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No animal was killed for the making of this website

(I just happened to be around when they died)

It may seem weird to most people that I, and others like me, have a strong interest in animal remains. Further more we collect them. Some collectors are interested in the skulls alone, others are interested in both skulls and post cranial remains (the rest of the skeleton). For those who might wonder why we do it, my answer is clear and simple

It's more than a collection, it's a form of obsession...I mean... education!

What can we learn about an animal from it's skull?

This website is here to show you

dead sheep

Dead Sheep

The primary purpose of this website is to help any individual regardless to how inexperienced they are in the subject of mammal skulls, to understand the basic priniciples of identifying a mammal skull. The secondary purpose of this website is to try to provide as much information on mammal skulls as I can in a manner that can be readily understood by the absolute beginner, as well as those who are experienced in the subject. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me. To prevent your email being tagged as spam, please use the word skull somewhere in the subject title.

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