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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°17

Date: Decemeber 24, 2001
Author: Jewlz
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Newsletter #17
Sent out: Decemeber 24, 2001
By: Jewlz!

Hello again! I hope everyone will have a great holiday this year. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone!!! Be nice and maybe you'll get some goodies. :)

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- Story Time::: Part 7 of 'The Tardis Incident'!!!
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Here is Part 7, The Final Conclusion, of a story sent to me from Elizabeth Hensley. If you like this, you can go to her site and read more of her fanfiction. Go here for her fic:: http://www.gigglesfromheaven.org

The Tardis Incident :: Part 7 Written by Elizabeth Hensley and Tina Vogt.

Previously in this exciting A-Team epic adventure:::::

Murdock winced. "I couldn't stand the stress! Do you realize how much time they spend just running from Decker and how hard it is to live when almost the whole world is against you?"

The Doctor nodded. "I know the feeling."
"It works out all right." Murdock grinned. ''And besides the fact that they need a rest from me once in a while, I need a rest from them too-time to get back in contact with my voices and my other friends the rest of you can't see or hear. Everybody needs that sometimes, I've noticed, but schizophrenics need it more than most."

The Doctor shrugged. "Then so be it, Murdock. I'm taking you home. They're going to be all over you with questions, though. You do realize that?"

Murdock shrugged. "I know. They always are."

"This time they really will be, though. You landed the shuttle. Are you sure you can handle all the questions?"

Murdock sat down on the floor and gave K-nine a hug. Billy, George, and the little ones lay down lazily beside him. The little robot's antenna tall wagged. He nodded. "Ah, yes." He yawned. 'I won't have too much trouble with them. I'll tell the truth, all of it. Who'd believe me? And when I've had enough of them I just won't talk to anybody at all. I can keep that up for weeks. Except, of course, I will talk to my critters, and maybe if I feel like it. I might talk to Dr. Richter."

The Doctor nodded sadly. "You don't have much need for others do you?"

Murdock grinned slyly. "I do not have needs. I simply have."

The Doctor's eyes twinkled. "There is a kind of gentle wisdom in your madness. Did you really see an angel?"

Murdock gazed at the Time Lord calmly, brown eyes to blue. A Mona-Lisa-like smile crossed the lunatic's face. "Guess."

The Doctor smiled. "I believe you really might have done so. Angels do exist even if they are only missionaries and protective agents from other worlds. I've seen enough of the universe, Murdock, to retain my sense of wonder. There are three stages in the quest for faith. There is childlike faith, and then there is adolescent disillusionment, and then there is the explosive regaining of wonder and faith backed by scientific proof that there is more than enough to wonder about."

"A flower is a miracle, Murdock. A flower also is a biological, biochemical factory for synthesizing light into solid organic matter. I know that, but it is still a miracle! And in a way every sapient brain is a biological, biochemical factory for synthesizing light into solid matter. A fragile piece of glass reflects the same light that a strong powerful diamond or ruby reflects. A piece of much weaker plastic will also reflect the same light. Not everybody can be a diamond; some of us are fragile and weak like plastic and glass, but we all synthesize and reflect the same light. So it is with your shaky perceptions of reality."

Murdock had one of those feelings that come only so often in a person's life, when the universe suddenly becomes understandable. "Weee!" he exclaimed. "I'm a pop bottle!"

Now why was the Doctor suddenly laughing so hard? Murdock was quite unable to figure it out. After all, he was dealing with an alien mind here, one quite uncomprehensible by human standards.

The Doctor put his arm around Murdock, his eyes brimming with affection. "Hang on, lunatic. I'm taking you home!"

Hearing a thumping noise coming from Murdock's supposedly empty room, Nurse Mary Johnson opened the door and got the surprise of her life. There, in his own bed, lay Howling Mad Murdock with his hands behind his head and his baseball cap perched at a cocky angle. He gave her a grin worthy of the Cheshire Cat.

"Mr. Murdock!", she exclaimed. "You're back!"

He gave her a wide-eyed stare. "You mean I've been gone?" In a fair imitation of the chief psychiatric resident's voice, he said, "Tell me, just when did you start having these delusions?"

"I'm not having delusions. You've been gone for weeks. We have looked high and low for you!"

"Did you find me?"

"No. I just said we didn't."

Murdock's eyes widened with horror. "You mean I'm still missing?!" He felt himself all over to make sure he was really there.

"Yes. No. I mean NO! Oh, I don't know what I mean! You're getting me as confused as you are!"

Murdock nodded in acknowledgment of the dilemma. "You know, I've been gone before! Sometimes I'm gone even when I'm still here!" Suddenly a voice spoke behind her and she spun around.

"Hullo." The person before her had to be a patient. He was quite tall and, despite the heat wave, was dressed in a long red coat and a wool scarf that seemed to stretch into forever, winding its way into the large blue box standing firmly in the middle of Murdock's room. His blue eyes seemed to be looking everywhere at once and he was constantly in motion. A floppy brown hat was perched on a tangle of brown curls.

"Excuse me, Sister, I mean nurse." He was making sweeping motions with his arms as if encouraging a pack of small animals, only nothing was there! "You're standing in their way."

"Oh, sorry!" Bemused Nurse Mary stepped out of "their" way.

This one seemed to have more hallucinations than Murdock. "Shoo Shoo!" he was saying as he gestured. He gazed at Murdock. "Is this all of them?"

"I think that's all, Doctor." Murdock looked around his room happily, glad to be back again.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, they're all here. All six of the little ones, George. And Billy too, of course."

"Of course." The Doctor looked over at the nurse who was looking back with a peculiar statement. ''I can't have Murdock's psychic manifestations wandering about the Tardis, now can I?"

Mary took a careful step back. "I-I guess not. Uh, you've just arrived, haven't you?"

The Doctor tipped his hat. "Yes, madam."

"Who are you?"

"Ah, who indeed," he replied cryptically. "I'm the Doctor." He took a step forward and grabbed her hand, pumping it several times.

"Is your room on this ward?" she asked, knowing well that it must be.

The Doctor straightened to his full height and gave her an indignant blue-eyed stare. "Nurse, my room isn't even in these dimensions!"

Mary nodded knowingly. "We have many people like you in this facility."
"You don't say? Well, I have to be on my way. Someone must be expecting me somewhere, somewhen." He shook Murdock's hand.

Murdock, not one to be so formal, suddenly gave the Doctor a big bear hug.
Delighted, the Doctor returned it. "Goodbye, Murdock."

The Doctor ducked into the Tardis and slammed the door. It opened a split second later. Tipping his hat to Nurse Mary, he declared, "Good day, nurse. And have a pleasant afternoon." And then he was gone!

The strange blue box suddenly started emitting the most awful noise and a little white light on the top flashed off and on.

And then it faded away. It simply wasn't there anymore!

Nurse Mary Johnson shrieked. "What was that?!!"

Murdock, from his position on the bed, gave her a wide-eyed, innocent stare. "What was what, nurse?"

"That blue box! It just disappeared! One minute it was here and then it was gone." She started backing toward the door.

"Blue box? Here?" Murdock replied. He walked around the startled nurse and opened the door, making as if to leave. "Ma'am, I'm afraid you need this room more than I do!"

Nurse Mary Johnson shook herself out of the near trance into which her subconscious had begun to retreat. "No. No. I'm perfectly all right. I must be imagining things. Watching too much science fiction, most likely!"

That's all for now folks! If you know of any new cool sites, or have questions or comments, just e-mail me at :: [email protected]

As always..... stay on the jazzzzzzzz ......

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