Credits & Copyright

I dedicate this page to all those persons who have in some way helped in the creation of this webpage, these people are:

Will Higgs For introducing me to HTML, and for lending me his book (which I still have by the way!)
Kim Pomfret For buying me the digital camera. I couldn't be without it- thanks for the good times too :)
Kris Byrant For permitting me the use of his photo's
Wouter van Gestel For the piglet skull
Mark Tune For the badger and porpoise skulls
Lee Post For the tips on how to spell ;)
Steven (a.k.a Marie Guwana) For permitting me the use of dog his skull pictures (labrador and Newfoundland)
Kurt Geeraerts For permitting me the use of his dog skull pictures (german shepherd and bull terrier)
Michel (a.k.a Sklprdtr) For the use of his dog skull pictures (chihuahua).
Joey Williams and Skulls Unlimited For the use of dog skull pictures.
Clethrionomys For the pictures of insectivore skulls he sent me. I'm now putting them to use :D
Marion Elsner For the use of dog skull images (english bulldog, staffordshire bull terrier, and borzoi)
Jan For the the wild cat and domestic cat comparitive photographs
Edward For the red squirrel skull

The Skull Club Members For checking out my website, and for not bitching off my crappy photography ;)

Finally I'd like to thank my visitors for visiting, its great knowing I haven't spent the last several months wasting my time. I'd also like to thank anyone else who has helped me in someway to develop this website, people who I have probably forgotten to mention (if you are one of these people, please feel free to email me and/or kick my ass).

All photo's, unless otherwise creditted, are MINE. Anyone who is daft enough to want to use any of MY terrible examples of photography (aka MY photo's) should email ME for permission. Anyone found to have taken any of MY pictures without MY personal permission will be hanged by their own intestines...because I'm like that.


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