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On The Jazz Newsletter: Volume 4 Issue N°12

Date: June 26, 1998
Author: Nicole Pellegrini
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DATE:  June 26, 1998
ISSUE:  12
Well, I'm just starting to get things sorted out around here after getting back from vacation, so let's see if we can get all the important news 'n goodies sorted out for this issue (my apologies for the shortage of features, but I figured I'd best not delay this issue any longer!)

A-Team Philly Fest '98
Lending Library Updates
Dwight Schultz Upcoming Appearances

A-TEAM PHILLY FEST '98--A yup! It's that time of year again! Well, this summer is pretty hectic around these parts, but after inquiring on the reflector, it seemed the best date I could schedule the Fest for this year is JULY 18TH. There were requests for August dates but I just can't fit anything more in my schedule that month, so July it had to be. Apologies to those who won't be able to make it.

Don't know what Philly Fest is? It's a day-long party to celebrate all things A-Team, taking place in Center City Philadelphia. Come meet fellow list members, chat, check out memorabilia, and of course watch plenty o'A-Team (and whatever else might strike our fancy!) Last year a few people arrived a day or two early, turning the weekend into a real party and "mini-con".

I can provide travel info to anyone who might be curious. It's very simple to get "here" via Amtrack and NJ Transit (I live a very short walk from the train station), bus, etc. I can generally put up someone in my apartment for a few nights as necessary (or more, if you've got sleeping bags)--provided you're not allergic to cats (I have 2, long-haired.) There are a few fairly reasonable hotels in the nearby area as well if you're thinking of making a weekend of it. Parking in this area should not be a problem--there are a few garages in the nearby area as well as street parking.

So, if you're thinking of coming, RSVP soon! Don't miss out on the fun!
* * * * * *
LENDING LIBRARY UPDATES--yes, we finally have some good news on the library this month. First, I'm passing along an announcement from our new librarian Robin:
From: Robin Ryder

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to let ya'll know, the lending library arrived at my house safely this past Friday. I've updated the catalog, and am in process of labeling everything that needs a label. I will be ready to take requests from current library members only on Monday. You must be a member of the library to check out zines.

On Wednesday, I will be ready to start accepting new members. If you want to join, email me and I'll send you instructions on how to use the library and a catalog. These will be sent to you as an attachment in Word 97 unless you request another format. I can do Word95/6 if you need it. If you cannot read attachments, let me know and I'll send it as a regular email. A deposit and postage are required in order to check materials out.

For those people who were members of the old library and want to continue using it:

1. email me and I'll send the new catalog out. It'll be an attachment in Word 97 or Word 95/6 let me know which version your computer can read. If you can't read attachments let me know and I'll send it as a regular email.

2. I'm sorry, but Denise did not send any postage, so I can't do anything about it if you sent her postage for zines but didn't receive them. I think the best way out of this mess is to start with a fresh slate.

3. The old deposit checks are now out of date and they're in Denise's name, so I'll need new ones in my name. Just send em along (as a separate check) with the postage when you reserve your first batch. I'll send the old ones back to you along with your zines.

4. I'll need updated mailing addresses and new email addresses for ya'll if anything has changed.

Current Members of the old library who want to discontinue using it: 1. email me with your current mailing address. If I have a deposit check on file for you, I'll send it back. Otherwise, you'll need to deal with Denise. If you sent postage for zines, but didn't receive them, I can't do anything about that, no postage checks were included with the library.

2. Please don't send me, Sockii or Barbara any irate emails, we have all put a considerable amount of our own personal time and money into getting the library restored.

Barbara has also set-up a website at


where you can download the library catalog.

Also, I've been asked to pass along the following note from Denise to all the newsletter subscribers:
From: Denise Messer

I owe you all a huge apology. I let a lot of people down and I'm so sorry.

