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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°15

Date: September 8, 2001
Author: Jewlz
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Newsletter #15
Sent out: September 8, 2001
By: Jewlz!

Hi everyone! Sorry about last month, real life got in the way again.... anyhow, I got some great stuffs for ya!

- News
- VCR Alert for September
- Website of the Month
- Story Time::: Part 6 of 'The Tardis Incident'!!!

The only real news I have this month is that Dirk Benedict may be in the new Battlestar Galactica movie. Also, I found a rumor that Dwight Schultz was in the premier epiosde of the new WB show 'Dead Last' as a ghost, but I can't confirm it. If anyone has more info, please let me know. In the meantime, go check out BG2:::: http://www.dirkbenedictcentral.com/BSG2.html

Website of the Month!!!!! :)

This great site was sent in by ch falls:

Here is Part 6 of a story sent to me from Elizabeth Hensley. If you like this, you can go to her site and read more of her fanfiction. Go here for her fic:: http://www.gigglesfromheaven.org

The Tardis Incident :: Part 6 Written by Elizabeth Hensley and Tina Vogt.
Previously in this exciting A-Team epic adventure:::::

"It's not the landing strip at Kennedy, but it's close," Murdock said sadly. When it came to flying, Murdock was a perfectionist.

Faceman spoke very gently. "Pal, it s a miracle just as it is. Maybe you CAN see angels."

"Landing gear," Murdock exclaimed. "It would be nice if I could find the landing gear. Ah, there they are."

The wheels went down just in the nick of time, and the huge shuttle came to a rather rough but safe landing in front of a sign that said, 'Drive Carefully-Panther Crossing.'

Murdock read the sign. "Here, kitty, kitty. Here, kitty, kitty."

Hannibal patted him on the shoulder. "Nice job, Murdock!"

They opened the cockpit door, scrambled out, and jumped to the ground. It was about the distance of a two story house. They rolled as they fell, and managed not to injure themselves. Murdock started looking around. "Hannibal, you see any big kitties here? I didn't run over any, did I?" He was more concerned about the panthers than he was about their own predicament.

But Hannibal and the Faceman were not as worried about kitties as cops. Theycould hear the sound of sirens coming. "They tracked us!"

Faceman groaned.

Hannibal nodded. "Of course they would. Friends, we're going to have to get out of here."

The Faceman shuddered. "How, Hannibal? We're surrounded by swamps, alligators, big kitties, snakes, and the ghosts of lost Indians that thought THEY could find their way around!"

Murdock gazed about him with a slightly lost look. "Maybe I could ask one ofthe ghosts for directions. I speak a little Seminole. I picked it up from the ghost of a Swedish watchmaker that liked Indians. He died in the V.A. and kept haunting the place 'cause he liked it. I've had some interesting conversations with him."

Hannibal grinned ruefully. "I don't doubt it."

Face was scared. "Hannibal, think fast. Those sirens are getting closer!"

Murdock started patting the tire of the shuttle. "Nice baby! I'm glad we got you down safe."

Faceman shook his head. "That won't do any good! They'll still arrest us."

Murdock's eyes took on their usual wildness. "Try hugging the shuttle, Face. Then they'll take you to a hospital instead of to jail. The food is better and the walls are thicker there."

Faceman gazed thoughtfully at their resident madman. "Hannibal, he may have a point. How do you speak schizophrenese?"

Suddenly there was a familiar wheezing, groaning sound.

"The Doctor!" Murdock crowed.

The Doctor materialized his Tardis next to the panther sign. He came out doffing his hat. "Cheerio, everybody, would you like a lift somewhere?"
Hannibal, the Faceman, and Murdock looked at one another and started laughing.

Hannibal flashed a cheery grin at his little family. "You know I'm going to say it."

"We know, said Murdock and the Faceman.

Together they all proclaimed, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

The Doctor exclaimed, "We'd better get out of here quickly."

He darted back into his big blue box and the Faceman and Hannibal followed.

Murdock took a little longer. "Just a moment, everybody, I've got to load my critters." Murdock continued gesturing. "Hurry up, you guys! Get in, Billy! That's a good dog. You too, George! Now come on, Daisy, Buttercup, Mugglewump, Sebastian, McDuff, and Rasputin! Don't dawdle. That's right!"

The Doctor's buggy blue eyes bugged out even further as he stared at the gaggle of baby dragons that were prancing like kittens into his marvelously mixed-up time machine. "My word! I do say! She's had a litter!"

The Doctor gave Murdock and the rest of his passengers a delighted grin, and pushed a few buttons on the Tardis console.Then he started flipping more switches and pushing more buttons, dancing like a huge pixie around his console. "Where do you want to go? I can take you anywhere anywhen."

"Waikiki Beach!" said Faceman and Hannibal together.

Suddenly there was a strange, angry-sounding growl coming from parts elsewhere in the Tardis.

Hannibal grinned. "Sounds like B.A. is back among the living."

