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14th September 2008
New link added Marsue-Wildlife. A fabulous British wildlife photography page for those of you who want to see what your specimens look like when they are still fully fleshed and thriving!

12th March 2008
I have made a slight (and probably unnecessary) update to the front page. I have also updated the Skull Pictures List which now includes the dental formulae of each (available) species. This means you don't have to view each indiviudal species page just to find out the dental formula of a particular species. I'm considering creating a 'Frequently Asked Questions' page, and possibly a page containing a list of useful books. I am also considering creating a 'your comments/suggestions' page that would enable the viewer (you) to have your comments and suggests published on this site. This would also give me the insentive to pull my finger out and update my webpage regularly rather than when I can be bothered.

14th October 2007
Once again I have neglected to keep my website up to date. I have now added a long overdue "degreasing" and "bleaching" section to the Cleaning Methods page. I have also added the horned ewe to the sheep skull page, that I said I was going to do back in 2005! Better late than never I suppose!

8th September 2006
Time seems to have flown so fast. I hadn't realised that it had been over a year since I last updated this site. I have finally knuckled down and updated the Teeth page. It now benefits from a bit more indepth information on the subject. I have also made a slight change to the lay out of this updates page. The latest update is now at the top instead of at the bottom, this will hopefully save messing about with scrolling for people who are only interested in the latest stuff. You may (or not) wonder what has happened to my guest book. I have deleted it. I was beginning to get pissed off with the number of bogus visitors using the guest book to advertise unrelated businesses. I would like to say thanks to all those genuine visitors who took the time the time to sign my guest book.

1st July 2005
Taxonomy page added.

1st June 2005
new link added -Knochenarbeit

1st May 2005
Updated the sheep page. It now includes additional information about sheep skulls. Hopefully I'll get a horned breed on there in a few days for comparison.

17th September 2004
Today I have reconstructed the grey squirrel page. It now includes the red squirrel.

25th July 2004
Today I have added a weasel skull page. I have also added a fox cub skull thanks to Marion Elsner. Hopefully I will be able to add measurements to this at a later date.

16th July 2004
I have now reconstructed the cat page, now it also includes the european wild cat.

14th July 2004
Today I have created a hedgehog skull page.

13th July 2004
Today I have added english bulldog and staffordshire bull terrier to the dog page. I have also updated my credits list.

12th July 2004
Today I have added borzoi, shihtzu, and toy poodle to the dog page. I have also created a horse skull page.

27th June 2004
Today I have added boxer and schnauzer to the dog page. I have also added a new picture to the teeth page.

26th May 2004
Today I have added airedale terrier, beagle, and pug to the dog page.

22nd May 2004
Today I have added cocker spaniel and chow chow to the dog page.

2nd May 2004
Today I have added husky and husky/wolf hybrid to the dog page. I have also added a dorsal and ventral view to the mole skull page.

1st May 2004
Today I added chihuahua to the dog page. I've also updated the credits page.

25th April 2004
Work in progress- I've started working on a Dog skull page. This is going to take a while, so far we have 4 breeds of dog. Hope fully this will increase with time. I've also added to the credits

10th March 2004
Today I've added a rabbit skull page, along with a list of rabbit skull measurements.

8th March 2004
Thanks to the Skull club members for finding the time to check out my website and pointing out the glitches. The kitten photo should now appear on the kitten page now I've actually uploaded it to file manager- D'oh!
I've also added a couple of lines to my credits page

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