I have a long, hard job ahead of me working off all the bad karma that I earned myself with the library. I had plenty of reasons why I couldn't do it anymore, but absolutely *no* excuse for not getting with Nicole sooner and arranging for someone else to take over, and then not following through on my promises when we finally did make arrangements. I don't consider myself "off the hook" with the library, and I won't for a very long time. Making financial restitution is the easy part, and I'll be doing just that. Please e-mail me privately if I owe you deposit or postage money back, and I'll answer promptly. I know it's going to be hard to win people's trust back, but I'm willing to try.

I especially want to apologize publicly to Nicole, because she trusted me enough to let me handle the library in the first place, and then I let her down big time. I hope that you can forgive me, Nicole--I'm very, truly sorry.

I'd also like to publicly thank Robin for taking over running the library. I'm sure that she will do a *super* job with it and help it grow and thrive again.

And, a special thank you to Barbara "Ace" Coleman for facilitating the whole transfer and making the trip to come get the 'zines. I owe you, my friend.

I really love the people on OnTheJazz and the fanfic list--I've gotten to know a lot of you over the past couple of years, and I'm sorry that I've let you down, both in regards to the library and my lack of attention to the administration of the fanfic list. I do read every word that gets posted, whether I comment or not, and I'm really going to try to start acting like a real "List Mom". I think we're all really lucky to have Nicole around. I know she's off-line right now, but I thank her for taking care of so much stuff that I should have been taking care of while I've been trying to get up the courage to apologize.

I'll try to do better. Please forgive me.

Denise Messer
* * * * * *
DWIGHT SCHULTZ UPCOMING APPEARANCES--It seems Dwight is keeping busy lately. First, here's an announcement I found on-line about an upcoming live performance by Alien Voices:

The Alien Voices (http://www.alienvoices.com) troupe (Leonard Nimoy, John de Lancie, Ethan Phillips, Dwight Schultz and Roxann Dawson), will perform LIVE, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, "The Lost World". The two performances are scheduled for Sunday, July 12 at 4:30 pm and Thursday, July 16th, at 6:30 pm.

To obtain FREE tickets to either - or both - of these performances, please call the Standing Room Only Audience Company at (310) 394-4493. The performances will be held at the Variety Arts Center of Los Angeles, 940 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA.

For more information on "Alien Voices", please visit their official web site at: http://www.alienvoices.com

For more information on Leonard Nimoy, please visit his official U.S. fan club site at: http://www.nimoy.com/


Morjana Coffman
[email protected]
If anyone manages to catch this, please send us a review!

Thanks to Marianne for catching this next one; Dwight will be appearing in an upcoming episode of the Showtime network series "Stargate SG-1". Here is the episode summary:

"O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to P7J989, where they discover a beautiful garden and a dome full of strange metallic chambers, each containing an unconscious person. As the team inspects the chambers, they are trapped and knocked unconscious. They awaken to find they are reliving pivotal moments in their lives in the hope of changing the outcome. Teal'c joins O'Neill on a battlefield where the Colonel lost a patrol; and witness the death of his parents in a freak accident. A shadowy figure called The Keeper (Dwight Schultz) steps forward and explains; they are part of a game that feeds memories into a virtual reality he has created for the amusement and edification of 'his residents' in the metallic chambers. They are there because, he says, the planet has been rendered uninhabitable by pollution. But he's lying and when the SG-1 team threatens to reveal his deceit to the others, he admits defeat. Or does he?

Episode Number: 204
Will air on: July 17th, 1998"

The A-Team Fan Fic Mailing List Archive site is moving! Madelyn Scott will be the new archivist. Watch the next issue of the newsletter for the new URL...

