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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue N°13

Date: July 27, 1998
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:  July 27, 1998
ISSUE:  13
Philly Fest '98
A report from ALIEN VOICES live
Upcoming convention appearances
Fanzine updates
Stephen J. Cannell chat transcript on-line

If I haven't done so yet, thanks to those of you who made it to this year's Philly Fest! It was fun to see some familiar faces and to meet some new people as well. I'll try to upload some pictures from the party onto the website in the next week or two, thanks to Kyle who took lots of great photos. Even the cats had a good time and were wondering where everyone went to after it was all over :-)
Thanks to Rita Ractliffe for sending the following review of the Alien Voices performance she attended (which Dwight Schultz was a part of), on Thursday July 16, 1998. Note that this performance was quite different from the one we saw live on the scifi channel Sunday, July 12.

>From Rita:

Saw a notice in the paper last week about the taping and presentation by the ALIEN VOICES group of plays on Sunday night (which were taped AND broadcast LIVE at that time!) and then rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday with a final taping on Thursday night. The best part was that all shows were FREE! You just had to call and make reservations, which I did happily. With my work situation, I figured the Thursday "rehearsal" would be the most likely candidate for me to get to. Sunday show was totally booked out.

When we got there, we discovered that not only would we get to see the rehearsal, but could stay and see the second filming too. We were told that the actors would be having dinner and then would be amenable to stopping to chat with us outside. That was something to look forward to. They were doing a lot of taping at the rehearsal for crowd shots, reactions, etc. What a bonus! (Unfortunately, I had to get back to the office so couldn't do it.)

As setting up the stage and shots took longer than expected, we were not able to talk to the actors (as we had been promised). I wanted to check with Dwight to see if he would have any interest in an A-Team convention, and possibly pass off a certain prose item onto him. Oh, well, if it was meant to be, it would have happened. So perhaps another day.

John DeLancie came out before the rehearsal, and sat and schmoozed with us for about 20 minutes, giving some background on the ALIEN VOICES cast and concept, and answering questions from the assembly. He was a delightful, cheerful, professional gentleman throughout. Aside from his unquestionable acting credentials, he proved to be a totally warm and interesting man to listen to in the brief time we had.

We also got some idea of how/when the videos of this taping were going to be used. The taping is a combined effort of ALIEN VOICES and Simon and Schuster, who had the rare presence of mind to realize that an event of this sort just might be something saleable. The play that was aired on Sunday night on SCI FI Channel was the Lost World. The ones shot today were for Halloween airing, so we won't get to see them until then, other than some pre-publicity (we all hope!)

Dwight was in the first reading heavily (something about the Indian Monkey God Hanuman, sounded like Kipling), playing one of a trio of British soldiers out on leave. The lead actor (John Horn, Korn[?] playing "Fleet"), in a drunken moment, shoots a monkey at the feet of the Monkey God in its temple. But before the monkey dies, a leper in the temple leaps down and attacks him, ripping his skin apart. The narrator of the story (John DeLancie) tells of the horror he and the other soldier feel. Dwight was doing a wonderful veddy-veddy British accent and his facial expressions were great to watch. The man truly does have an elastic face (and that is said in only the most kind and respectful way)! A bit of our manic Murdock could definitely be seen. Later, as Fleet becomes more beast-like, the narrator and Dwight grow more horrified at his transformation. I won't give you the end, but it's fun.

He was almost non-existent in the second reading ("The Canterbury Ghost"), acting simply as a greeter of the family at the beginning. But the treat in this scene was the appearance of Jean Simmons, who read the young girl in love with the ghost. Her performance was touching and emotional and within fifteen minutes you found yourself almost in tears at the finale. John De Lancie was the ghost, with a wonderfully understated touch of pathos. Leonard Nimoy was the head of the family with John Korn as the son. It was a charming and sweet story.

The last story was the "Cask of Amontillado" with Leonard as the wronged wine-owner and Kurtwood Smith (one of my very favorite "bad" guys; an all around excellent actor!) as the victim to be buried alive. Leonard was excellent in his consuming vengeance and his manic laughter at the end of the scene was positively bone-chilling. I've known Leonard since he came to El Paso in 1967 before he became so hot as Spock, and the constant variety of his acting experiences continues to amaze me. I've seen many, many of his stage and live appearances and have never been disappointed in any of the wide spectrum of acting chores he has taken on.

All the actors received a well-deserved standing ovation when all was done.

