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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue N°14

Date: June 29, 2001
Author: Jewlz
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Newsletter #14
Sent out: June 29, 2001
By: Jewlz!

Hi everyone! Got some great news for you today! :)

-News about new 'Battlestar Galactica' movie and series
-VCR Alert for July
NEWS :::::::::

Taken from Sci-Fi Channel.com:::::

June 29, 2001
Fox Orders Galactica Telefilm

Fox has ordered a two-hour Battlestar Galactica movie from Studios USA, based on the 1970s series, which will stand as a pilot for a proposed Galactica series for the 2002-03 season that will run jointly on Fox and The SCI FI Channel, Sarah Timberman, president of Studios USA Programming, announced. As previously reported, X-Men director Bryan Singer will helm and will also executive produce with Tom DeSanto, Dan Angel and Billy Brown. "We're tremendously excited to be bringing the originality and immense talent of Bryan Singer, Tom DeSanto, Dan Angel and Billy Brown to bear on reinventing what was clearly such a pop culture phenomenon," Timberman said in a statement.

The next-generation Galactica will be set after the seventh-millennium time frame of the original series, which ran on ABC from 1978-80. "Our goal is to take the Galactica franchise and move it forward in both style and character, while bringing the scope and sensibility of epic science-fiction filmmaking to the small screen," Singer said in a statement.

Studios USA is a division of USA Networks, which also owns SCIFI.COM and The SCI FI Channel.

Also from June 29, 2001
Galactica May Revive Roles

Dan Angel and Billy Brown--who will produce and run The SCI FI Channel's upcoming Battlestar Galactica series--told SCI FI Wire that the proposed series will feature some characters from the classic 1970s Galactica TV series. "Some of the characters will be revived," Brown said in an interview, but declined to say which ones. Added Angel, "All that is in discussion stage right now, but absolutely, the intention is to keep in the spirit of what was there before and to preserve--as Billy said--what was there."

Angel and Brown will run the series, which is being developed with X-Men producer Tom DeSanto and director Bryan Singer. "Hopefully, what we're trying to aim for is, there will be new characters, there will be some of the old characters," Brown said. "But since it's not totally written and totally signed off on--and also because there's such a huge fan base we don't want to get out false rumors and have people, like, go crazy. But I think one thing we can say is that we're very much aware of the old fans. We want to honor the old show. We don't want to violate anything. It's like, if you watch the show, you're not going to go, 'Oh, well, they totally contradicted what was in the old show.' There won't be any contradictions, but there will be a taking it further and taking it further in time."

Brown added that he and Angel were working on the script for a two-hour pilot for the series, which will advance the original storyline. "It does take place in a not-so-distant future from the end of the old show," Brown said. "It's going to be a sprawling, family saga that is set amongst the travails and adventures of the human colony."
Also, here is more news on Dirk's cruise!!

From Cruisin' with Susan::::

Cruise Information:

If you're looking for a Great Vacation, or if you're interested in meeting like-minded men and women and learning Information you can use, we'd like you to join us for this once in a life time opportunity to sail with Dirk Benedict. We've put together a program that will give you insightful information, meet new friends, and learn something new about yourself´┐Żwhile you're having fun.

The Caribbean in January is a delicious treat for those of us in the depths of winter. We'll be taking you to some of the most exquisite beaches in the world (see the Port-of-Call list) where you can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, sail or kayak, explore, or just stretch out on the sand in the warm sun. The cruise line itself, Holland America, never fails to astound anyone. The accommodations are excellent, the food extraordinary, and the service impeccable. Our special program on board offers something for everyone: We have arranged for you to enjoy three exclusive seminars with Dirk and a private cocktail party plus other surprises. There will be plenty of time to relax, reflect, and recharge. During your time with us, you are free to do as much´┐Żor as little´┐Żas you like. That's the beauty of it.

Ports of Call

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Your journey begins and ends here. Before you board or after you return, take some time to wander on the beach, visit the cafes, stroll the historic Riverwalk, or shop on Las Olas Boulevard. For something completely different, take an air-boat excursion through the Everglades, famous for its natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

Cozumel, Mexico
In Cozumel, explore Chankanaab National Park, one of the world's premier snorkel locations with coral reefs that attract divers from around the world. Beginners can learn here; those with experience will have a chance to go to depths of up to 20 feet. The park has 352 species of tropical fish. If you don't want to snorkel, relax under the shade of a palapa tree or enjoy sometime in the sun. From Cozumel, you can visit Playa del Carmen and Tulum, an ancient walled city that's the only Mayan settlement built by the sea.