Also, here's some info on a recently-mentioned Mr. T website:
>I found a really good Mr. T site for those of you that are
>interested (sorry if your not...) It is Mr. T Outreach Support Fund
>(http://www.jen-x.com/) They have an address where you can send
>donations, but more importantly they say they can get cards and letters
>to Mr. T if you send them to that address.(A long awaited address, in
>my opinion!) I have E-Mailed the crazy fools running the site, asking
>how they get the letters to the mighty T himself, to confirm
>reliability. I hope this site proves to be reliable. Just remember who
>told you - that's right, yours truly...thank you...thank you very
>much...please hold the applause...(just kidding around) = )
>-Aaron Lawrence

Thursday, July 2, 9:01 pm, SCIFI
Friday, July 3, 1:01 am, SCIFI
Official Denial (1993)
The military uses a former UFO abductee to communicate with the captive alien whose ship they shot down. Starring: Parker Stevenson, Erin Gray, Chad Everett, Dirk Benedict.

Friday, June 26, 10:10 am, 5:25 pm, MoviePlex
The Executioner (1970)
A Vienna intelligence operation is destroyed by counterespionage, but a surviving agent seeks vengeance. Director: Sam Wanamaker. Starring: George Peppard, Joan Collins, Judy Geeson.

Friday, June 26, 12:05 pm, MoviePlex
Pendulum (1969)
A police captain decides to defend himself after his lawyer is unable to prove he didn't kill his wife and her lover. Director: George Schaefer. Starring: George Peppard, Jean Seberg, Richard Kiley.

Wednesday, July 1, 9:00 am Showtime
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
Based on Truman Capote's novella. A neighbor ponders a sophisticated but vulnerable playgirl's mysterious behavior. Director: Blake Edwards. Starring: Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard, Patricia Neal, Buddy Ebsen, Martin Balsam, Mickey Rooney.

06/30/98, 9:30 am, 3:30 pm - A&E
Banacek (Fly Me -- If You Can Find Me) - Banacek investigates the disappearance of an airliner after an emergency landing on a desert airfield. Guest star: Sterling Hayden.

07/07/98, 9:30, 3:30 - A&E
Banacek (Now You See Me, Now You Don't) - Banacek puts his skills to use when a tricky banker pulls a vanishing act after stealing $1.75 million in securities.

07/14/98, 9:30, 3:30 - A&E
Banacek (Let's Hear It for a Living Legend) - A professional football player vanishes on the field in front of a large crowd on nationwide TV.

07/21/98, 9:30, 3:30 - A&E
Banacek (Project Phoenix) - Banacek is called in after a Boston-bound railroad car carrying an automobile prototype takes another route and disappears.

07/28/98, 9:30, 3:30 - A&E
Banacek (No Sign of the Cross) - Banacek is headed for a complicated investigation after the priceless Cross of Bayonne falls into the hands of thieves.

Sunday, June 28 10:45 am HBO2
The Temp (1993) R
A temporary secretary with predatory designs tries to sink her claws into a junior executive. Director: Tom Holland. Starring: Timothy Hutton, Lara Flynn Boyle, Dwight Schultz, Oliver Platt, Steven Weber, Colleen Flynn.

07/01/98, 7:00 pm - TNT
Babylon 5 (The Long Dark) - A battered ship docked at the space station contains a dead man and a woman (Anne-Marie Johnson) in suspended animation; a doomsday prophet (Dwight Schultz) disrupts the Zocolo. With Bruce Boxleitner, Jerry Doyle.

07/17/98, 10:00 pm, 12:00 am - SHOW
Stargate SG-1 (Gamekeeper) - The SG-1 team explores the universe through interconnected stargates. (TV-PG)

Mr. T
Monday, June 29, 6:30 pm, 9:30 pm, Cinemax
Freaked (1993) PG-13
The spokesman for an industrial behemoth is transformed into a monster by the same chemical he is assigned to defend. Director: Tom Stern, Alex Winter. Starring: Alex Winter, Megan Ward, Michael Stoyanov, Randy Quaid, William Sadler, Mr. T.

06/26/98, 5:00 pm - FX
A-Team (Without Reservations) - The A-Team uncovers a plot to assassinate an attorney general.

06/27/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Champ!) - B.A. is set up as an unbeatable boxer when the team battles a gangster attempting to gain control of the local fight scene.