For something that started out as a pleasant distraction, it turned out to be an afternoon and evening of excellent theatre. If ALIEN VOICES makes an appearance in your neighborhood, it is worth whatever they want to charge to see it. Run, don't walk, to ensure you're in the audience of this exceptional group of thespians!

Wish I coulda' somehow "beamed" you here for this! Although Dwight didn't get major time on stage, his time WAS quality time and well worth my effort.


Just two quick notices to pass along. First, "Best of Both Worlds 4" Con in Australia now advertises Dwight Schultz as one of their guests. The following info comes from Con-Temporal newsletter:

Nov. 21-22. Union Bldg, Sydney Univ., Sydney, Australia. Guests: Jerry Doyle, Jason Carter, Dwight Schultz, Tim Choate. Cost: A$180; $A95/Day. Info: Box 215, Forestville NSW 2087, Australia; 612 9453 0290;
[email protected]; Web: www.bobw.com.au/BOBW4/index.htm.

If any of our Australian subscribers make it to this convention, please make sure to send in a report!

Also, there is of course the upcoming Battlestar Galactica 20 Yahren Reunion in Universal City CA (September 4-6). Now, Dirk Benedict is listed as a guest, but he has informed Sonja Horstmann, editor of the "Baracus News" newsletter in Germany, that he is not likely to attend. I'm quoting the following section of his letter which she published earlier this year, since I have had *a lot* of people asking me what I knew "for certain", if anything, regarding his publicized "appearance" at this convention:

"In mid-January I was approached by the organizers of the Battlestar Galactica Reunion, regarding my attendance in September at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. I told them, and I tell you, that it is very unlikely that I shall be there. The reason is simple. The Reunion is 9/4 - 7/98 which is the Labor Day Weekend, a major holiday in United States, and I will be busy with my two boys as we always go camping/hiking/fishing trip in the mountains. It is a very bad weekend to hold a reunion for participants I would think as many families have big plans. Then again perhaps I'm the only one and since I do not live in Los Angeles it is impossible to just "drop in"."

So, with that in mind, if you are thinking of attending the con, I would not advise doing so with the expectation that Dirk will be there. Go if you wish to meet up with fellow BG fans, but I'm going to refrain from commenting further on this convention (though of course, anyone who does attend is again welcome to send us a report after the fact.)

Another question I've been getting a lot recently is when DEADLY MANEUVERS 2 will be available. While it's taking slightly longer than anticipated to get ready, come what may it *will* be finished and I'll have a final price by the middle to end of August. Please don't ask about the price until then because I won't know until I have a final page count.

Speaking of DEADLY MANEUVERS, some of you have heard already that I have decided to give up editing/publishing this series after this second issue, for numerous reasons. However, please note that a new editor has been lined up to take over with next year's issue (#3). I'll have further info for y'all on this soon.

On June 3rd, Stephen Cannell was on-line for a chat on the TV Guide website. For the full transcript of this chat session, visit http://www.tvgen.com/chat/transcripts/ts060398sc.htm I have included below the only comments made that were directly related to the A-Team:

Wendy_Testa: What of the A-Team movie?

Cannell: I've been working on that, and it is progressing along nicely and hopefully we will get that into production within a year.

TVGEN: So whatever happened to Mr. T anyway?

Cannell: Mr. T did a couple of shows after The A-Team. Now I understand he has some medical problems. He has lymphoma. I spoke to him a week ago and he was in very good spirits. And told me that he was feeling pretty good. Mr. T is very religious and is relying heavily on his faith to help him. He's a great guy and could use your thoughts.

Marty2634: Why did you think The A-Team was such a successful series?

Cannell: Because it broke all the rules. And was true to itself. It was a show with a collection of misfits who did the right things for the wrong reasons. Hannibal Smith could not enjoy an adventure unless it was wired up so that it almost killed the entire squad. He was always on the jazz. Faceman was a compulsive liar. When there was no reason to lie, he lied. B.A. Baracas was a black man who hated everybody. And Howling Mad Murdock, their pilot, was insane and lived in a mental institution. And what made the show really interesting, was that each week the relationship that we wrote about was between the members of the team, not between one of the members of the team and the guest star, which is the normal formula. So in that way, it had the structure of a half-hour comedy as opposed to an hour drama. None of the people who tried to rip the show off ever figured that out, and the rip-offs all failed.
Having a hard time locating those A-Team toys and collectibles you desperately want? It's question I hear a lot--just where can you find these things today. I'd recommend if you are looking for stuff, check out Ebay at www.ebay.com, an on-line auction service. At any given time, you'll likely find 40-50 A-Team related items up for sale, generally during auctions which last 3-7 days. After using this service for a while now, I can definitely recommend it as a reliable service and sometimes a great place to find bargains on collectibles.
All times Eastern Standard for the U.S.