George Town, Grand Cayman
The main attraction here is Seven Mile Beach, where the sand is touted to be white as snow and soft as talc. Spend some time here swimming, snorkeling, sailing, or windsurfing. There is also an opportunity to board a deep-divingresearch submarine to explore the Cayman Wall, which drops 800 feet underwater. If you're interested in learning how to scuba dive, you can do so with instructions and a guided dive in the warm waters of Parrots Landing.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Take a ride through the countryside to the Martha Brae River, then float on a bamboo gondola as you glide slowly through whispering groves of bamboo and ferns, all dappled with sunlight. Or you can go sailing on a yacht to Dunn'sRiver Falls to swim or climb the cascade of cool mountain water, after which the boat drops anchor off a lovely beach to give you a chance to snorkel. On the return journey, enjoy fresh Jamaican fruits and champagne.

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
This small island´┐Żowned by Holland America´┐Żhas a long, crescent beach where you can wander for hours, swim, or relax. If you like, you can go deep-sea fishing for wahoo, snapper, and grouper. There's also an opportunity to learn snorkeling if you've not done so already; instructions are given in waste-deep water with the sandy bottom of the beach for you to stand on. For those with experience, you can go off-shore snorkeling in waters that teem with multi-colored fish and coral. If you want to stay above water, you can try kayaking in the1,400-square-acre Bone Fish Lagoon. For those who want to see it all from the air, there's parasailing.

Please note: The above is just a sampling of the many excursions available at each port-of-call, and many of the activities require an extra fee. You will receive more information on the shore excursions with your final documents. The Ship

The ms Maasdamis owned and operated by Holland America, one of the world's premier cruiselines. There is no sparing the exquisite attention to detail and flawless service. At every turn there are fresh flowers. Antiques and artworks line the halls. The crew is impeccable. Some statistics: The ship weighs 55,000 gross tons, is 720 feet long, has nine passenger decks, outdoor swimming pools, health spa, movie theater, duty-free shops, and a library.

The Accommodations

Our accommodations include large inside and ocean-view staterooms. Each stateroom has convertible queen-size beds and a bath/shower combination. Some offer Balconies.

The $999.00 fee includes double occupancy inside accommodations; if coming alone, we can help you find a roommate. A limited number of single occupancy accommodations are available for a higher fee; contact [email protected] for more information.

The Food

There are a variety of options, all them superb. The cuisine aboard all Holland America ships is so extraordinary that the entire fleet has been inducted into the prestigious Confrerie de la Cha´┐Żne des R´┐Żtisseurs, a gourmet society founded in Paris to promote fine dining. Choose from the candle-lit Rotterdam Dining Room, the sun-splashed Lido Restaurant, or the Terrace Grill. A vegetarian option is always available. There is also 24-hour room service for intimate dining in your room any time of the day or night. Special meals can be requested and must be received in writing 60 days prior to sailing.

Wellness Facilities

Get´┐Żor stay´┐Żin shape on board. The ms Maasdam has a pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, a jogging track that circles the ship, aerobics classes, personal trainers, and a massage center.


In the evening, there are several opportunities for you to continue to enjoy yourself in the piano bar, the casino with Las Vegas-style revues, or the several nightclubs and lounges throughout the ship with live entertainment and Broadway stage shows. Of course, there's always one of the greatest shows on earth: leaning on the railing and gazing at the star-lit night sky at sea.

Seminars on Board::::

Surviving Cancer the Old Fashioned Way. Simple Diet and lifestyle changes put YOU in control of your health and no longer at the mercy of the ´┐Żexperts.´┐Ż

From the Hayfields of Montana to the Hills of Hollywood. How to have your dreams and live them too.

Notes form the Underground of Single Parenting Raising kids free from Junk food, TV and Mickey Mouse.

If you'd like to join Dirk´┐Żs Western Caribbean cruise, e-mail: [email protected] or call 800 607-9246.

See ya next month! Feedback or questions::: [email protected]


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