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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue N°14

Date: August 31, 1998
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE: August 31, 1998
I apologize for the tardiness of this issue, but I've had a more-than-typically insane month, resulting in very little time to work on anything that wasn't under definite deadlines. That said, we've got a pretty full issue for you this month, so hopefully it will be worth your wait. NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: A-Team off fX? A-Team on in Holland Riptide TV movie campaign Another report from ALIEN VOICES live Lending Library Update Fanzine release announcement: Deadly Maneuvers 2 Fanzine looking for submissions VCR WATCH
ANNOUNCEMENTS: A-TEAM OFF fX? Is "The A-Team" going off the air once again in the US? That would seem to be the case, according to our mindful viewers and the show's absence in TV schedules for upcoming weeks. This is not altogether unexpected on my part as I had been informed as much as a year go that the cable station's contract for running the series would expire this fall, and apparently they decided not to renew. So, what's the best course of action for loyal viewers? I would suggest writing/email (though snail-mail letters are always the most effective) to not just fX but to other cable networks as well. Tell fX you are disappointed that the show is no longer airing. Tell the other networks that you would like to see them pick up the show now that it is off fX. And, of course, *be nice* when you write! --- While U.S. viewers may be suffering from A-Team withdrawal, we have the following news coming from one of our mailing list subscribers: From: Marcel Moerings With the start of the new television season in Holland our four favorite guys are back on Dutch Television. I finally get to see the Pilot :) Tomorrow (8/31/98), SBS6 will start a re-run of The A-Team. The episodes air at almost the same time every weekday (except Fridays). I've listed the airing dates/times for the first week below. Monday August 31st 16:40 Pilot (part 1) Tuesday September 1st 16:40 Pilot (part 2) Wednesday September 2nd 16:45 ! Children of Jamestown Thursday September 3rd 16:40 Pros and Cons Friday September 4th - - If you need more info, look at the website of SBS6 ( http://www.sbs6.nl ) Get your videotapes ready suckas :) Marcel Anyone else out there who has changing/updated information on The A-Team airing around the world, please send it in and I will include the info in this newsletter. --- RIPTIDE TV MOVIE CAMPAIGN -- I know there are at least a few fans out there of "Riptide", another great Stephen Cannell series from the '80s, so I thought this was worth passing along from Sheri, a fellow RT fan I know: ATTENTION RIPTIDE FANS!! Wouldn't you love to see the original Riptide case in a made-for-TV reunion movie!! Write to Stephen J. Cannell at 1220 Hillcrest, Pasadena, CA 91106 and let him know how you feel! The fandom is alive and well, tell him about it! NOTE: Do NOT write Riptide on the outside of the envelope. Make him open and read your letter. And NO petitions please. No matter how many signatures you get, it still counts as one letter. Let your voices be heard! For more Riptide info visit Sheri's website at http://members.aol.com/sheri1207/riptide/riptide.htm --- ANOTHER REPORT FROM ALIEN VOICES LIVE -- Thanks to Sonja for sending in this report for the newsletter, regarding last month's Alien Voices performance with Dwight Schultz. Hi Nicole! Just before my departure to Los Angeles on July 5th, the onthejazz Newsletter arrived and told me that I was very lucky. Dwight would be acting in an ALIEN VOICES performance! So we quickly changed our travel route so we would be in Los Angeles on the 16th of July. Sunday was out of question as we would have had to cancel almost all of our southwest tour as a result. I phoned the Standing Room Only company twice - and always only reached their answering machine. Only being able to leave my German home phone number (we never knew for sure in which hotel we would stay during our round trip the next day) I was quite worried if they�d really reserve tickets for us. On the 16th we arrived at the Variety Arts Center around 5.30 p.m. There was a friendly lady in front of the door, she took our names and told us we could already get in for the rehearsal. Now, this was starting out better than I had hoped. So we were allowed to watch the whole "Halloween Trilogy" twice, once from the rows down in the theater, once from the balcony. The trilogy consisted of Kipling�s "The Mark of the Beast", Oscar Wilde�s "The Canterville Ghost" and the Poe piece. Dwight had a quite big part in the first story. It was great to watch his expressions and to listen to his ever changing voice, always adapted to the story. In the "Canterville Ghost" he did the part of the Angel of Death which speaks to the ghost and the family�s daughter (Jean Simmons). If I remember it right, he only had a very short part in the last story by Poe. During that third part, Leonard Nimoy was quite impressive, his voice reflecting perfectly the rage and hunger for revenge. I have to agree with Rita, that this was a great evening and it was definitely worth changing our travel plans. (It�s really sad we didn�t meet there, Rita! I would have loved to talk to another dedicated fan.) Well, but my story isn�t over yet. After the second performance I went down again to the main theater - and Dwight was just coming out of the stage entrance. I had brought something along for him (the latest issue of our fanzine "Baracus News" - (I am running the "A-Team Fan Society" in Germany with an English zine), a European "Murdock helicopter cap" and some helicopter pins). I also had some pictures out of an "Official A- Team Fan Club" set I had only found