07/28/98, 05:00 - FX
A-Team (The Battle of Bel Air) - An undercover reporter discovers some devilish goings-on at a security firm.

07/29/98, 05:00 - FX
A-Team (Say It With Bullets) - A woman hires the team to investigate the murder of her brother, who was part of a munitions theft operation.

07/30/98, 05:00 - FX
A-Team (Pure-Dee Poison) - The team helps a minister break up a moonshine operation.

07/31/98, 05:00 - FX
A-Team (It's a Desert Out There) - An outlaw desert group robs a busload of elderly people.

08/01/98, 05:00 - FX
A-Team (Chopping Spree) - The team attempts to nab a car-theft ring.

08/02/98, 05:00 - FX
A-Team (Harder Than It Looks) - A wealthy man hires the A-Team to free his kidnapped daughter.

Charlie's Angels
Friday, July 31, 1998 - 10:00 AM - Channel 11 TNT
PROGRAM: Drama (60 Minutes)
"Blue Angels". Jill and Bosley go to work at a massage parlor whose owner died in a shootout with a veteran vice officer; guest Dirk Benedict.

Tue Jul28
Executive Target (1997) (R)
A criminal forces a stunt driver tocommit robbery and help kidnap the president of the United States.Directed by: Joseph Merhi. With: Michael Madsen, Keith David, AngieEverhart, Roy Scheider, Dayton Callie, Kathy Christopherson, Gareth Williams.Note: Adult Situations, Brief Nudity, Language, Violence. CC, Stereo, Premiere. Movies/Action-Adventure

The Victors
9-11:30am Wed Jul-29 (AMC)
12-2:30pm Wed Jul-29 (AMC)
The Allies occupy World War II Europe, which becomes a setting for everything immoral that goes with war. Directed by: Carl Foreman. With: George Hamilton, George Peppard, Eli Wallach. Note: Adult Situations, Violence. Movies/War

Monday, August 3, 1998 - 10:05 PM - ENCR
Tuesday, August 4, 1998 - 4:00 AM - ENCR
Tuesday, August 4, 1998 - 6:15 PM - ENCR
MOVIE: Suspense (105 Minutes)
(1969) (Premiere) Arrested for killing his wife and her lover, a Washington police captain escapes to clear himself. George Peppard, Jean Seberg, Richard Kiley. Directed by George Schaefer. Rated "NR". Adult Language, Violence, Adult Situations.
Tuesday, August 4, 1998 - 4:00 AM - Channel 38 ENCR

07/28/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E
Banacek (No Sign of the Cross) - Banacek is headed for a complicated investigation after the priceless Cross of Bayonne falls into the hands of thieves.

08/04/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E
Banacek (A Million the Hard Way) - Banacek heads to Las Vegas to investigate the theft of $1 million from a casino. Guest star: Margot Kidder.

08/11/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E
Banacek (To Steal a King) - A coin collection is stolen prior to an auction, and its owner stands to lose millions. Guest stars: Pernell Roberts, Brenda Vaccaro.

08/18/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E
Banacek ($10,000 a Page) - After a tycoon's (David Wayne) priceless book vanishes, Banacek moves in to crack the case.

08/25/98, 09:30, 03:30 - A&E
Banacek (The Greatest Collection of Them All) - Banacek investigates the theft of a multimillion-dollar collection of French Impressionist paintings.

Star Trek: First Contact (1996) ***
Tue Jul28 MAX 12:30-2:30pm
Picard, Riker and the others set off to stop the half-robot Borg from sabotaging a historic rocket flight in 2063. Directed by: Jonathan Frakes. With: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Alfre Woodard, James Cromwell, Alice Krige. Note: Violence. CC, Stereo. Movies/Scifi-Fantasy

The Temp
Thursday, August 6, 1998 - 8:00 PM - Channel 50 MAX
MOVIE: Suspense (105 Minutes)
(1993) A junior executive's temporary helper works her way up the ladder with her own deadly agenda. {CC,Stereo}. Timothy Hutton, Lara Flynn Boyle, Dwight Schultz, Oliver Platt, Steven Weber, Colleen Flynn. Directed by Tom Holland. Rated "R". Adult Language, Violence,Adult Situations.

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