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A Fairy Spell for Beltane
April Spring Lore
Bless Your Garden Spell
Banishing Past Sorrows
Business Presentation Spell
Celtic Fairy Day Spell
Clear Away Mold Spell
Corn Prosperity Spell
Enjoying Your Body Spell
Feast of Anahit Ritual
Finding Courage Ritual
Fresh Start Spell
Herb Correspondences
Honoring Flora Spell
Honoring Mother/Earth
Improve Relationships
Invoking the Warriors

Listen to Teacher Ritual
Lovable You Spell
Make New Friends Spell
Mindful Stretching Ritual
Moon Balance Spell
Morning Dew Collection
Plant a Tree Spell
Prosperity Herbs
Safty Pin Spell
Seafarer's Money Spell
Sensual Grounding Spell
Sex Magic Spell
Simple Solitary Beltane
Spring Creativity Spell
Sweep Away the Past Spell
Walpurgistide Spell
Water Feature Love Spell

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The Real Witches' Year: Spells, Rituals and Meditations for Every Day of the Year

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