06/28/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Members Only) - Faceman uncovers a counterfeiting scheme.

06/29/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Grey Team) - A girl runs away with her father's top-secret documents.

06/30/98, 5:00 - FX
The A-Team (1983, **+, Adventure) Four mercenaries are hired by a reporter to rescue her kidnapped colleague. Pilot for the TV series. (CC) Part 1 of 2

07/01/98, 5:00 - FX
The A-Team (1983, **+, Adventure) Four mercenaries are hired by a reporter to rescue her kidnapped colleague. Pilot for the TV series. (CC) Part 2 of 2

07/02/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Children of Jamestown) - Hannibal and the A-Team set out to rescue a girl from a violent religious cult.

07/03/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Pros and Cons) - The A-Team helps B.A.'s friend break out of jail. Guest star: Ken Norton.

07/04/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Small and Deadly War) - A police officer hires the A-Team when he discovers that his colleagues have become hired killers.

07/05/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Black Day at Bad Rock) - The A-Team helps a small-town sheriff fend off a vengeful motorcycle gang.

07/06/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas) - Hannibal is wanted by the mob after he outwits an organized-crime chief.

07/07/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Holiday in the Hills) - The A-Team comes to the rescue just as crazed mountain men prepare to burn a man at the stake.

07/08/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Out of Towners) - The A-Team helps New York shopkeepers who are being harassed by racketeers.

07/09/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (West Coast Turnarounds) - The A-Team rescues a farmer from bankruptcy.

07/10/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (One More Time) - Guerrilla terrorists capture an Army general and his daughter.

07/11/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Till Death Do Us Part) - A Texas heiress hires the team to keep her from marrying a man she believes murdered her father.

07/12/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing) - The A-Team sneaks aboard a jet to nab hijackers.

07/13/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (A Nice Place to Visit) - While attending a friend's funeral, the A-Team encounters a crazed mountain clan.

07/14/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Diamonds `N' Dust) - A mysterious woman hires the A-Team to keep shady business associates from claiming her father's diamond mine.

07/15/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Recipe for Heavy Bread) - The A-Team members try to save the life of a man who helped them escape from a Vietnam prisoner-of-war camp.

07/16/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Only Church in Town) - The team protects a South American orphanage from a group of wild fugitives.

07/17/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Bad Time on the Border) - A lost Mexican girl leads B.A. to a smuggling ring responsible for illegally transporting aliens across the border.

07/18/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Taxicab Wars) - The team helps a cab company that's being terrorized by rivals.

07/19/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Labor Pains) - Overworked and underpaid farm workers form a union with the A-Team's help.

07/20/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (When You Comin' Back, Range Ryder?) - The team helps smash a mustang-rustling operation on an Arizona Indian reservation.

07/21/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (When You Comin' Back, Range Ryder?) - The A-Team continues to harass the rustlers while evading capture by Col. Decker and his minions.

07/22/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (There's Always a Catch) - An extortionist threatens a fisherman's livelihood.

07/23/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Water, Water Everywhere) - A greedy developer threatens to drive four people off their land.

07/24/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Steel) - A dangerous mob figure takes steps to prevent the demolition of an old warehouse.

07/25/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The White Ballot) - Face becomes a candidate for sheriff to expose a small-town law officer's shady dealings.

07/26/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Maltese Cow) - A powerful Chinese group ruins a restaurateur's business when he refuses to pay protection money.

07/27/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (In Plane Sight) - The team sets out to clear the name of an alleged cocaine smuggler.

07/28/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (The Battle of Bel Air) - An undercover reporter discovers some devilish goings-on at a security firm.

07/29/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Say It With Bullets) - A woman hires the team to investigate the murder of her brother, who was part of a munitions theft operation.

07/30/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (Pure-Dee Poison) - The team helps a minister break up a moonshine operation.

07/31/98, 5:00 - FX
A-Team (It's a Desert Out There) - An outlaw desert group robs a busload of elderly people.

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