the day before on Hollywood Boulevard. I told him that I was from Germany and he immediately said he would sign my photos - I hadn�t even asked for it. I then handed over the things I had brought along and he was very interested in the "A-Team Fan Society" and our zine. I certainly offered to send all further issues which he gladly accepted and he provided me with an address to send them to. (No, sorry, I won�t give that to anybody. I hope you will understand.) Finally, I asked him if he would mind if we took a picture. He said he wouldn�t mind at all and that we would just have to wait until they �d finished some final recordings on stage because of the flashlight. After a while he came up and asked if we should now do the picture. My boyfriend took one of Dwight and me together, then Dwight asked if we should do another one with him. So I took one of Dwight and Frank. I thanked him very much - he thanked me a lot and went to the foyer. If that was possible, that evening has made me even a bigger Dwight fan than before. He is such a nice guy! Minutes later, I was still standing outside the Variety Arts Center and couldn�t believe Dwight had just agreed to be an honorary member of my fanclub and that we even took a picture together. That evening really was the highlight of my vacation in California and Arizona. If anyone out there is interested in the pictures we took (there are only those 2 as photography was prohibited during the taping for obvious reasons) or who likes to obtain further information on the A-Team Fan Society (it�s a good time to join with the current dollar exchange rate) - just send me an e-mail at [email protected]. --- LENDING LIBRARY UPDATE -- The following message comes from our Librarian Robin Ryder: >Hi all, >The library page is up and running again. In the next couple >of weeks look for a number of new additions. I'll be adding >them as fast as I can. The Library Page is located at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Studio/3466/library.html Thanks for those of you who support the library and are making contributions! --- FANZINE RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: DEADLY MANEUVERS 2 Well the wait is over: Deadly Maneuvers 2 is here! ** Please note *** This issue is definitely strong-R rated for content, at least because of several stories with mature themes (though not "erotica" in nature). DEADLY MANEUVERS 2: An A-TEAM fanzine from Sockii Press, featuring 122 pages of original fiction including the following stories: FRIENDLY FIRE by Mimi Face was in shock. What the hell is going on? His head was ringing from the beating and he couldn't figure out who was attacking him, or why for that matter. A second attacker grappled with his legs, before managing to straddle them. Oh, great! Face realized. There are two of them. He might be able to get away from the one on his back, but he couldn't even see the second man to size him up... *** MEDAL OF HONOR--THE BEGINNING by Rita Ractliffe He never said another word about it-not one. But when the Team tentatively asked him whether they were still going to escape, his answer was an emphatic yes-although his eyes were tortured as he said it. He'd seen what their punishment would be for the attempt. There were no more surprises, now. He knew what he faced if he failed. He would have no further fear of dying. He resigned himself to their credo that he was already walking dead. He did not expect the guys to go with him now, nor would he require it of them. But he was determined to leave. Face, Murdock and B.A. reaffirmed that they were with him, whatever the outcome. *** MEMORIES by Jackie Giacomo Lieutenant Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith stood silent before the graves of his parents. He was pondering the fates that had led him to this point in his life. It was early April. He had just escaped from the maximum security prison at Fort Bragg. He was alone, save for two other men he had escaped with, and now on the run from the United States Army for a crime he was only guilty of by following the orders of his superior officer. He stood there in the early morning sunlight thinking back to the past, wondering what might have been if he had done things a little differently. *** THIRSTY BOOTS by Jennifer They were all grateful to Whispering Elk for her kindness and generosity. When the Army had taken a sudden interest in them again, and had re-doubled their efforts in trying to catch the Team, Whispering Elk had mysteriously offered them refuge once again. They had readily accepted the kind invitation and arrived the day before yesterday. He couldn't explain it, but there was something spiritual about her that seemed to calm the world for a moment. The roar of society seemed to dissipate in this place. *** REVENGE ISN'T SO SWEET by Jackie Giacomo Murdock looked the package over before he opened it. He hadn't ordered anything lately and had no idea what it could be. He noted that the postmark was from Orlando, FL and that it had been mailed two days earlier. Disneyworld? he thought. Murdock opened the package and took out the unmarked videotape inside. He turned it over and over, looking at it and wondering what it could be. He was almost afraid to put it in. He took the tape over to his VCR and slipped it in. He then sat down and pushed the play button on his remote. A few minutes later, with a horrified look on his face and wanting to throw up, he hit the stop button, got up and stumbled in shock over to his phone to call B.A. and Face. *** BURNOUT by Chris Hammell Men. They could build all kinds of fantastic machinery, craft magnificent sculptures, and build mighty skyscrapers, but they knew almost nothing about relationships. How could they have spent so much time with Face without knowing his heart? Heart. That was a word men were unfamiliar