The Doctor led them through a door and down a corridor, then through another door.

B.A. was sitting up in what looked like a hospital bed and staring in horror at K-nine, who was at the doorway returning the stare.

"Do not feel fear," the little robot suggested. "I have been commanded only to interfere with you if you endanger the ship or one of its inhabitants, and if you do, I am commanded only to stun you. Your life is in no danger."

"What's goin on?! B.A. wanted to know. 'Where am I?"

"Aboard the Tardis," the Doctor explained cheerfully.

B.A.'s eyes widened. "Are we still in orbit?"

The Doctor smiled. 'Only in the sense that the Earth is in orbit about the sun and the sun in orbit about the galactic wheel and the Milky Way in orbit with the rest of the familiar galaxy group about...."

"In other words, you're on terra firma," Murdock interrupted gracefully. "Good old Mama Earth, the Big Blue Marble, the little holy dust speck upon which we mere Earthlings reside..."

B.A. glared at Murdock and gave him a threatening growl.

K-nine looked up, expecting to be needed, but Murdock wisely shut up in mid-sentence.

"We're headed to Waikiki Beach," Peck told B.A. soothingly. "That'll give usa chance to calm our nerves after all of this. Doctor, are you going to join us?"

The Doctor cocked his head, carefully asking himself if he wanted to go. His face brightened. The answer was yes. "Why, I do believe I'd like to! Wouldn't you, Sarah?"

Sarah gave the Doctor a pixilated grin. "I would love it, but this time I would like to know where we are going to end up before I go Doctor!"

The Doctor went back to his control room. He pushed buttons, he flipped switches, he danced around his central control column, he muttered curses underneath his breath, and he made beseeching gestures at the rotor. Finally the Tardis wheezed to a halt.

No one breathed as the Doctor flipped on the view screen...to show nothing but sand and an ocean so blue Leonardo da Vinci could have painted it.

The Doctor gazed at his console screen, gasped, and exclaimed, "Waikiki Beach! ! !"

Sarah leaned back against Hannibal. "Catch me. I think I'm going to faint!"

They spent two glorious weeks soaking up the sun, playing frisbee, swimming, and undersea walking using an old sponge diver's suit that the Doctor had acquired somewhere during his eons of traveling. Peck exercised his con man skills explaining to beautiful beach ladies that, "No, you can't come to my place because it's too small, but I'd love to go to yours."

Murdock had a wonderful time socializing with everybody real and unreal. Billy and the dragons had a great time too, except the little ones got a bad case of sunburn. The Doctor got some aloe vera juice from somewhere in the innards of his gigantic time machine and Murdock spent a happy time rubbing it on the bellies of the little dragons. They purred and snuffled and wiggled their feelings of joy at receiving the soothing ointment. Rasputin especially loved it and kept coming back for more.

But even a vacation can become boring if it goes on too long. Nobody aboard the Tardis-not even Templeton Peck-could stand too much of paradise for long, and so the time came when they all agreed to leave and go their separate ways.

The Doctor dropped B.A. back at the day care center where he often volunteered.

He dropped Face and Hannibal off in Hollywood just in time for Hannibal to get the lead in still another Aquamaniac production.

Then the time came to drop off Murdock.

The Doctor stared at his rather eccentric friend and his dog and his gaggle of dragons. "Quite frankly, I'm puzzled. Murdock, don't you realize I can take you anywhere and anywhen in the universe, and you want to go back to a mental hospital?"

Murdock gave him a gentle grin. "Ah, well, Doctor, my shrink is trying to help me, and besides, I'm very lucky. I know how to be creatively crazy enough to stay there. These days that's the rub, you know. It's not too hard to get in if you re a vet, but it's darn near impossible to stay in unless you're very, very crazy or very, very clever."

"Or both," suggested Sarah.

"Or both," Murdock admitted. "Too many lunatics these days have nowhere to go. They go in, get sedated, and then get kicked out again. That's why so many of them are wandering the streets and why so many of them get dangerous. Any group of homeless, unwanted people gets dangerous from frustration and hunger after a while. I'm lucky to have a place to go."

Sarah was still puzzled. "But you could stay with your friends."

Murdock winced. "I couldn't stand the stress! Do you realize how much time they spend just running from Decker and how hard it is to live when almost the whole world is against you?"

The Doctor nodded. "I know the feeling."

"It works out all right." Murdock grinned. ''And besides the fact that they need a rest from me once in a while, I need a rest from them too-time to get back in contact with my voices and my other friends the rest of you can't see or hear. Everybody needs that sometimes, I've noticed, but schizophrenics need it more than most."

The Doctor shrugged. "Then so be it, Murdock. I'm taking you home. They're going to be all over you with questions, though. You do realize that?"

Murdock shrugged. "I know. They always are."

Read THE FINAL CONCLUSION to this story in the next newsletter!!!!!
If you know of any new cool sites, or have questions or comments, just e-mail me at :: [email protected]

As always... stay on the jazzz......

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