan Club Newsletter, Hitkrant Magazine, Star T.V. & Film Annual, TV Guide Magazine, Encore Magazine, E! Online, Look In TV Annual,, and Wikipedia.

Lastly thankyou to you the visitor for not only taking the the time to view my website but for all of your feedback and conrtibutions which I hope will continue. Last but by no means least those sites that have either placed a link or taken part in an affilation program with H.M Ratboys A-Team WebArt Site.

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