with, too. They thought the pain they felt when their heart was breaking was simple, persistent stomach pain. They couldn't lower their pride for a second to see that it was their soul that was wounded. *** ARMISTICE by Donna Rogers Face staggered forward. He felt like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer. Struggling to regain his breath, he stumbled toward one of Decker's cars. Face tried to reach out with his cuffed hands to brace himself, but his left arm was numb and he couldn't pull it up quickly enough with his other hand. His legs gave out and he pitched forwards, fingertips barely grazing the car before his side slammed into the sidewalk. *** DEADLY REVENGE by Lynda Craney The millionaire admitted to himself that the menace the mercenary exuded rather frightened him. Yet he had no real reason for being uneasy; he was, after all, just interviewing this man for a job. Buoyed by this thought, Westerland cleared his throat to break the silence, then said, "Major Kyle, I arranged for you to be present at this meeting for two reasons. Firstly because you and I have something in common. The A-Team has ruined our businesses and reputations. I propose we join forces to remedy that." He paused to see what effect his words were having on the other man. Kyle looked at him without expression, then nodded. "You have my attention." *** THE TOWER CARD by Vicki Gill His sleep was rudely interrupted at 3:47a.m. The phone on his nightstand began to ring insistently. Struggling up from a deep sleep, Hannibal answered the phone. "Is this John Smith?" asked a voice. "Yes." "This is the L.A. Coroner's Office, Mr. Smith. There's been an incident in Bedford Falls. A young woman has been killed, and we found your name and phone number in her wallet as a person to notify in case of an accident." "Who is it?" Hannibal breathed, a cold wave of dread spreading up his back. *** CLOSING TIME by Melissa Beattie "Is this how you think he was when you were wounded?" the colonel continued, shoving Murdock up against the back of the van. "Getting drunk and feeling sorry for himself?!" Again, the pilot didn't answer. What could he say? Of course Face hadn't been like this; he'd been off getting a first aid kit from a military base-doing something useful. Not getting someone killed like you... *** HOSTAGE TO FORTUNE by Sarah Houghton Depressed and frustrated, Murdock curled himself up into a little ball on the floor, his hands tight over his ears and his eyes squeezed shut, trying not to hear the loud argument going on between Hannibal and Stockwell in the next room. It wasn't as if he needed to hear it; he was pretty sure he could quote it line and verse back at them by now, as they'd had the same argument every few days for the past six months. Six months since Face had been gone. He'd simply packed up a few things and disappeared in the middle of the night like a wraith. No calls, no letters, no telegrams, nothing, nada, zero, zip, zilch. Hell, if it told them only so much as that he was alive and safe, the pilot felt he'd take a message from the Pony Express at this point, and he'd bet the others would too. --- FANZINE LOOKING FOR SUBMISSIONS -- I'm posting the following announcement for a friend: Seeking submissions for upcoming zine (very tentatively titled "Hannibal Mostly"). Stories to be primarily HANNIBAL-based, although George Peppard's other characters will be considered. Tentative publishing date after January 1999. Due to severely heavy schedule, NO submissions will be looked at until after mid-September. Looking for artwork and stories, revolving primarily around Hannibal. Adult situations are fine, but slash is not. Also, prefer stories have NOT been on the net previously. Editor/publisher is language specific, so will work with writers on entries (i.e. no surprises at publication). Submissions on disk will get you a place in heaven... prefer Word Perfect Dos (5.1/6.0), but can work in Word/Windows formats (6.0 and back, 4.0 preferred). E- mail at Rita's office okay, but any stories over 10 pages will have to be sent via diskette (unless e-mail is set up at Rita's house, in which case, authors will be advised). Project has the blessing of Sockii, so there are no problems of competition or loyalty to one editor or the other. Send submissions to: Rita Ractliffe c/o [email protected]
BENEDICT Alaska Thursday, September 3, 1998 - 12:05 PM - Channel 49 TMC Tuesday, September 8, 1998 - 3:35 AM - Channel 49 TMC MOVIE: Drama (120 Minutes) (1996) Children find an orphaned polar-bear cub while seeking their father, whose plane crashed in the wilderness. {CC,Stereo}. Thora Birch, Vincent Kartheiser, Dirk Benedict, Charlton Heston, Gordon Tootoosis. Directed by Fraser C. Heston. Rated "PG". Adult Language, Adult Situations. GEORGE PEPPARD Breakfast at Tiffany's Friday, September 4, 1998 - 10:45 AM - Channel 49 TMC MOVIE: Romance-Comedy (120 Minutes) (1961) New York playgirl Holly Golightly puzzles a writer who lives below. From the Truman Capote novella. Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam, Mickey Rooney. Directed by Blake Edwards. Rated "NR". Adult Situations. 09/01/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E Banacek (The 2 Million Clams of Cap'n Jack) - A food company's stock certificates are stolen just as the corporation is about to assume control of a restaurant chain. Guest star: Andrew Duggan. 09/08/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E Banacek (No Stone Unturned) - An insurance company hands Banacek an attractive incentive to find a stolen $3 million statue: 10 percent of the statue's value if it is recovered in two days. sockii () ---- JESSS Prez*Joxer Shield*TRIFC*Nighthawk*G-Mon-ite*Church of Joe "The avalance has already begun. It is too late for the pebbles to vote."
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